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This article is about parts included within the Gatinko Layer System, a subsystem of the Burst System. For parts included within the HyperSphere System, see List of HyperSphere System parts.

Gatinko Chips

Abbr. Image Name (Takara Tomy)
GatinkoChipAchilles.png Achilles
A GatinkoChipAshura.png Ashura
B GatinkoChipBahamut.png Bahamut
D GatinkoChipDiabolos.png Diabolos 1
Db GatinkoChipDiabolos2.png Diabolos 2
D GatinkoChipDragon.png Dragon 1
Dr GatinkoChipDragon2.png Dragon 2
F GatinkoChipFafnir.png Fafnir
H GatinkoChipHydra.png Hydra
J GatinkoChipJoker.png Joker
L GatinkoChipLonginus.png Longinus
O GatinkoChipOdin.png Odin
P GatinkoChipPegasus.png Pegasus
S GatinkoChipSpriggan.png Spriggan
V GatinkoChipValkyrie.png Valkyrie

Layer Weights

Abbr. Image Name
LayerWeightGen.png Gen
LayerWeightGo.png Go
LayerWeightGoku.png Goku
LayerWeightMetsu.png Metsu
LayerWeightRetsu.png Retsu
LayerWeightSen.png Sen
LayerWeightSou.png Sou
LayerWeightTen.png Ten
LayerWeightZan.png Zan

Layer Bases

Abbr. Image Name
A LayerBaseAce.png Ace
B LayerBaseBushin.png Bushin
C LayerBaseCosmo.png Cosmo
D LayerBaseDread.png Dread
E LayerBaseErase.png Erase
F LayerBaseFlare.png Flare
G LayerBaseGrand.png Grand
H LayerBaseHeaven.png Heaven
I LayerBaseImperial.png Imperial
J LayerBaseJudgement.png Judgement
K LayerBaseKnockout.png Knockout
L LayerBaseLord.png Lord
M LayerBaseMaster.png Master
N LayerBaseNaked.png Naked
P LayerBasePoison.png Poison
R LayerBaseRock.png Rock
S LayerBaseSlash.png Slash
T LayerBaseTact.png Tact
U LayerBaseUnion.png Union
V LayerBaseVenom.png Venom
W LayerBaseWizard.png Wizard
Z LayerBaseZwei.png Zwei

Energy Layers

Abbr. Image Name
LayerBigbangGenesis.png Bigbang Genesis
LayerPrimeApocalypse.png Prime Apocalypse
LayerRegaliaGenesis.png Regalia Genesis

Layer Accessories

Image Name
Bigbang Armor.png Bigbang Armor
Union Sword.png Union Sword

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name
Ar DiskAround.png Around
Bl DiskBlitz.png Blitz
Cn DiskConvert.png Convert
Dr DiskDrake.png Drake
Hr DiskHurricane.png Hurricane
Pr DiskParadox.png Paradox
Rt DiskRatchet.png Ratchet
St DiskSting.png Sting
Vn DiskVanguard.png Vanguard

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name
α' DriverAssault'.png Assault'
Bl DriverBullet.png Bullet
Ch DriverCharge.png Charge
Dm DriverDimension'.png Dimension'
Gn DriverGenerate.png Generate
H' DriverHold'.png Hold'
Hy DriverHybrid.png Hybrid
Ig' DriverIgnition'.png Ignition'
J' DriverJaggy'.png Jaggy'
Kp DriverKeep.png Keep
Kp' DriverKeep'.png Keep'
L' DriverLiner'.png Liner'
Lw DriverLow.png Low
Op' DriverOperate'.png Operate'
Om DriverOrbitMetal.png Orbit Metal
Pw DriverPower.png Power
Q' DriverQuake'.png Quake'
Qc' DriverQuick'.png Quick'
Rb' DriverReboot'.png Reboot'
Rs DriverRise.png Rise
Sp' DriverSpiral'.png Spiral'
Tr DriverTrick.png Trick
T' DriverTrans'.png Trans'
Ul' DriverUltimateReboot'.png Ultimate Reboot'
U' DriverUnite'.png Unite'
V' DriverVariable'.png Variable'
Ym DriverYardMetal.png Yard Metal