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It is set six months, after the Big Bang Bladers world championship, and follows Ginga Hagane entering a new tournament by the name of "Ultimate Bladers". Ginga has recently been discovered to be a Legend Blader, Bladers with a Fragment of the Star, encased in their Beys. As the remaining nine Legend Bladers enter Ultimate Bladers, Ginga, with his new Bey, Big Bang Pegasis F:D, will have to bring them all together, in order to stop the ultimate evil, Nemesis from it's revival to destroy the world.

It is six months after the epic battle against Damian Hart and the finale of the Big Bang Bladers world championship. Ginga Hagane, has been crowned the title, as #1 Blader in the World. Having renown for this title, Ginga has gotten repsect and honor as a result.

However, when he meets up with Yuki Mizusawa, a boy genius and a Blader, Yuki tells him of an upcoming tournament called "Ultimate Bladers". In this tournament, powerful Bladers known as Legend Bladers will enter it, in hopes of seeking victory. These Legend Bladers, contain a piece of the Fragment of the Star, the meteor that originally hit the original Pegasis and L-Drago.

This new Fragment of the Star, enchanted the Legend Blader's Beys with a very powerful force, as they have been chosen as the only Bladers, strong enough to defeat Nemesis. Nemesis is the ultimate evil, the "God of Destruction" who is waiting to be revived in order to destroy the world.

With this, Ginga, who is a Legend Blader, along with Yuki who is also a Legend Blader, and Kenta, will have to enter Ultimate Bladers; so they can gather the remaining eight Legend Bladers so they can come together, and defeat Nemesis once, and for all.

Characters Introduced

Volume List

Volume Cover/ISBN Chapters Japanese Release Date English Release Date

35. A Stormy Fierce Battle!!
Arashi no Gekitō!!
36. Destruction of the Dragon of Destruction
Hakai no Ryū o Ute!!
37. Clash!! Legendary Blader
Gekitotsu!! Rejendo Burēdā!!
38. The Genius Blader, King, Joins In!!
Tensai Burēdā Kingu Sansen!!
『天才ブレーダー キング参戦!!』
SP05. Melee!! The Metabe Island One Round Beyblade Race!!
Dai Rantō!! Metabetō Ishū Beiburēdo Rēsu!!

August 26, 2011

39. The Undefeated King Has Been Destroyed!!
Fuhai no Kingu o Uchi Yabure!!
40. Illusion Bey, Phantom Orion!!
Gen'ei no Bei, Fantomu Orion!!
41. Bring On the Storm! Pegasus!!
Arashi o Okose! Pegashisu!!
42. Advent!! God of Destruction, Nemesis!!
Kōrin!! Hakaishin Nemeshisu!!
SP06. Commencement! Historial Number One Blader Play-Offs!!
Kaisai! Rekidai Burēdā Nanbā Wan Kettei Sen!!

December 27, 2011

SP07. Miraculous Tag Team: Ginga & Ryuga!!
Kiseki no Taggu Ginga to Ryūga!!
『奇跡のタッグ 銀河と竜牙!!』
SP08. Treasure Hunter, Ryuto Side Story
Torejā Hantā Ryūto Gaiden
43. Decisive Battle Technique: Cosmic Nova
Saishū Kessen Tenwaza Kozumikku Novua
『最終決戦転技 コズミックノヴァ』
44. Final Battle: Ginga VS Rago!!
Saishū Kessen Ginga VS Ragō!!
『最終決戦 銀河VSラゴウ!!』
45. Conclusion!! Cosmic Nova
Kimero!! Kozumikku Novua
46. Ginga Forever!!
Ginga yo, Eien ni!!

March 28, 2012