Lodin Haijima (灰嶋ロダン, Haishima Rodan) is a character in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Rise. He fights with his Beyblade, Zone Lúinor Drake Spiral' Metsu.


Lodin is a tall, muscular boy with tan skin, blue eyes, shaved eyebrows, spiked light grey hair with mutton chop-style sideburns that hangs down below his chin, and has a blue rhombus tattoo on his forehead. His attire consists of a sleeveless white robe with a gold collar and red borders on the arm section, and blue rhombuses, comprised of four smaller rhombuses, on random parts of the robe, a red band around the right upper arm, a gold bracelet around the left upper arm, black gloves with gold braces, a gold belt with a red buckle around the waist, charcoal-black pants, and white boots with red borders and charcoal-black tips.


Much like Lui before him, Lodin is arrogant, intense, and highly hostile.

His hostility is shown when he threw a discus straight at Fumiya when the latter tried to recruit him for the Spark Devils. However, he is also capable of recognizing his opponent's strength, as he commended Dante for managing to score a point off him in their battle.


Not much is known about Lodin, except that prior to becoming a Blader, he was a decathlon champion, having won numerous athletic tournaments.


Beyblade Burst Rise


Special Moves

  • Zwei Straight: Lúinor uses the stadium slope to increase its speed and charges straight at the opponent to deliver great damage.
  • Zwei Hammer: After losing one click, the Zone base and the Drake disc line up to increase power for a wicked attack. This move is similar to Xavier Bogard's Penta Saber.


Beyblade Burst Rise
Opponent Episode Result
Unnamed Blader 05 Win (2-0)
Unnamed Blader 05 Win (2-0)
Fumiya Kindo 06 Win (3-1)
Dante Koryu 07 Lose (2-3)

 Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Rise





  • It is unknown how Lodin obtained a Lúinor, as it was originally owned by Lui Shirosagi.
  • Lodin is the first Rise Character to own a Dash driver.
  • He is considered to be the Burst counterpart of Ryuga in the Metal Saga, Sakyo Kurayami in Shogun Steel and Lui Shirosagi from seasons 1-3 of Burst.


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