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This article is about parts included within the SpeedStorm System, a subsystem of the Burst System. For parts included within the Superking Layer System, see List of Superking Layer System parts.

Storm Chips

Image Name
StormChipAchillesA6.png Achilles A6
StormChipDevolosD6.png Devolos D6
StormChipDoomscizorD6.png Doomscizor D6
StormChipDragonD6.png Dragon D6
StormChipDullahanD6.png Dullahan D6
StormChipEvoHeliosH6.png Evo Helios H6
StormChipEvoHyperionH6.png Evo Hyperion H6
StormChipEvoLuciusL6.png Evo Lucius L6
StormChipFafnirF6.png Fafnir F6
StormChipHeliosH6.png Helios H6
StormChipHyperionH6.png Hyperion H6
StormChipLuciusL6.png Lucius L6
StormChipLuinorL6.png Luinor L6
StormChipRoktavorR6.png Roktavor R6
StormChipSatombS6.png Satomb S6
StormChipSpryzenS6.png Spryzen S6
StormChipValtryekV6.png Valtryek V6
StormChipWyvronW6.png Wyvron W6


Image Name
RingAbyssHasbro.png Abyss
RingBlazebringer.png Blazebringer
RingBraveHasbro.png Brave
RingCurseHasbro.png Curse
RingDemise.png Demise
RingEndbringer.png Endbringer
RingFlamebringer.png Flamebringer
RingGlideHasbro.png Glide
RingHollowHasbro.png Hollow
RingInfiniteHasbro.png Infinite
RingJetHasbro.png Jet
RingKolossal.png Kolossal
RingMirageHasbro.png Mirage
RingOrigin.png Origin
RingRaid.png Raid
RingSpear.png Spear
RingSuperHasbro.png Super
RingTriumph.png Triumph
RingVex.png Vex
RingWorldHasbro.png World

Energy Layers

Image Name
LayerAnubionA6.png Anubion A6
LayerBetromothB6.png Betromoth B6
LayerGaianonG6.png Gaianon G6
LayerJormuntorJ6.png Jormuntor J6
LayerMinoborosM6.png Minoboros M6
LayerOdaxO6.png Odax O6
LayerRegulusR6.png Regulus R6
LayerTyrosT6.png Tyros T6
LayerWyvronW6.png Wyvron W6

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
1A-D Disk1A-D.png 1A-D D83
1B-D Disk1B-D.png 1B-D D82
2D-D Disk2D-D.png 2D-D D86
3A-D Disk3A-D.png 3A-D D84
Wh DiskWheelHasbro.png Wheel D81

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
Cm-SPM DriverChargeMetal-SPM.png Charge Metal-SPM TSP09-M
Ds-SPM DriverDestroyer-SPM.png Destroyer-SPM TSP05-M
Dm-SP DriverDimensioning-SP.png Dimensioning-SP TSP16
Dr-SP DriverDrift-SP.png Drift-SP TSP22
Ev-SP DriverEvolutional-SP.png Evolutional-SP TSP11
F-SP DriverFusional-SP.png Fusional-SP TSP01
Mr-SP DriverMerger-SP.png Merger-SP TSP13
Mr-SPL DriverMerge-SPL.png Merge-SPL TSP19L
Mb-SP DriverMobius-SP.png Mobius-SP TSP10
N-SP DriverNeedling-SP.png Needling-SP TSP15
Nt-SP DriverNothingness-SP.png Nothingness-SP TSP08
R-SPM DriverRevolving-SPM.png Revolving-SPM TSP04-M
S-SP DriverSurvival-SP.png Survival-SP TSP03
U-SP DriverUnited-SP.png United-SP TSP14
Un-SPM DriverUniverse-SPM.png Universe-SPM TSP06-M
Xc-SP DriverXceed-SP.png Xceed-SP TSP07
Xc-SPM DriverXceed-SPM.png Xceed-SPM TSP07-M
Xc+X-SP DriverXceed+X-SP.png Xceed+X-SP TSP21
Z-SP DriverZephyry-SP.png Zephyry-SP TSP18
Zn-SP DriverZoning-SP.png Zoning-SP TSP02
Zn-SPM DriverZoning-SPM.png Zoning-SPM TSP02-M
Zn+Z-SPM DriverZoning+Z-SPM.png Zoning+Z-SPM TSP20-M