This article is about parts included within the SlingShock System, a subsystem of the Burst System. For parts included within the Cho-Z Layer System, see List of Cho-Z Layer System parts.

Energy Layers

Image Abbreviated Name Full Name
LayerAirKnightK4 Air Knight K4 Air Knight
LayerAqua-XSpiralTreptuneT4 Aqua-X Spiral Treptune T4 N/A
LayerBalarB4 Balar B4 N/A
LayerBlizzard-XGaianonG4 Blizzard-X Gaianon G4 N/A
LayerCyclopsC4 Cyclops C4 N/A
LayerDark-XNepstriusN4 Dark-X Nepstrius N4 N/A
LayerDreadPhoenixP4 Dread Phoenix P4 Dread Phoenix
LayerDullahanD4 Dullahan D4 N/A
LayerEngaardE4 Engaard E4 Orb Engaard
LayerFafnirF4 Fafnir F4 Geist Fafnir
LayerFlame-XDiomedesD4 Flame-X Diomedes D4 N/A
LayerForneusF4 Forneus F4 Emperor Forneus
Fusion Aether (LSBE) Fusion Aether Fusion Aether
LayerGalaxyZeutronZ4 Galaxy Zeutron Z4 Galaxy Zeutron
LayerGargoyleG4 Gargoyle G4 N/A
LayerGold-XBetromothB4 Gold-X Betromoth B4 N/A
LayerHazardKerbeusK4 Hazard Kerbeus K4 Hazard Kerbeus
LayerHerculesH4 Hercules H4 Archer Hercules
LayerImperfectPhoenixHasbro Imperfect Phoenix N/A
LayerInferno-XKerbeusK4 Inferno-X Kerbeus K4 N/A
LayerIron-XSurtrS4 Iron-X Surtr S4 N/A
LayerKerbeusK4 Kerbeus K4 N/A
LayerKrakenK4 Kraken K4 N/A
LayerLava-XAnubionA4 Lava-X Anubion A4 N/A
LayerLeftAstroA4 Left Astro A4 Left Astro
LayerLeopardL4 Leopard L4 Vise Leopard
LayerLightning-XIstrosI4 Lightning-X Istros I4 N/A
LayerLuinorL4 Luinor L4 Brutal Luinor
LayerMorrignaM4 Morrigna M4 N/A
LayerMountain-XGalaxyZeutronZ4 Mountain-X Galaxy Zeutron Z4 N/A
LayerOgreO4 Ogre O4 N/A
LayerPerfectPhoenixP4 Perfect Phoenix P4 Perfect Phoenix
LayerPhoenixP4 Phoenix P4 Revive Phoenix
LayerPoison-XHyrusH4 Poison-X Hyrus H4 N/A
LayerRightArtemisA4 Right Artemis A4 Right Artemis
LayerRoktavorR4 Roktavor R4 Crash Roktavor
LayerRudrR4 Rudr R4 N/A
LayerSalamanderS4 Salamander S4 Heat Salamander
LayerSilver-XJormuntorJ4 Silver-X Jormuntor J4 N/A
LayerSphinxS4 Sphinx S4 N/A
LayerSpiralTreptuneT4 Spiral Treptune T4 N/A
LayerStone-XQuetzikoQ4 Stone-X Quetziko Q4 N/A
LayerThorns-XMinoborosM4 Thorns-X Minoboros M4 N/A
LayerTornado-XYegdrionY4 Tornado-X Yegdrion Y4 N/A
LayerTurboAchillesA4 Turbo Achilles A4 Turbo Achilles
LayerTurboSpryzenS4 Turbo Spryzen S4 Turbo Spryzen
LayerTyphonT4 Typhon T4 N/A
LayerWonderValtryekV4 Wonder Valtryek V4 Wonder Valtryek
LayerXcaliusX4 Xcalius X4 Breaker Xcalius
LayerZAchillesA4 Z Achilles A4 Z Achilles

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
00 Disk00 00 D66
1' Disk1' 1' D55
8' Disk8' 8' D59
10 Disk10 10 D57
11 Disk11 11 D52
12 Disk12 12 D51
13 Disk13 13 D53

Disc Frames

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
E FrameExpand Expand N/A
L FrameLift Lift N/A
W FrameWall Wall N/A

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
Ab-S DriverAbsorb-S Absorb-S TS16-S
A-S 100px Accel-S TA01-S
At-S 100px Atomic-S TD07-S
D-S 100px Defense-S TD01-S
Ds-S 100px Destroy-S TA14-S
Dm-S 100px Dimension-S TB11-S
Et-S 100px Eternal-S TS15-S
Fl-S 100px Flugel-S TS11-S
Fr-S 100px Friction-S TD13-S
F-S 100px Fusion-S TB01-S
Hn-S 100px Hunter-S TA12-S
J-S 100px Jaggy-S TA07-S
Jl-S 100px Jolt-S TA16-S
L-S 100px Liner-S TB05-S
Lp-S 100px Loop-S TD08-S
M-S 100px Massive-S TD02-S
N-S 100px Needle-S TD03-S
Op-S 100px Operate-S TB10-S
N/A 100px Powerful-S TA20-S
N/A 100px Prevail-S TS14-S
Qs-S 100px Quest-S TD12-S
Sp-S 100px Spiral-S TA10-S
S-S 100px Survive-S TS01-S
Sw-S 100px Sword-S TA17-S
Tw-S 100px Tower-S TB08-S
Vl-S 100px Volcanic-S TA15-S
Wd-S 100px Wedge-S TS13-S
Xt-S 100px Xtend-S TB09-S
Yr-S DriverYard-S Yard-S TD11-S
Zt-S 100px Zeta-S TB12-S
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