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Mad Sagittario C145SD is a a Balance-type Beyblade only found in Random Booster Light Vol. 3.

Face Bolt: Sagittario

Facebolt SAGITTARIO BB35 19511

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Sagittarius, the ninth astrological sign in the zodiac. It has the words SGTO abbreviating Sagittario, and it has two eyes with an arrow pointing down on the right. It is also one of the 88 constellations.

Energy Ring: Sagittario

Clearwheel sagittario

The original release of Sagittario's energy ring was translucent yellow. In the random booster it is a translucent red.

Fusion Wheel: Mad


Mad Wheel

Mad is the Light Wheel equivalent to the Dark Fusion Wheel.

This light wheel is white in color. Like all light wheels, it shouldn't be used in competition.

Spin Track: C145

  • Weight: 3.2 grams

This is a unique track that has the claws on it to strike opponents underneath. The claws point strait out in battle due to the spin, and stay that way through the rest of the battle. It is colored yellow with checkered stickers.

This track has been outclassed in Defense and Stamina customizations. This track can hit the floor when Sagittario is wobbling, minimizing all stamina. It once was top-tier in defense.

Performance Tip: Semi-Defense


Semi-Defense tip (SD)

SD is one of the best bottoms for Stamina, although meant for Balance. It is much better than the D tip. However, it is outclassed by W2D, WD, EWD, and PD due to the low surface area. It is, however, very good on 85, which keeps it stable.