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This is a list of all parts included within the Dynamite Battle Layer System and its sub-series, the Burst Ultimate Layer Series.

DB Cores

Released in Dynamite Battle

Abbr. Image Name (Takara Tomy)
BH CoreBahamut.png Bahamut
BL CoreBelial.png Belial 1
BL2 CoreBelialII.png Belial 2
FF CoreFafnir.png Fafnir
LN CoreLonginus.png Longinus
πR CorePerseus.png Perseus
PH CorePhoenix.png Phoenix
RG CoreRagnaruk.png Ragnaruk
SP CoreSpriggan.png Spriggan
VL CoreValkyrie.png Valkyrie 1
VL2 CoreValkyrieII.png Valkyrie 2

Released in Burst Ultimate

Abbr. Image Name (Takara Tomy)
CoreKerbeus.png Kerbeus
CoreDragon.png Dragon

DB Blades

Abbr. Image Name
A BladeAstral.png Astral
C BladeCyclone.png Cyclone
Dn BladeDangerous.png Dangerous
Dv BladeDevil.png Devil
D BladeDynamite.png Dynamite
G BladeGuilty.png Guilty
P BladeProminence.png Prominence
R BladeRoar.png Roar
S BladeSavior.png Savior
U BladeUltimate.png Ultimate
V BladeVanish.png Vanish

BU Blades

Abbr. Image Name
BUBladeChain.png Chain
Dvn BUBladeDivine.png Divine
BUBladeGatling.png Gatling


Abbr. Image Name
0 Armor0.png 0
2 Armor2.png 2
3 Armor3.png 3
6 Armor6.png 6
7 Armor7.png 7
9 Armor9.png 9
10 Armor10.png 10

Energy Layers

Abbr. Image Name
GRP LayerGreatestRaphael.png Greatest Raphael

Layer Accessories

Image Name
File:ProminenceShield.png Prominence Shield

Forge Discs

Released in Dynamite Battle

Abbr. Image Name
Gg DiskGiga.png Giga
Kr DiskKarma.png Karma
Lg DiskLegacy.png Legacy
Nx DiskNexus.png Nexus
Ov DiskOver.png Over
Tp DiskTapered.png Tapered

Released in Burst Ultimate

Abbr. Image Name
Fr DiskFortress.png Fortress

Performance Tips

Released in Dynamite Battle

Abbr. Image Name
Al DriverAlmight.png Almight
At' DriverAtomic'.png Atomic'
Br' DriverBearing'.png Bearing'
HCh DriverHighCharge'.png High Charge'
HEt DriverHighEternal.png High Eternal
HH DriverHighHold'.png High Hold'
HM DriverHighMassive.png High Massive
HXt' DriverHighXtend'.png High Xtend'
HXt+' DriverHighXtend+'.png High Xtend+'
Kc DriverKick.png Kick
MDs DriverMetalDestroy.png Metal Destroy
MDm DriverMetalDimension.png Metal Dimension
MDr DriverMetalDrift.png Metal Drift
MS DriverMetalSurvive.png Metal Survive
MUn DriverMetalUniverse.png Metal Universe
MX DriverMetalXtreme.png Metal Xtreme
Mm DriverMoment.png Moment
Nv DriverNever.png Never
Qt DriverQuattro.png Quattro
Sh DriverShot.png Shot
Vn DriverVenture.png Venture
Wv' DriverWave'.png Wave'
Xc'+Z File:DriverXceed'+Z.png Xceed'+Z
Zn'+X File:DriverZone'+X.png Zone'+X

Released in Burst Ultimate

Abbr. Image Name
Ad DriverAdventure.png Adventure
Cm' DriverChargeMetal'.png Charge Metal'
MBDr DriverMetalBearingDrift.png Metal Bearing Drift
Wd' DriverWedge'.png Wedge'
Yd' DriverYard'.png Yard'

Evolution Gears

Released in Dynamite Battle

Image Name
GearF.png F Gear
GearL.png L Gear
GearS.png S Gear
GearV.png V Gear

Released in Burst Ultimate

Image Name
File:GearA.png A Gear
GearD.png D Gear