Beyblade Wiki


QR Code Product Code Name Variant
AD6 (White).png F0617 Abyss Devolos D6 5 Fusional-SP White
AF6 (Blue).png F0661 Abyss Fafnir F6 Wheel Evolution Blue
AD5.St.Ch I-H (Green).png E7713 Ace Dragon D5 Sting Charge I-H Green
AD5.St.Ch I-H (White).png E7609 Ace Dragon D5 Sting Charge I-H White
AD5 (PC).png F0838 Ace Dragon D5 Sting Charge I-H White
AD (White).png F4549 Ace Dragon Drake-P Reboot Zan White
AK4.12E.Et-S (Black).png E8566 Air Knight K4 12Expand Eternal-S Black
AK4.12E.Et-S (Blue).png E4741 Air Knight K4 12Expand Eternal-S Blue
AK5.8'.V-H (Green).png E7733 Air Knight K5 8' Valor-H Green
Shining Amaterios QR Code.png E5954 Amaterios A3 Aero'Angle Anchor Yellow
A2 QR Code.png E1057 Anubion A2 Yell Orbit Gold
A2 YO (Sparkling Gold).png Anubion A2 Yell Orbit Sparkling Gold
A6 (Yellow).png F2302 Anubion A6 13 Fusional-SP Yellow
AXST4.7.A-S (Blue).png E6780 Aqua-X Spiral Treptune T4 7 Accel-S Blue
AZ3.4M.R (Purple).png E5957 Asteroid Zeutron Z3 4Meteor Revolve Purple
(HE) B4.6.Sp-S (Yellow).png E4726 Balar B4 6 Spiral-S Yellow
B3.2B.At (Black).png E1044 Balkesh B3 2Bump Atomic Black
BC5 (Black).png E9238 Behemoth Cyclops C5 Convert Valor-H Black
BB7 (Purple).png F3965 Berserk Balderov B7 Giga-Q Massive-Q+Wave-G07 Purple
BL7 (Blue).png F3964 Berserk Linwyrm L7 Fq-Q Fusion-Q+Hunter-G05 Blue
B2.D.L (Blue).png E1054 Betromoth B2 Down Liner Blue
B2.H.H (Green) QR Code.png C2333 Betromoth B2 Heavy Hold Green
B2 (Purple).png Betromoth B2 Heavy Hold Purple
B6 (Purple).png F2305 Betromoth B6 Sting Mobius-SP Purple
BXG4.1.Hn-S (White).png E4745 Blizzard-X Gaianon G4 1 Hunter-S White
BR6 (Orange).png F0616 Brave Roktavor R6 Ratchet Survival-SP Orange
BS6 (Yellow).png F0661 Brave Satomb S6 Triple Charge Metal-SPM Yellow
BV6 (Blue).png F0581 Brave Valtryek V6 Aero' Evolutional-SP Blue
BA5.Hr.Kp-H (Green).png E7609 Bushin Ashindra A5 Hurricane Keep-H Green
BA5.Hr.Kp-H (Red).png E7712 Bushin Ashindra A5 Hurricane Keep-H Red
C.O.G (White) QR Code.png E1064 Caynox Oval Gyro White
C3.4F.Br (Red).png Caynox C3 4Flow Bearing Red
Caynox C3 (White).png E1042 Caynox C3 4Flow Bearing White
C3.13.Gr (Black).png E5960 Caynox C3 13 Guard Black
CZA.00.Dm (Red).png F2331 Cho-Z Achilles 00 Dimension Red
CZA (Black).png F2292 Cho-Z Achilles 1' Absorb Black
CZV.Bl-P.Jl (Blue).png F2330 Cho-Z Valtryek Blitz-P Jolt Blue
CZV (Red).png F2292 Cho-Z Valtryek Zenith-P Destroy' Red
C3 2MHn (Purple).png E2457 Cognite C3 2Meteor Hunter Purple
C3 QR Code.png Cognite C3 6Meteor Trans Brown
C3 (Gray).png E1032 Cognite C3 6Meteor Trans Gray
PS CD (White).png F2332 Command Dragon Vanguard-P Quick' White
CD5 (White).png E9241 Command Dragon D5 Ignition-H White
CV5 (Purple).png F0613 Command Valtryek V5 00 Octave-H Purple
CA5 (Gold).png F0655 Cosmic Apocalypse A5 Vanguard Coil-H Gold
(HE) CK5.L.V-H (Blue).png E7727 Cosmic Kraken K5 Lore Valor-H Blue
CV5 (Orange).png E7720 Cosmic Valtryek V5 Ring Trick-H Orange
CDZF (Blue).png F0217 Crystal Dranzer F 4 Tower-S Blue
CD6 (Gray).png F0569 Curse Devolos D6 1A-D Zephyry-SP Gray
CS6 (Black).png F0553 Curse Satomb S6 Hurricane Universe-SPM Black
CB7 (Green).png F3965 Cyclone Belfyre B7 Aquilon-Q Revolve-Q+Hunter-3 Green
CR7 (Orange).png F3320 Cyclone Roktavor R7 Giga-Q Assault-Q+Never-6 Orange
CR7 (Red).png F4069 Cyclone Roktavor R7 Aquilon'-Q Massive-Q+Flugel-6 Red
(HE) C4.5.Fl-S (Green).png E4747 Cyclops C4 5 Flugel-S Green
DXN4.2.D-S (Gray).png E4749 Dark-X Nepstrius N4 2 Defense-S Gray
DD6 (Black).png F0566 Demise Devolos D6 1B-D Merger-SP Black
