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Magma Ifritor I7 Ciquex-Q Jaggy-Q+Wave-G03, known as Magma Ifrit (マグマイフリート, Maguma Ifurīto) in Japan, is an Attack and Balance Type Beyblade that is a part of the Burst System as well as the QuadDrive System. It was released in western countries as a part of the Cosmic Vector Battle Set for USD$39.99 in the United States. Despite making an appearance in the Beyblade Burst QuadDrive anime, it was never released in Japan.

Drive Chip - Ifritor I7

Main article: Drive Chip - Ifritor I7

Hasbro's Ifritor I7 is a right-spin Drive Chip that features the side profile of the Drive Chip's namesake, the supernatural creature of fire from Islamic Scripture. It is a vertically oriented Drive Chip. Ifritor I7 has a standard weight for Drive Chips, but has low Burst Resistance, as it is one of worst Drive Chips in terms of Burst Resistance. Thus Ifritor I7 is outclassed by other tighter right-spin Drive Chips. The issue of low Burst Resistance is compounded by the light weight of QuadDrive System Layers, making them even easier to Burst than usual.

Blade - Magma

Main article: Blade - Magma

Hasbro's Magma is a round Right-Spin Attack Type Blade with three downward sloping blades acting as the main contact points. Like other Hasbro Blades, Magma can switch between Apex and Core Modes by swapping the position of the Gravity Ring from the top of the Blade (Apex) to below it (Core).

While its shape is best suited for Attack Combinations, Magma is ineffective for competitive viability. Furthermore, the light weight of Hasbro Blades, as well as the weak Burst Resistance of Drive Chips, means QuadDrive System Layers are too prone to Bursts to be competitive. Thus Magma is outclassed by other Layers that offer better shapes and higher Burst Resistance.

Gravity Ring - G03

Main article: Gravity Ring - G03

Hasbro's G03 is a Gravity Ring based on Takara Tomy's 10 Armor. As such it retains the same general shape as 10, with minor design alterations. In theory, G03 has its weight distributed evenly at ten points to enhance stability. In practice however, since all Gravity Rings are plastic instead of metal like Takara Tomy's Armors, they are all around the same weight and offer no differences in performance, with the main difference between them being only aesthetic. As any differences in the weight distribution of a Combination are negligible, it is difficult to suggest using a particular Gravity Ring over another. Furthermore, most QuadDrive System Layers are lightweight and thus outclassed by heavier Layers.

Forge Disc - Ciquex-Q

Main article: Forge Disc - Ciquex-Q

Hasbro's Ciquex-Q is a round QD Disc with six blades around its perimeter. While Ciquex-Q has a round shape, its blades reduce its Life-After-Death (LAD).

Performance Tip - Jaggy-Q

Main article: Performance Tip - Jaggy-Q

Jaggy-Q is Hasbro's QuadDrive counterpart to the Jaggy Performance Tip, and thus features a flat, eight-pointed star tip with a depression in the center. Due to its shape, Jaggy-Q has a moderately aggressive movement pattern with speeds exceeding Accel's. However, the rough design makes it difficult to maintain a Banking Pattern while also heavily reducing its Stamina.

Unlike its normal and SlingShock counterparts, Jaggy-Q features a slightly modified shape and two attachment points to accommodate the use of an Armor Tip. Like all QuadDrive Performance Tips, an Armor Tip can be attached to Jaggy-Q, switching it to "Plus Mode". In this mode, Jaggy-Q is essentially replaced by the Armor Tip, and the height becomes similar to a SpeedStorm Performance Tip.

Armor Tip - Wave

Main article: Armor Tip - Wave

Hasbro's Wave is an Armor Tip version of the Wave Performance Tip. Like other Armor Tips, it can be attached to QuadDrive Performance Tips via two attachment points. When attached to a QuadDrive Performance Tip, it is referred to as the "Plus Mode", essentially replacing the QuadDrive Performance Tip as the main contact point with the Beystadium. The subsequent height becomes similar to that of a SpeedStorm Performance Tip.

While the Wave Armor Tip retains the general shape of its Performance Tip counterpart, like other Armor Tips, it has been modified. The protrusion on the tip of the Armor Tip version is slightly shorter and wider; this change is intended to increase speed in a QuadDrive System Beystadium.





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  • Magma Ifritor's Japanese name, Magma Ifrit, is a combination of the word "magma", the molten or semi-molten natural material from which all igneous rocks are formed within the Earth, and "Ifrit", a term in Islamic mythology and folklore that refers to a class of powerful malevolent supernatural beings or demonic creature associated with the fire element.
    • Its avatar is primarily feline-based, specifically the extinct Smilodontini sub-family of the big cats, with a magma-based body, two crest extensions on each side of its head, four green eyes, and two antler-style wing structures that generate flaming wings.
  • Magma Ifritor is the first Bey to appear in the Beyblade Burst anime to be based on a Hasbro exclusive product.
    • It is also the first Bey in the anime to not have its parts specified in its Japanese name.
      • Due to this, the Armor Magma Ifritor utilizes is left without a designation.