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This article is about parts included within the Superking Layer System, a subsystem of the Burst System. For parts included within the SpeedStorm System, see List of SpeedStorm System parts.

Superking Chips

Abbr. Image Name (Takara Tomy)
Ac SuperkingChipAchilles.png Achilles
Dt SuperkingChipDeathscyther.png Deathscyther
Db SuperkingChipDiabolos.png Diabolos
Dr SuperkingChipDragon.png Dragon
Ff SuperkingChipFafnir.png Fafnir
Hl SuperkingChipHelios.png Helios 1
Hl2 SuperkingChipHeliosII.png Helios 2
Hy SuperkingChipHyperion.png Hyperion 1
Hy2 SuperkingChipHyperionII.png Hyperion 2
Ln SuperkingChipLonginus.png Longinus
Lc SuperkingChipLucifer.png Lucifer 1
Lc2 SuperkingChipLuciferII.png Lucifer 2
Rg SuperkingChipRagnaruk.png Ragnaruk
St SuperkingChipSatan.png Satan
Σ SuperkingChipSolomon.png Solomon
Sp SuperkingChipSpriggan.png Spriggan
Ur SuperkingChipUranus.png Uranus
Vl SuperkingChipValkyrie.png Valkyrie
Wy SuperkingChipWyvern.png Wyvern


Abbr. Image Name
A RingAbyss.png Abyss
B RingBrave.png Brave
B RingBurn.png Burn
C RingCurse.png Curse
D RingDeath.png Death
F RingFirst.png First
G RingGlide.png Glide
H RingHollow.png Hollow
I RingInfinite.png Infinite
J RingJet.png Jet
K RingKing.png King
M RingMirage.png Mirage
R RingRage.png Rage
S RingSuper.png Super
T RingTempest.png Tempest
T RingTheEnd.png The End
V RingVariant.png Variant
V RingVolcano.png Volcano
W RingWorld.png

Ring Accessories

Image Name
Infinite Shield.png Infinite Shield
Infinite Sword.png Infinite Sword


Abbr. Image Name
1A Chassis1A.png 1A
1B Chassis1B.png 1B
1D Chassis1D.png 1D
1S Chassis1S.png 1S
2A Chassis2A.png 2A
2B Chassis2B.png 2B
2D Chassis2D.png 2D
2S Chassis2S.png 2S
3A Chassis3A.png 3A
4A Chassis4A.png 4A

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name
DiscCho.png Cho
DiscKou.png Kou
DiscOu.png Ou
Wh DiskWheel.png Wheel

Disc Frames

Abbr. Image Name
A FrameAxe.png Axe

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name
Ch' DriverCharge'.png Charge'
Cm DriverChargeMetal.png Charge Metal
Dr DriverDrift.png Drift
Ev' DriverEvolution'.png Evolution'
HA' DriverHighAccel'.png High Accel'
HD DriverHighDefense.png High Defense
HB' DriverHighBlow'.png High Blow'
HJ' DriverHighJaggy'.png High Jaggy'
HS DriverHighSurvive.png High Survive
HZ DriverHighZephyr.png High Zephyr
Js DriverJust.png Just
MA DriverMetalAccel.png Metal Accel
MD DriverMetalDefense.png Metal Defense
MF DriverMetalFusion.png Metal Fusion
Mb DriverMobius.png Mobius
Un DriverUniverse.png Universe
Wv DriverWave.png Wave
Xc DriverXceed.png Xceed
Xc' DriverXceed'.png Xceed'
Xc'+X DriverXceed'+X.png Xceed'+X
Zn DriverZone.png Zone
Zn' DriverZone'.png Zone'
Zn'+Z DriverZone'+Z.png Zone'+Z