DD6 (Red).png F0661 Demise Dullahan D6 3A-D Merger-SP Red
DH6 (Orange).png F0660 Demise Hyperion H6 Limited Merger-SPL Orange
DS6 (Teal).png F2302 Demise Satomb S6 Down Destroyer-SPM Teal
DB7 (Black).png F3334 Destruction Belfyre B7 Nexus-Q Yielding-Q+Venture-2 Black
DB7 (White).png F4068 Destruction Belfyre B7 Nexus-Q Revolve-Q+Quake-2 White
DI7 (Green).png F3962 Destruction Ifritor I7 Nexus-Q Assault-Q+Kick-6 Green
D TA (Green).png E1062 Diomedes D2 Triple Accel Green
D.O.A (Green) QR Code.png C2358 Doomscizor Oval Accel Blue
D.O.A (Purple) QR Code.png B9505 Doomscizor Oval Accel Purple
D2.F.J (Green) QR Code.png C0598 Doomscizor D2 Force Jaggy Green
D2.F.J (Maroon) QR Code.png C2331 Doomscizor D2 Force Jaggy Maroon
D2 QR Code.png C0600 Doomscizor D2 Force Jaggy Purple
D2 LO (Gray).png E1067 Doomscizor D2 Limited Orbit Gray
D2 LO (Silver).png Doomscizor D2 Limited Orbit Silver
D3 (Blue).png Doomscizor D3 2Vortex Hunter Blue
D3 (Clear).png E1033 Doomscizor D3 2Vortex Hunter Clear
D3 8GNt (Black).png E2460 Doomscizor D3 8Glaive Nothing Black
DCF (Green).png F0625 Draciel F Limited Friction-H Green
DC.C.P (Black).png Draciel Shield Central Press Black
DC (Green).png E2458 Draciel Shield Central Press Green
DC (Green and Yellow Edges).png E2547 Draciel Shield Central Press Green with Yellow Edges
Dragoon F (Gold).png Dragoon Fighter Gravity Variable Gold
DGF (White).png E2546 Dragoon Fighter Gravity Variable White
DG WX (Blue).png Dragoon Storm Wing Xtreme Blue
DG WX (White).png E2545 Dragoon Storm Wing Xtreme White
DZF (Blue).png E2547 Dranzer Flame Yell Zeta Blue
DZF (Ice Blue).png Dranzer Flame Yell Zeta Ice Blue
DZ (Liner).png E2458 Dranzer Spiral Spread Liner Blue
DZ Liner (Red).png Dranzer Spiral Spread Liner Red
DZ SU (Blue).png E2545 Dranzer Spiral Spread Unite Blue
DP4.10.Fr-S (Black).png E6168 Dread Phoenix P4 10 Friction-S Black
DP4.10.Fr-S (Orange).png E8566 Dread Phoenix P4 10 Friction-S Orange
DI.H.F (Dark Blue).png Driger Slash Heavy Fusion Dark Blue
Driger S (White).png E2546 Driger Slash Heavy Fusion White
(HE) D4.7.Tw-S (Blue).png E4749 Dullahan D4 7 Tower-S Blue
(HE) D5.11.L-H (Green).png E7728 Dullahan D5 11 Linear-H Green
DB5 (Black).png E7731 Dusk Balkesh B5 7 Orbital-H Black
DS5 (Gray).png F0609 Dusk Spryzen S5 Infinity Keep-H Gray
EE5 (Red).png F0610 Eclipse Evo Devolos D5 8' Rise-H Red
EG5 (Purple).png E9242 Eclipse Genesis G5 Swipe Friction-H Purple
EV3 (Brown).png Elite Valtryek V3 6Vortex Reboot Brown
E4.Outer.Qs-S (Green).png E4751 Engaard E4 Outer Quest-S Green
E5 (Green).png E9237 Engaard E5 7 Banshee-H Green
EB5 (Red).png E9409 Erase Balkesh B5 Down Rise-H Red
ED5 (White).png E7730 Erase Devolos D5 Vanguard Bullet II-H White
E.W.N (Green) QR Code.png C2645 Evipero Wing Needle Pink
E2.H.E (Black) QR Code.png C2286 Evipero E2 Heavy Edge Gray
E2 NG (Green).png E2758 Evipero E2 Nine Gyro Green
HB6 (Blue).png F2306 Evo Helios Blazebringer Outer Zoning+Z-SPM Blue
HF6 (Red).png F0578 Evo Hyperion Flamebringer H6 6 Xceed+X-SP Red
LE6 (Black).png F0578 Evo Lucius Endbringer L6 Vertical Drift-SP Black
F3 (Green).png E1038 Fafnir F3 7Cross Survive Green
F3.7M.Fl (Blue).png E2459 Fafnir F3 7Meteor Flugel Blue
F3 (Gold).png Fafnir F3 8 Nothing Blue
F3 QR Code.png E1029 Fafnir F3 8 Nothing Brown
F3 (Other Gold).png Fafnir F3 8 Nothing Gold
Fafnir F3 (White).png E5303 Fafnir F3 8 Nothing White
F3 (DCK).png E3015 Fafnir F3 Digital Control Kit Digital Control Kit Version
F4.8'.Ab-S (Black).png E8566 Fafnir F4 8' Absorb-S Black
