Beyblade Wiki

This is a list of parts included within the Pro Series System, a subsystem of the Burst System.

GT Chips

Image Name
100px Balkesh
100px Cobra
100px Devolos
100px Dragon
100px Fafnir
100px Joker
100px Luinor
100px Spryzen
100px Valtryek

Layer Weights

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
LayerWeightGen.png Gen LW0?
LayerWeightMetsu.png Metsu LW02
LayerWeightRetsu.png Retsu LW04
LayerWeightSen.png Sen LW01
LayerWeightTen.png Ten LW03
LayerWeightZan.png Zan LW05

Layer Bases

Image Name
100px Ace
100px Command
100px Judgement
100px Lord
100px Master
100px Poison
100px Soul
100px Sword
100px Wizard
100px Zwei

Energy Layers

Image Name
LayerCho-ZAchillesHasbro.png Cho-Z Achilles
LayerCho-ZValtryek.png Cho-Z Valtryek
LayerOrbEngaard.png Orb Engaard
LayerPerfectPhoenixHasbro.png Perfect Phoenix

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
Bl-P 100px Around-P D88-P
Bl-P 100px Blitz-P D69-P
Dr-P 100px Drake-P D76-P
Pr-P 100px Paradox-P D90-P
Rt-P 100px Ratchet-P D70-P
St-P 100px Sting-P D72-P
Vn-P 100px Vanguard-P D75-P
Z-P 100px Zenith-P D63-P

Disc Frames

Image Name
FrameProof.png Proof

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
Ab DriverAbsorb.png Absorb PR-05
Ds' DriverDestroy'.png Destroy' PR-09
Dm DriverDimension.png Dimension PR-07
Et DriverEternal.png Eternal PR-08
F' DriverFusion'.png Fusion' PR-11
Fr DriverFriction.png Friction PR-04
Jl DriverJolt.png Jolt PR-03
Kp DriverKeep.png Keep PR-15
Qc' DriverQuick'.png Quick' PR-12
Qs DriverQuest.png Quest PR-06
Rb DriverReboot.png Reboot PR-17
Rs DriverRise.png Rise PR-13
Ul DriverUltimateReboot.png Ultimate Reboot PR-10
Xt+ DriverXtend+.png Xtend+ PR-02
Xt' DriverXtreme'.png Xtreme' PR-14