This article is about parts included within the HyperSphere System, a subsystem of the Burst System. For parts included within the Gatinko Layer System, see List of Gatinko Layer System parts.

GT Chips

Image Name
100px Apocalypse A5
GTChipAshindraA5 Ashindra A5
100px Balkesh B5
100px Devolos D5
GTChipDragonD5 Dragon D5
GTChipFafnirF5 Fafnir F5
GTChipHydraxH5 Hydrax H5
100px Joker J5
100px Kraken K5
100px Luinor L5
100px Sphinx S5
100px Valtryek V5

Layer Bases

Image Name
LayerBaseAceHasbro Ace
LayerBaseBushinHasbro Bushin
100px Cosmic
100px Dusk
100px Erase
100px Glyph
100px Golden Judgement
100px Judgement
100px Prime
100px Rock
100px Solar
100px Sword
100px Venom
LayerBaseViper Viper
LayerBaseWizardHasbro Wizard
100px Zone

Energy Layers

Image Name
100px Air Knight K5
LayerDullahanD5 Dullahan D5
100px Galaxy Zeutron Z5
100px Gargoyle G5
100px Left Astro A5
100px Morrigna M5
100px Ogre O5
100px Right Artemis A5
LayerRudrR5 Rudr R5

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
Bl 100px Blitz D69
Dr 100px Drake D76
Hr DiskHurricaneHasbro Hurricane D71
L 100px Lore D73
P DiskPython Python D74
Rt DiskRatchetHasbro Ratchet D70
St DiskStingHasbro Sting D72
Vn 100px Vanguard D75

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
N/A 100px Banshee-H TH17
Bl I-H 100px Bullet I-H TH11
Bl II-H 100px Bullet II-H TH18
Ch I-H DriverCharge1-H Charge I-H TH08
Ch II-H 100px Charge II-H TH14
Ch III-H 100px Charge III-H TH10
N/A DriverCoil-H Coil-H TH15
N/A 100px Jagged-H TH01
Kp-H DriverKeep-H Keep-H TH07
N/A DriverLinear-H Linear-H TH03
N/A 100px Orbital-H TH16
Pw-H 100px Power-H TH05
Rs-H DriverRise-H Rise-H TH06
N/A 100px Spiro-H TH04
Tr-H 100px Trick-H TH09
N/A 100px Valor-H TH02
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