F4.8'.Ab-S (Orange).png E4750 Fafnir F4 8' Absorb-S Orange
FDGF (White).png F0216 Fang Dragoon F 7 Jaggy-S White
F2.B.J (Orange) QR Code.png C2356 Fengriff F2 Boost Jaggy Blue
F2 FQ (White).png E1050 Fengriff F2 Force Quake White
FXD4.8.D-S (Red).png E4718 Flame-X Diomedes D4 8 Defense-S Red
FC5 (Red).png F0624 Flare Cobra C5 2 Planetary-H Red
FWB (Yellow).png F0609 Force Wolborg 12 Flugel-S Yellow
F4.0.Yr (Black).png E4729 Forneus F4 0 Yard-S Black
F4.0.Yr-S (Blue).png E5566 Forneus F4 0 Yard-S Blue
F4 RFP (Green).png E5952 Forneus F4 Rip Fire Pack Green
F5 (Purple).png E9239 Forneus F5 Drake Orbital-H Purple
G2 (Bronze).png Gaianon G2 Quarter Fusion Bronze
G2 (Gold).png E3881 Gaianon G2 Quarter Fusion Gold
G2.Q.F (Orange) QR Code.png C2358 Gaianon G2 Quarter Fusion Orange
G6 (Maroon).png F2303 Gaianon G6 5 Merger-SP Maroon
GZ4.4.L-S (Black).png E4746 Galaxy Zeutron Z4 4 Liner-S Black
GZ5 (Pink).png E7735 Galaxy Zeutron Z5 Lore Revolver-H Pink
(HE) G4.8.M-S (Green).png E4725 Gargoyle G4 8 Massive-S Green
(HE) G5.10.Kp-H (Black).png E7727 Gargoyle G5 10 Keep-H Black
G3.6S.D (Blue).png E5955 Garuda G3 6Star Defense Blue
G3 (Black).png Garuda G3 8Flow Flugel Black
G3 (Yellow).png E1036 Garuda G3 8Flow Flugel Yellow
GV3 (Green).png E1034 Genesis Valtryek V3 4Glaive Flugel Green
GV3 (Blue).png E0722 Genesis Valtryek V3 6Vortex Reboot Blue
GV3 (Blue and Gold).png E5303 Genesis Valtryek V3 6Vortex Reboot Blue and Gold
GV3 (Gray).png E2458 Genesis Valtryek V3 6Vortex Reboot Gray Core
V3.6V.Rb (Orange) QR Code.png E0955 Genesis Valtryek V3 6Vortex Reboot Orange
GV3 (DCK).png E3014 Genesis Valtryek V3 Digital Control Kit Digital Control Kit Version
GB7 (Gold).png F3963 Gilded Balderov B7 Diagron-Q Zephyr-Q+Press-G08 Gold
GN7 (Blue).png F4491 Gilded Nemesis N7 Aquilon'-Q Fusion-Q+Press-G08 Blue
GD6 (Teal).png F2300 Glide Dullahan D6 Ring Revolving-SPM Teal
GR6 (Orange).png F0552 Glide Roktavor R6 Wheel Revolving-SPM Orange
GD5 (Orange).png E7716 Glyph Dragon D5 Sting Charge III-H Orange
GP5 (Silver).png E9409 Glyph Pegasus P5 Oval Yardage-H Silver
GV5 (White).png F0839 Glyph Valtryek V5 1' Orbital-H White
JD5 (Blue, BI).png Beymaster Invitational Golden Judgement Dragon D5 Triple Bullet I-H Blue
JD5 (Gold).png E7621 Golden Judgement Dragon D5 Triple Bullet I-H Gold
GXB4.6.Fl-S (Gold).png E4746 Gold-X Betromoth B4 6 Flugel-S Gold
GDCS (Red).png F0215 Guard Draciel S 1 Atomic-S Red
H3.11T.Z (Purple).png E6705 Hades H3 11Turn Zephyr Purple
HP (Green).png F4553 Harmony Pegasus 10Expand Revolve Sen Green
HP5 (Green).png E7719 Harmony Pegasus P5 10 Low-H Green
HK4.7.At-S (Green).png E4736 Hazard Kerbeus K4 7 Atomic-S Green
H4.5.Yr-S (Green).png E6779 Hercules H4 5 Yard-S Green
H4.13.Et-S (Brown).png E4732 Hercules H4 13 Eternal-S Brown
H4 (White).png F0607 Hercules H4 Sting Prevail-S White
HD6 (Clear).png F0629 Hollow Doomscizor D6 12 Xceed-SP Clear
H (Orange).png B9497 Horusood Spread Edge Orange
H.S.E (Blue) QR Code.png C2270 Horusood Spread Edge Purple
H2 QL (Gold).png E2756 Horusood H2 Quarter Liner Gold
H2 (Blue).png C0602 Horusood H2 Upper Claw Blue
H2 UC (Bronze).png Horusood H2 Upper Claw Bronze
H2 (Red).png C2286 Horusood H2 Upper Claw Red
Hyrus (Blue).png E1061 Hyrus H2 Yell Needle Blue
I2 IZ (Black).png E1051 Ifritor I2 Infinity Zephyr Black
I2 (Orange).png C3179 Ifritor I2 Magnum Liner Orange
IS5 (Pink).png E9235 Inferno Salamander S5 Wing Jagged-H Pink
IXK4.2.Tw-S (Red).png E6780 Inferno-X Kerbeus K4 2 Tower-S Red
IA6 (Red).png F0571 Infinite Achilles A6 1B-D Dimensioning-SP Red
