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This article is about parts included within the HyperSphere System, a subsystem of the Burst System. For parts included within the Gatinko Layer System, see List of Gatinko Layer System parts.

GT Chips

Image Name
File:GTChipAchillesA5.png Achilles A5
File:GTChipApocalypseA5.png Apocalypse A5
GTChipAshindraA5.png Ashindra A5
GTChipBalkeshB5.png Balkesh B5
File:GTChipCobraC5.png Cobra C5
GTChipCyclopsC5.png Cyclops C5
File:GTChipDevolosD5.png Devolos D5
GTChipDragonD5.png Dragon D5
File:GTChipEvoDevolosD5.png Evo Devolos D5
File:GTChipEvoDragonD5.png Evo Dragon D5
GTChipEvoGenesisG5.png Evo Genesis G5
GTChipFafnirF5.png Fafnir F5
File:GTChipGenesisG5.png Genesis G5
GTChipHydraxH5.png Hydrax H5
File:GTChipJokerJ5.png Joker J5
File:GTChipKerbeusK5.png Kerbeus K5
File:GTChipKrakenK5.png Kraken K5
GTChipLeviathanL5.png Leviathan L5
File:GTChipLuinorL5.png Luinor L5
File:GTChipOdaxO5.png Odax O5
GTChipOgreO5.png Ogre O5
File:GTChipPegasusP5.png Pegasus P5
GTChipSalamanderS5.png Salamander S5
GTChipSphinxS5.png Sphinx S5
GTChipSpryzenS5.png Spryzen S5
GTChipValtryekV5.png Valtryek V5

Layer Bases

Image Name
LayerBaseAceHasbro.png Ace
LayerBaseBushinHasbro.png Bushin
File:LayerBaseCommand.png Command
File:LayerBaseCosmic.png Cosmic
LayerBaseDusk.png Dusk
LayerBaseEclipse.png Eclipse
File:LayerBaseEraseHasbro.png Erase
LayerBaseFlareHasbro.png Flare
File:LayerBaseGlyph.png Glyph
File:LayerBaseGoldenJudgement.png Golden Judgement
File:LayerBaseHarmony.png Harmony
File:LayerBaseInferno.png Inferno
File:LayerBaseJudgementHasbro.png Judgement
File:LayerBaseMasterHasbro.png Master
LayerBaseMonster.png Monster
File:LayerBaseMyth.png Myth
LayerBaseLordHasbro.png Lord
LayerBasePoisonHasbro.png Poison
File:LayerBasePrime.png Prime
File:LayerBaseRockHasbro.png Rock
File:LayerBaseRoyal.png Royal
File:LayerBaseShield.png Shield
LayerBaseSolar.png Solar
LayerBaseSword.png Sword
LayerBaseTactHasbro.png Tact
LayerBaseUnionHasbro.png Union
File:LayerBaseVenomHasbro.png Venom
LayerBaseViper.png Viper
LayerBaseWizardHasbro.png Wizard
File:LayerBaseZone.png Zone

Layer Accessories

Image Name
File:Union Sword (Hasbro).png Union Sword (Hasbro)

Energy Layers

Image Name
LayerAirKnightK5.png Air Knight K5
LayerBehemothCyclopsC5.png Behemoth Cyclops C5
LayerDullahanD5.png Dullahan D5
LayerEngaardE5.png Engaard E5
LayerForneusF5.png Forneus F5
LayerGalaxyZeutronZ5.png Galaxy Zeutron Z5
LayerGargoyleG5.png Gargoyle G5
LayerLeftAstroA5.png Left Astro A5
LayerMorrignaM5.png Morrigna M5
LayerOgreO5.png Ogre O5
LayerRightArtemisA5.png Right Artemis A5
LayerRoktavorR5.png Roktavor R5
LayerRudrR5.png Rudr R5
LayerTyphonT5.png Typhon T5

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
Bl DiskBlitzHasbro.png Blitz D69
Cn DiskConvertHasbro.png Convert D77
Dr DiskDrakeHasbro.png Drake D76
Hr DiskHurricaneHasbro.png Hurricane D71
L DiskLore.png Lore D73
P DiskPython.png Python D74
Rt DiskRatchetHasbro.png Ratchet D70
St DiskStingHasbro.png Sting D72
Sw DiskSwipe.png Swipe D78
Vn DiskVanguardHasbro.png Vanguard D75

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
N/A File:DriverBanshee-H.png Banshee-H TH17
Bl I-H File:DriverBullet1-H.png Bullet I-H TH11
Bl II-H File:DriverBullet2-H.png Bullet II-H TH18
Ch I-H DriverCharge1-H.png Charge I-H TH08
Ch II-H File:DriverCharge2-H.png Charge II-H TH14
Ch III-H File:DriverCharge3-H.png Charge III-H TH10
N/A DriverCoil-H.png Coil-H TH15
N/A File:DriverDestroyer-H.png Destroyer-H TH26
N/A File:DriverDimensional-H.png Dimensional-H TH21
Fr-H DriverFriction-H.png Friction-H TH27
Gn-H File:DriverGenerate-H.png Generate-H TH28-F
N/A File:DriverGuardian-H.png Guardian-H TH30
Hy-H File:DriverHybrid-H.png Hybrid-H TH20
Ig-H File:DriverIgnition-H.png Ignition-H TH23-F
N/A File:DriverJagged-H.png Jagged-H TH01
Kp-H DriverKeep-H.png Keep-H TH07
N/A DriverLinear-H.png Linear-H TH03
Lw-H File:DriverLow-H.png Low-H TH13
N/A File:DriverOctave-H.png Octave-H TH22
N/A File:DriverPlanetary-H.png Planetary-H TH31
N/A DriverOrbital-H.png Orbital-H TH16
Pw-H File:DriverPower-H.png Power-H TH05
N/A File:DriverRevolver-H.png Revolver-H TH19
Rs-H DriverRise-H.png Rise-H TH06
N/A File:DriverSpiro-H.png Spiro-H TH04
Tr-H File:DriverTrick-H.png Trick-H TH09
Ul-H File:DriverUltimateReboot-H.png Ultimate Reboot-H TH24
N/A File:DriverValor-H.png Valor-H TH02
N/A File:DriverXtender-H.png Xtender-H TH12
N/A File:DriverYardage-H.png Yardage-H TH25
N/A File:DriverZephyrus-H.png Zephyrus-H TH29