This article is about parts included within the Gatinko Layer System, a subsystem of the Burst System. For parts included within the HyperSphere System, see List of HyperSphere System parts.

Gatinko Chips

Abbr. Image Name (Takara Tomy)
GatinkoChipAchilles Achilles
A GatinkoChipAshura Ashura
B GatinkoChipBahamut Bahamut
D GatinkoChipDiabolos Diabolos I
Db GatinkoChipDiabolos2 Diabolos II
D GatinkoChipDragon Dragon I
Dr GatinkoChipDragon2 Dragon II
F GatinkoChipFafnir Fafnir
H GatinkoChipHydra Hydra
J GatinkoChipJoker Joker
L GatinkoChipLonginus Longinus
O GatinkoChipOdin Odin
P GatinkoChipPegasus Pegasus
S GatinkoChipSpriggan Spriggan
V GatinkoChipValkyrie Valkyrie

Layer Weights

Abbr. Image Name
LayerWeightGen Gen
LayerWeightGo Go
LayerWeightGoku Goku
LayerWeightMetsu Metsu
LayerWeightRetsu Retsu
LayerWeightSen Sen
LayerWeightSou Sou
LayerWeightTen Ten
LayerWeightZan Zan

Layer Bases

Abbr. Image Name
A LayerBaseAce Ace
B LayerBaseBushin Bushin
C LayerBaseCosmo Cosmo
D LayerBaseDread Dread
E LayerBaseErase Erase
F LayerBaseFlare Flare
G LayerBaseGrand Grand
H LayerBaseHeaven Heaven
I LayerBaseImperial Imperial
J LayerBaseJudgement Judgement
K LayerBaseKnockout Knockout
L LayerBaseLord Lord
M LayerBaseMaster Master
N LayerBaseNaked Naked
P LayerBasePoison Poison
R LayerBaseRock Rock
S LayerBaseSlash Slash
T LayerBaseTact Tact
U LayerBaseUnion Union
V LayerBaseVenom Venom
W LayerBaseWizard Wizard
Z LayerBaseZwei Zwei

Energy Layers

Abbr. Image Name
LayerBigbangGenesis Bigbang Genesis
LayerPrimeApocalypse Prime Apocalypse
LayerRegaliaGenesis Regalia Genesis

Layer Accessories

Image Name
Bigbang Armor Bigbang Armor
Union Sword Union Sword

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name
Ar DiskAround Around
Bl DiskBlitz Blitz
Cn DiskConvert Convert
Dr DiskDrake Drake
Hr DiskHurricane Hurricane
Pr DiskParadox Paradox
Rt DiskRatchet Ratchet
St DiskSting Sting
Vn DiskVanguard Vanguard

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name
α' DriverAssault' Assault'
Bl DriverBullet Bullet
Ch DriverCharge Charge
Dm DriverDimension' Dimension'
Gn DriverGenerate Generate
H' DriverHold' Hold'
Hy DriverHybrid Hybrid
Ig' DriverIgnition' Ignition'
J' DriverJaggy' Jaggy'
Kp DriverKeep Keep
Kp' DriverKeep' Keep'
L' DriverLiner' Liner'
Lw DriverLow Low
Op' DriverOperate' Operate'
Om DriverOrbitMetal Orbit Metal
Pw DriverPower Power
Q' DriverQuake' Quake'
Qc' DriverQuick' Quick'
Rb' DriverReboot' Reboot'
Rs DriverRise Rise
Sp' DriverSpiral' Spiral'
Tr DriverTrick Trick
T' DriverTrans' Trans'
Ul' DriverUltimateReboot' Ultimate Reboot'
U' DriverUnite' Unite'
V' DriverVariable' Variable'
Ym DriverYardMetal Yard Metal
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