IXS4.2.F-S (Black).png E4719 Iron-X Surtr S4 2 Fusion-S Black
Istros I2 (White).png E3881 Istros I2 Upper Survive White
JW6 (Purple).png F0572 Jet Wyvron W6 Central Needling-SP Purple
J3 (Blue).png E1037 Jinnius J3 5Glaive Guard Blue
J3 (Green).png Jinnius J3 5Glaive Guard Green
J3.8.Zt (Gold).png E5958 Jinnius J3 8 Zeta Gold
J2 (Blue).png C2356 Jormuntor J2 Infinity Cycle Blue
J2 ICy (Diamond).png Jormuntor J2 Infinity Cycle Diamond
J6 (Green).png F2306 Jormuntor J6 Python Needling-SP Green
PS JJ (Purple).png F2335 Judgement Joker 0Glaive Ultimate Reboot Sen Purple
JJ5 (Purple).png E7715 Judgement Joker J5 00 Trick-H Purple
KM7 (Gold).png F4488 Katana Muramasa M7 Qq-Q Mobius-Q+Rise-G12 Gold
K CD (Green).png B9497 Kerbeus Central Defense Green
Kerbeus (Yellow).png Kerbeus Central Defense Yellow
K WF (Green).png B9504 Kerbeus Wing Fusion Green
K2 (Gray).png C0597 Kerbeus K2 Limited Press Gray
K2 (Green).png B9490 Kerbeus K2 Limited Press Green
K2 (Orange).png C2273 Kerbeus K2 Limited Press Orange
K2 LP (Silver).png Kerbeus K2 Limited Press Silver
K2 (Silver Edges).png C0706 Kerbeus K2 Limited Press Silver Edges
K2 Rip Fire.png C3067 Kerbeus K2 Rip Fire Pack Rip Fire Version
K4.H.S-S (Green).png E4745 Kerbeus K4 Heavy Survive-S Green
Khalazar K3 QR Code (Dark Blue).png Khalzar K3 7Under Hunter Dark Blue
K3 (Gray and Gold).png E5303 Khalzar K3 7Under Hunter Gray and Gold
Khalazar K3 QR Code (Green).png Khalzar K3 7Under Hunter Green
KF6 (Purple).png F2304 Kolossal Fafnir F6 1A-D Zoning-SP Purple
KH6 (Blue).png F0525 Kolossal Helios H6 10 Zoning-SP Blue
KH6 (White).png F0554 Kolossal Helios H6 1B-D Zoning-SPM White
KL6 (Yellow).png F0620 Kolossal Luinor L6 Wheel Mobius-SP Yellow
Kraken K4 Code (Blue).png E4724 Kraken K4 11 Prevail-S Blue
LXA4.5.F-S (Red).png E4744 Lava-X Anubion A4 5 Fusion-S Red
LA4.10.N-S (Yellow).png E5565 Left Astro A4 10 Needle-S Yellow
LA5 (Blue).png E7730 Left Astro A5 Blitz Spiro-H Blue
LS3 4CGr (Green).png E2460 Legend Spryzen S3 4Cross Guard Green
LS3 (Red).png E1031 Legend Spryzen S3 7 Merge Red
LS3 (Silver).png Legend Spryzen S3 7 Merge Silver
L4.12L.Ds-S (Blue).png E4748 Leopard L4 12Lift Destroy-S Blue
Leopard L4 (Red).png F0606 Leopard L4 Drake Accel-S Red
LXI4.4.A-S (Blue).png E4722 Lightning-X Istros I4 4 Accel-S Blue
LH5 (Blue).png F0611 Lord Hydrax H5 Convert Trick-H Blue
PS LS (Red).png F2334 Lord Spryzen Around-P Fusion' Red
LS5 (Red).png E7729 Lord Spryzen S5 Blitz Dimensional-H Red
LS5 (PC).png F0838 Lord Spryzen S5 Blitz Dimensional-H Red
L2.N.Sp (Black and Purple).png Luinor L2 Nine Spiral Black and Purple
L2 (Gray).png E1056 Luinor L2 Nine Spiral Gray
L3 (Black).png Luinor L3 Destroy Black
L3 (Gold).png E5303 Luinor L3 Destroy Gold
L3 (Gray).png E0956 Luinor L3 Destroy Gray
L4.10.Hn-S (Black).png E6779 Luinor L4 10 Hunter-S Black
L4.13.Jl (Silver).png E4730 Luinor L4 13 Jolt-S Silver
MI7 (Red).png F3334 Magma Ifritor I7 Ciquex-Q Jaggy-Q+Wave-G03 Red
MR7 (Cyan).png F3963 Magma Roktavor R7 Fq-Q Xtend+-Q+Venture-3 Cyan
MD (Red).png F4548 Master Devolos 12Turn Zeta Red
MD5.Gn-H (Red).png E9239 Master Devolos D5 Generate-H Red
MK5 (Yellow).png F0606 Master Kerbeus K5 Vanguard Xtender-H Yellow
M (Brown).png C0942 Minoboros Oval Quake Brown
M (Green).png C0707 Minoboros Oval Quake Green
M2 QR Code.png E1060 Minoboros M2 Knuckle Jaggy Blue
M6 (Purple).png F2300 Minoboros M6 RatchetLift Fusional-SP Purple
MD6 (Gray).png F2316 Mirage Devolos D6 Wheel Destroyer-SPM Gray
