Lucy McClain (ルーシー, Ruushii) is a supporting character in BeyWheelz

Lucy is the assistant to the Chairmen of DREAM, Ryan Gladstone, alongside Mathew, but is secretly working as the leader of The Dominators under the disguise of Leader B.

Physical Appearance

Lucy's most noticeable features are her pink hair and the half-rim glasses framing her blue eyes. Lucy is often seen wearing a blue uniform with white and pink stripes.


As Ryan's secretary Lucy acts strictly calm and professional. She hardly shows expression and mostly just ensures things are running smoothly.

However, in her Leader B clothes, her behavior changes drastically. As Leader B, Lucy is far more aggressive and condescending, laughing and acting on her own accord.



Even though she appears to be perfectly harmless at first glance, Lucy is actually Leader B working for the Dominators.


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