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This is a list of all of the Bit-Beasts that appeared in the anime and manga series, Beyblade.

Bit Beasts

Next Generation Beigoma Battle: Beyblade

Below is a list of Bit chips showing the characters from the game Next Generation Beigoma Battle: Beyblade.

Note; Unlike the bit-beasts seen in the franchise, they often did not have specific owners often and those that did were an exception. They are not the same as the "Bit-beasts" but will be noted here due to being the origin of bit-beasts themselves. In short, these are the "prototype" ideas that Beyblade would take inspiration from in the 2000-2004 period.


The Following is a list of Bit-beasts exclusive to the manga for Beyblade during its Bakuten run as well as its manga spin-offs. They made no appearances in the manga, though may have made appearances in other media.

Name Image Owner Beyblades First Appearance
Spike Lizard Hikaru Tomonji

Guardian Driger

Bitbeastgame.png Kennosuke Shishi
Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Fierce Battle! Team Battle!! (Video Game)
Thunder Dragon Tenmaru Shishi
Nightmare Dragoon Darkdragoon.png None Did not have one Beyblade Fighting Tournament (video game)
Beyblade Battle Saint Lolita (manga)

Beyblade: 2000

Name Image Owner Beyblades First Appearance
Dragoon Tyson Granger

Dragoon S

Dragoon F

Dragoon V

Dragoon V2

Dragoon G

Dragoon GT

Dragoon MS

Dragoon MSUV

Dranzer DranzerShot.jpg Kai Hiwatari

Dranzer S

Dranzer F

Dranzer V

Dranzer V2

Dranzer G

Dranzer GT

Dranzer MS

Driger Driger.png Ray Kon

Driger S

Driger F

Driger V

Driger V2

Driger G

Driger MS

Draciel DracielShot.jpg Max Tate

Draciel S

Draciel F

Draciel V

Draciel V2

Draciel G

Draciel MS

Galman Galman02.jpg Kevin
Galux Mariah
Galzzly Galzzly00.jpg Gary
Galeon Galeon 02.jpg Lee

Galeon Attacker

Galeon 2

Trygator Trygator.jpg Emily Watson
Tryhorn Tryhorn 2.jpg Steven
Trypio Trypio01.jpg Eddy
Trygle TrygleBeast.png Michael Summers
Sarcophalon Cenotaph
Draculor Sanguinex
Lycanlor Lupinex
Shamblor Zomb
Griffolyon GriffolyonShot.jpg Robert Jürgens
Unicolyon Unicolyon.jpg Oliver
Amphilyon Amphilyon00.jpg Enrique
Salamalyon Salamlyon.png Johnny McGregor
Wyborg Wyborgbeast.png Ian Papov
Wolborg Tala
Seaborg Seaborg.png Spencer
Falborg Falborg2.png Bryan
Black Dranzer Bdranzer.JPG Kai Hiwatari

Beyblade: V-Force

Name Image Owner Beyblades First Appearance
Flash Leopard Flash Leopard.png Ozuma Flash Leopard
Flash Leopard 2

Gideon Raises Gerry

Vortex Ape Vortex Ape.jpg Dunga Vortex Ape
Vortex Ape 2
Bring Me Dranzer!
Sharkrash Sharkrash Bit beast.png Mariam Testing One, Two, Three
Vanishing Moot Vanishing Moot Bit Beast.png Joseph Testing One, Two, Three
Wildfox Wildfox.png Foxy Attack of The Rock Bit Beast  
Sickle Weasel Sickle Weasel.png Jack See No Bit Beast, Hear No Bit Beast
Phantom Spider Phantom Spider.png Net Itzy Bey-Itzy Spider
Tyranno Tyranno.jpg Dennis Friends and Enemies
Klarken Klarken.00.JPG Denny Squeeze Play
Cyber Dragoon Test Version Animais52.jpg Gerry Gideon Raises Gerry
Cyber Dranzer Test Version Cyber Dranzer Test.jpg Wyatt Smithwright Team Psykick's New Recruit
Cyber Draciel Cyber Draciel.jpg Jim When Friends Become Foes
Cyber Dranzer Cyber Dranzer.jpg Goki Team Psykick's New Recruit
Cyber Driger Cyber Driger.jpg Salima The Power Half Hour!
Cyber Dragoon CyberDragoon2.jpg Kane Yamashita The Power Half Hour!
Ariel Ariel1.png King Fortunes Dear and Dire
Gabriel Gabriel.jpg Queen Fortunes Dear and Dire
Cerberus Cerberus.png Zeo Zagart Howling Spirit Fortunes Dear and Dire
Orthros OrthrusShot.png Gordo Orthros G Kai's Royal Flush
Unnamed mantis-type bit-beast BeybladeVForce - MantisBitBeast.png No one None Rock Bottom!

Beyblade: G-Revolution

Name Image Owner Beyblades First Appearance
Strata Dragoon Strata Dragoon Beast.png Daichi Sumeragi

Strata Dragoon V

Strata Dragoon G

Strata Dragoon MS

New Kid in Town
Metal Driger Metal Driger.png Jin of The Gale Metal Driger Invitation to Battle
Rock Bison RockBison.png Rick Anderson Rock Bison Take your best Shot
Torch Pegasus TorchPegasus.02.jpg Raul Fernandez Torch Pegasus
Thunder Pegasus TP-BB.png Julia Fernandez Thunder Pegasus
Dark Gargoyle Death Gargoyle.png Miguel Dark Gargoyle
Rapid Eagle Rapideagle .png Claude Rapid Eagle
Rushing Boar Rushing Boar.png Aaron Rushing Boar
Pierce Hedgehog Pierce Hedgehog.png Mathilda Pierce Hedgehog
Venus Venus1.png Ming-Ming Venus
Gigars Gigars.png Crusher Gigars
Apollon ApollonBeast.png Garland Siebald Apollon
Poseidon Posideon.png Mystel Poseidon
Zeus Zues.png Brooklyn Zeus

Beyblade: The Movie - Fierce Battle

Name Image Owner Beyblades First Appearance
Dark Dragoon Darkdragoon.jpg Henry
Dark Dranzer Ashley
Dark Draciel Steven
Dark Driger Daniel

Video Games

Name Image Owner Beyblades First Appearance
Pegacion Pegasion.png Amo Karou (アモウカオル) Bakuten Shoot Beyblade - Gekitou! Saikyou Blader
Vulpes Ullpace.png Amo Makoto (アモウマコト) Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Ikuze! Gekitou! Chou Jiryoku Battle!
Agrios Agurios.png Shougo Namba Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Fierce Battle! Team Battle!!
Grand Crow GrandCrone.png Haruka Chizan Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Fierce Battle! Team Battle!!