MF6 (Yellow).png F0565 Mirage Fafnir F6 1A-D Nothingness-SP Yellow
MH6 (Red).png F2303 Mirage Helios H6 Wheel Nothingness-SP Red
ML6 (Red).png F0661 Mirage Luinor L6 Heavy Xceed-SP Red
MD5 (Green).png E9409 Monster Devolos D5 Vertical Octave-H Green
MO5 (Black).png E9237 Monster Ogre O5 Outer Octave-H Black
(HE) M4.2.Lp-S (Purple).png E4752 Morrigna M4 2 Loop-S Purple
M4 (Blue).png F0613 Morrigna M4 Hurricane Friction-S Blue
(HE) M5 (Silver).png E7737 Morrigna M5 11 Banshee-H Silver
MXGZ4.12.D-S (Brown).png E6780 Mountain-X Galaxy Zeutron Z4 12 Defense-S Brown
MO5 (Silver).png E9240 Myth Odax O5 1' Destroyer-H Silver
ME5 (Black).png F0608 Myth Evo Dragon D5 Outer Power-H Black
N (Blue).png B9496 Nepstrius Armed Zephyr Blue
N (Yellow).png C0707 Nepstrius Armed Zephyr Yellow
N2 (Blue).png C2285 Nepstrius N2 Vertical Zephyr Blue
N2 (Sapphire).png Nepstrius N2 Vertical Zephyr Sapphire
N2 (Yellow).png C0603 Nepstrius N2 Vertical Zephyr Yellow
N3 2J (Black).png E2393 Noctemis N3 2 Jaggy Black
O (Gray).png B9493 Odax Central Blow Gray
O (Orange).png C2271 Odax Central Blow Orange
O2 (Blue).png C2281 Odax O2 Triple Xtreme Blue
O2 (Gray).png C0599 Odax O2 Triple Xtreme Gray
O2 (Purple).png C3401 Odax O2 Triple Xtreme Purple
O2 VC (Black).png E3882 Odax O2 Vertical Claw Black
O6 (Gold).png F2304 Odax O6 Convert Survival-SP Gold
(HE) O4.1.J-S (Red).png E4723 Ogre O4 1 Jaggy-S Red
(HE) O5.0.Pw-H (Blue).png E7726 Ogre O5 0 Power-H Blue
OE (Green).png F2333 Orb Engaard Sting-P Quest Green
Orichalcum O3 Code (Yellow).png E5953 Orichalcum O3 Outer Octa Yellow
OA6 (Green).png F2307 Origin Achilles A6 Convert Xceed-SPM Green
O2 AD (Yellow).png E1068 Orpheus O2 Armed Defense Yellow
PS PP (Black).png F2328 Perfect Phoenix 8'Proof Friction Black
PP4 (Purple).png F0608 Perfect Phoenix P4 0 Yard-S Purple
PP4.1.Tw-S (Black).png E4742 Perfect Phoenix P4 1 Tower-S Black
P2 QR Code.png E1058 Phantazus P2 Polish Edge Gray
PDRS (Orange).png F0214 Phantom Driger S 2 Zeta-S Orange
P4.10.Fr-S (Red).png E4747 Phoenix P4 10 Friction-S Red
PC (Purple).png F4550 Poison Cobra 7Wall Keep Gen Purple
PC5 (Green).png F0622 Poison Cyclops C5 Knuckle Guardian-H Green
PXH4.7.S-S (Green).png E4721 Poison-X Hyrus H4 7 Survive-S Green
PA (Black).png Prime Apocalypse 0Dagger Ultimate Reboot' Black
PA5 (Black).png E7621 Prime Apocalypse A5 0 Ultimate Reboot-H Black
Q2 JP (Emerald).png Quetziko Q2 Jerk Press Emerald
Q2 (Green).png C3180 Quetziko Q2 Jerk Press Green
Q2.R.E (Black).png E1053 Quetziko Q2 Ring Edge Black
RL6 (Silver).png F0564 Raid Luinor L6 3A-D Destroyer-SPM Silver
Regulus R3 (Blue).png E1040 Regulus R3 5Star Tower Blue
Regulus R3 (Green).png Regulus R3 5Star Tower Green
R3.6.Ds (Red).png E5959 Regulus R3 6 Destroy Red
R6 (Brown).png F2301 Regulus R6 Swipe Survival-SP Brown
RA4.6.J-S (Purple).png E5565 Right Artemis A4 6 Jaggy-S Purple
RA5 (Orange).png E7731 Right Artemis A5 Python Jagged-H Orange
RB7 (Black).png F4071 Roar Balkesh B7 Giga-Q Edge-Q+Moment-10 Black
RD5.St.Ch II-H (Black).png E7726 Rock Dragon D5 Sting Charge II-H Black
R CA (Yellow).png B9503 Roktavor Central Accel Yellow
R HS (Yellow).png B9496 Roktavor Heavy Survive Yellow
R2 DSp (Black).png E2757 Roktavor R2 Down Spiral Black
R2 (Blue).png C0596 Roktavor R2 Gravity Revolve Blue
R2 (Orange).png B9489 Roktavor R2 Gravity Revolve Orange
R2 (Silver).png Roktavor R2 Gravity Revolve Silver
R2 (Yellow).png C2272 Roktavor R2 Gravity Revolve Yellow
R2 Rip Fire.png E1078 Roktavor R2 Rip Fire Pack Yellow
R3 (Gold).png Roktavor R3 4Cross Flugel Gold
