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Introduced with the V-series, the "Magnacore" line (or MG System in Japan) of Beyblade toys featured magnetic Spin Gears and Weight Disks to attract or repel blades from each other. Additionally, one could purchase magnets that were affixed to the bottom of one's Beystadium, which affected the movem


ent patterns of the Beyblades.

The stadium magnets were designed to have the south pole facing upwards. Spin gears for the MG system came in three varieties: Neo South, North and MW (metal weight). Neo South cores would repel stadium magnets and allow a beyblade to move around the stadium for attack. Neo North cores attract stadium magnets and can be used for defense. MW cores are non-magnetic, only containing a weight block.

For Takara versions, only a certain selection of beyblades have magnetic cores which would otherwise need to be purchased separately. Hasbro usually added magnetic cores to beyblades which Takara did not release with a magnetic core.