R3 QR Code.png E1030 Roktavor R3 4Cross Flugel Orange
R3 (Purple).png Roktavor R3 4Cross Flugel Purple
R3 7CAt (Blue).png E2457 Roktavor R3 7Cross Atomic Blue
R4.11.Wd-S (Orange).png E4743 Roktavor R4 11 Wedge-S Orange
R4.11.Wd-S (Silver).png E8566 Roktavor R4 11 Wedge-S Silver
R5 (Pink).png E7729 Roktavor R5 Heavy Charge II-H Pink
RG5 (White).png E7718 Royal Genesis G5 Swipe Hybrid-H White
(HE) R4.12.F-S (Green).png E4750 Rudr R4 12 Fusion-S Green
(HE) R5.7.L-H (White).png E7734 Rudr R5 7 Linear-H White
S4.12.Op-S (Black).png E4731 Salamander S4 12 Operate-S Black
SV7 (Red).png F4491 Salvage Valtryek Rashad V7 Nexus-Q Yielding-Q+Quake-7 Red
SV7 (Blue).png F4070 Salvage Valtryek V7 Sq-Q Shot-Q+Shot-7 Blue
S3 (Black).png E0722 Satomb S3 2Glaive Loop Black
S3 (Black and Gold).png E5303 Satomb S3 2Glaive Loop Black and Gold
S3 (Red).png Satomb S3 2Glaive Loop Red
SK5 (Green).png E9238 Shield Kerbeus K5 Infinity Linear-H Green
SK5 (Brown).png F0607 Shield Kraken K5 Hurricane Banshee-H Brown
SXJ4.8.F-S (Silver).png E4748 Silver-X Jormuntor J4 8 Fusion-S Silver
(HE) SS5.6.J-H (Yellow).png E7732 Solar Sphinx S5 6 Jagged-H Yellow
PS SB (Green).png F2329 Soul Balkesh Paradox-P Eternal Ten Green
SD6 (Blue).png F0614 Spear Dullahan D6 Boost Fusional-SP Blue
SH6 (Gray).png F0661 Spear Hyperion H6 Upper Nothingness-SP Gray
SV6 (Purple).png F2301 Spear Valtryek V6 Lore Universe-SPM Purple
(HE) S4.6.A-S (Yellow).png E4733 Sphinx S4 6 Accel-S Yellow
(HE) S4 (Cyan).png F0610 Sphinx S4 Blitz Keeper-S Cyan
ST4.8.Wd-S (Yellow).png E4744 Spiral Treptune T4 8 Wedge-S Yellow
ST4 (White).png F0611 Spiral Treptune T4 13 Survive-S White
S HD (Red Sides).png B9502 Spryzen Heavy Defense Red Sides
Spryzen Requiem S3 (Purple).png Spryzen Requiem S3 0 Zeta Purple
Spryzen Requiem S3 (Red).png E1039 Spryzen Requiem S3 0 Zeta Red
Spryzen Requiem S3 (White).png E5303 Spryzen Requiem S3 0 Zeta White
S SF (Yellow Sides).png B9493 Spryzen Spread Fusion Yellow Sides
S2 (Black Edges).png B9498 Spryzen S2 Knuckle Unite Black and Gold Edges
S2 (Silver).png Spryzen S2 Knuckle Unite Silver
S2 (Yellow Edges).png B9488 Spryzen S2 Knuckle Unite Yellow and Black Edges
S2 LV (Green).png E1048 Spryzen S2 Limited Variable Green
S2 Rip Fire.png C1514 Spryzen S2 Rip Fire Pack Rip Fire Version
SL7 (Orange).png F4072 Stone Linwyrm L7 Fq-Q Zephyr-Q+Never-G05 Orange
SN7 (Black).png F3962 Stone Nemesis N7 Ciquex-Q Needle-Q+A03-G06 Black
SXQ4.7.A-S (Brown).png E4751 Stone-X Quetziko Q4 7 Accel-S Brown
SV3 (Blue).png E2393 Strike Valtryek V3 6Vortex Reboot Blue
SH6 (Yellow).png F0563 Super Hyperion H6 1A-D Xceed-SPM Yellow
SH6 (Red).png F0525 Super Hyperion H6 7 Xceed-SP Red
SS6 (Purple).png F0615 Super Satomb S6 Jerk Zoning-SP Purple
Surtr S2 (Brown).png E3882 Surtr S2 Spread Quake Brown
SA5 (Yellow).png E9409 Sword Achilles A5 Boost Dimensional-H Yellow
SD5 (Red).png E9429 Sword Dragon D5 Spread Valor-H Red
SV (Blue).png F3319 Sword Valtryek Sting-P Xtreme' Retsu Blue
SV5.Bl.Pw-H (Blue).png E7710 Sword Valtryek V5 Blitz Power-H Blue
SV5 (PC).png F0838 Sword Valtryek V5 Blitz Power-H Blue
TL5 (Purple).png F0621 Tact Leviathan L5 7 Zephyrus-H Purple
TXM4.0.N-S (Green).png E4743 Thorns-X Minoboros M4 0 Needle-S Green
TT3.8B.E (Blue).png E5956 Tide Treptune T3 8Bump Edge Blue
TXY4.4.F-S (Gray).png E4752 Tornado-X Yegdrion Y4 4 Fusion-S Gray
T (Red).png C0707 Treptune Heavy Claw Red
T (Yellow).png C2285 Treptune Heavy Claw Yellow
TD6 (Yellow).png F0661 Triumph Devolos D6 4 Universe-SPM Yellow
TD6 (White).png F0568 Triumph Dragon D6 Armed Charge Metal-SPM White
TA4.00.Dm-S (Blue).png E8566 Turbo Achilles A4 00 Dimension-S Blue
TA4.00.Dm-S (Red).png E6167 Turbo Achilles A4 00 Dimension-S Red
TS4.0W.Zt-S (Red).png E4739 Turbo Spryzen S4 0Wall Zeta-S Red
TV3.Z.Ev (Blue).png E6704 Turbo Valtryek V3 Zenith Evolution Blue
(HE) T4.4.D-S (Purple).png E4734 Typhon T4 4 Defense-S Purple
T5 (Orange).png E9236 Typhon T5 Infinity Yardage-H Orange
Tyros (Brown).png E1067 Tyros T2 Infinity Zephyr Brown
T6 (Red).png F2307 Tyros T6 Magnum Dimensioning-SP Red
U (Green).png B9492 Unicrest Ring Defense Green
U (Orange).png C0941 Unicrest Ring Defense Orange
U2 (Blue).png C0598 Unicrest U2 Down Needle Blue
U2 (Red).png C2282 Unicrest U2 Down Needle Red
U2 UJ (Red).png E1068 Unicrest U2 Upper Jaggy Red
UA (Red).png F4551 Union Achilles Convert-P Xtend+ Retsu Red
UA5 (Red).png E7714 Union Achilles A5 Convert Xtender-H Red
UA5 (PC).png F0838 Union Achilles A5 Convert Xtender-H Red
UV5 (Green).png E9409 Union Valtryek V5 Armed Destroyer-H Green
VC7 (Gray).png F4488 Vanish Cobra C7 Diagron-Q Assault-Q+Defense-G05 Gray
VF7 (Gold).png F3966 Vanish Fafnir F7 Tapered-Q Xtend+-Q+Kick-3 Gold
V (Red).png B9501 Valtryek Spread Survive Red Wings
V (Black).png C0709 Valtryek Wing Accel Black
V (Yellow).png B9492 Valtryek Wing Accel Yellow Wings
V2 (Blue).png B9487 Valtryek V2 Boost Variable Blue
V2 (HasCon 2017).png HasCon 2017 Exclusive Valtryek V2 Boost Variable Ruby
V2 (Red).png C3401 Valtryek V2 Boost Variable Red
V2 (Silver).png Valtryek V2 Boost Variable Silver
V2 (Silver Wings).png C0706 Valtryek V2 Boost Variable Silver Wings
V2 (Yellow Wings.png B9498 Valtryek V2 Boost Variable Yellow Wings
V2 LU (Black).png E1046 Valtryek V2 Limited Unite Black
V2 Rip Fire.png C1513 Valtryek V2 Rip Fire Pack Rip Fire Version
VD5 (Black).png E7717 Venom Devolos D5 Vanguard Bullet I-H Black
VD6 (Red).png F2316 Vex Dragon D6 3A-D Needling-SP Red
VL6 (Purple).png F0567 Vex Lucius L6 2D-D Mobius-SP Purple
(HE) VH5.P.C-H (Red).png E7728 Viper Hydrax H5 Python Coil-H Red
WF5.Rt.Rs-H (Yellow).png E7711 Wizard Fafnir F5 Ratchet Rise-H Yellow
WF (Gold).png F3319 Wizard Fafnir Ratchet-P Rise Zan Gold
WL5 (Blue).png E9429 Wizard Luinor L5 Upper Linear-H Blue
WV4.12.Vl (RRBS).png E3629 Wonder Valtryek V4 12 Volcanic-S Blue and Gray
WV4.12.Vl (Dark Blue).png E4727 Wonder Valtryek V4 12 Volcanic-S Dark Blue
WV4.12.Vl-S (Gold).png E8566 Wonder Valtryek V4 12 Volcanic-S Gold
WH6 (Green).png F0573 World Evo Helios H6 Outer Charge Metal-SPM Green
WS6 (Red).png F2305 World Spryzen S6 Limited United-SP Red
WDF (Black).png F0612 Wraith Driger F 2 Fusion-S Black
WF7 (Black).png F3964 Wrath Fafnir F7 Tapered-Q Spiral-Q+Flugel-2 Black
W (Purple).png B9507 Wyvron Armed Massive Purple
W2 (Green).png C2332 Wyvron W2 Vertical Massive Green
W2 (Orange).png E1064 Wyvron W2 Boost Jaggy Orange
W2 (Purple).png C0601 Wyvron W2 Vertical Massive Purple
W2 (Red).png C0599 Wyvron W2 Vertical Massive Red
W2 (Silver).png Wyvron W2 Vertical Massive Silver
W2 Rip Fire.png E1079 Wyvron W2 Rip Fire Pack Black
W3.2G.T (Yellow).png E2459 Wyvron W3 2Glaive Trans Yellow
W3 4GAt (Black).png Wyvron W3 4Glaive Atomic Black
W3 (Gold).png Wyvron W3 4Glaive Atomic Gold
W3 QR Code.png E1028 Wyvron W3 4Glaive Atomic Purple
W6 (Blue).png F0618 Wyvron W6 Yell Needling-SP Blue
X (Gold).png C1516 Xcalius Force Xtreme Gold
X (Red).png C0596 Xcalius Force Xtreme Red
X2 (White).png E1065 Xcalius X2 Knuckle Impact White
X2 (Detailed Sword).png E2458 Xcalius X2 Magnum Impact Detailed Sword
X2 (Red).png C3181 Xcalius X2 Magnum Impact Red
X2 MI (Ruby).png Xcalius X2 Magnum Impact Ruby
X2 (Silver).png Xcalius X2 Magnum Impact Silver
X3 (Light Blue).png E2020 Xcalius X3 1 Iron Light Blue
X3 (Red).png E1035 Xcalius X3 1 Iron Red
X3 (Ruby).png Xcalius X3 1 Iron Ruby
X3 (World Tour).png Beyblade Burst World Tour 2018 US Tournament Exclusive Xcalius X3 1 Iron Shining Red and Blue
X4.1'.Sw-S (Red).png E4735 Xcalius X4 1' Sword-S Red
Y (Green).png C0943 Yegdrion Ring Edge Green
Y2 (Gray).png E1065 Yegdrion Y2 Gravity Edge Gray
Y2 (Green).png C0597 Yegdrion Y2 Gravity Survive Green
Y2 GS (Yellow Green).png Yegdrion Y2 Gravity Survive Yellow Green
ZA4.8.Pr-S (Black).png E4738 Z Achilles A4 8 Prevail-S Black
ZA4.11.Xt (Dark Red).png E4728 Z Achilles A4 11 Xtend-S Dark Red
ZA4.11.Xt (RRBS).png E3629 Z Achilles A4 11 Xtend-S Red and Gray
ZA4 RFP (Red).png E5951 Z Achilles A4 Rip Fire Pack Red
Z2 (Black).png C3182 Zeutron Z2 Infinity Weight Black
Z2 IW (Onyx).png Zeutron Z2 Infinity Weight Onyx
ZB5 (Black).png F0839 Zone Balkesh B5 8' Spiro-H Black
ZB5 (Purple).png F0612 Zone Balkesh B5 Python Destroyer-H Purple
ZF5 (Blue).png E9409 Zone Fafnir F5 Gravity Revolver-H Blue
ZL5 (Silver).png E7736 Zone Luinor L5 Drake Spiro-H Silver
PS ZL (Silver).png F2336 Zwei Luinor Blitz-P Xtend+ Metsu Silver


QR Code Product Code Name Variant
Digital Spirit Staduim QR Code.png C0706 Avatar Attack Battle Set Stadium Itself
AABS Kerbeus Claw.png C0706 Avatar Attack Battle Set Kerbeus Claw
AABS Valtryek Sword.png C0706 Avatar Attack Battle Set Valtryek Sword
Digital Blue Stadium QR Code.png B9499 Basic Beystadium Blue
Battle Tower.png E2393 Battle Tower Clear
CCBS 2.png E8566 Championship Clash Blue
Digital Chaos Stadium QR Code.png C0704 Chaos Core Beystadium Red
Colossus.png E2595 Colossus Beystadium Orange
CVBS.png F3334 Cosmic Vector Battle Set Orange
CCBS.png E5565 Cross Collision Battle Set Green
ECPBS.png F2292 Elite Champions Pro Set White
Digital Square Staduim QR Code.png B9498 Epic Rivals Battle Set Yellow
Evo ECPS.png F3319 Evo Elite Champions Pro Set Gray
ECBS Code.png E9409 Extreme Challenger Battle Set Green
HSBS.png E7619 HyperSphere Beystadium Orange
DIBBS.png E9429 Infinity Brink Battle Set Green
MSBS QR Code.png F0578 Motor Strike Battle Set Black and Red
QDBS.png F3336 QuadDrive Beystadium Green
Rail Rush Beystadium QR Code.png E3629 Rail Rush Battle Set Red and Gray
Snake Pit QR Code.png E2460 Shadow Snake Pit Battle Set Blue
Slayer Showdown Beystadium QR Code.png F0661 Slayer Showdown Battle Set Red and Blue
SlingShock Beystadium QR Code.png E3631 SlingShock Beystadium Blue
SPBS Code.png F0523 SpeedStorm Beystadium Red
Digital SSBS.png E0722 Star Storm Battle Set Green
Ultimate Contender Beystadium.png E5303 Ultimate Tournament Collection Black
VDBS.png E7609 Vertical Drop Battle Set White
VKBS.png F0525 Volt Knockout Battle Set Blue
DVCBS.png E7621 Vortex Climb Battle Set Blue And Green


QR Code Product Code Name Variant
ABL.png F0655 Apocalypse Blade Launcher Blue
CFSL.png F3320 Cyclone Fury String Launcher Blue
DTL QR Code.png E0724 Dual Threat Launcher Red
Gray DTL.png E2459 Dual Threat Launcher Gray
GSL QR Code.png C1516 Master Kit Launcher Gold
PSL.png E3630 Precision Strike Launcher Red, Black, and White
PSBL.png F2330 Pro Series Launcher White
RBL Code.png E5566 Riptide Blast Launcher Black
SPL.png F0581 Spark Power Launcher Red
SGL QR Code.png B9510 Supergrip Launcher White
Sword Launcher QR Code.png E2020 Sword Launcher Red