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A Magnecore (マグネコア Magunekoa), also known as the MG Core, is a Core that was released as a part of the Magnacore System.


Magnecores are magnetic Cores, further divided into South Pole & North Pole.



In The Media[]


The MG Core was developed and given to the Bladebreakers in Return of the Bladebreakers!. The MG Core was a variant of the Magtram that relied on rare, naturally occurring metals to produce an appropriate magnetic field, which would theoretically match the potential of the Magtram. Due to it's impurities, the Bladebreakers found it very difficult to master even basic skills without extensive training (a flaw not present in the Magtram), and would continue to experience difficulties in truly mastering the new kit. Based on data collected from Team Psykick's Beyblades, Kenny was able to analyse the basic functions of the Magtram and imitate them with his more compact design. However, he was unable to fully analyse the Magtram's properties without the aid of Judy Tate and the PPB's Labatory in America.


  • Takara and Hasbro released a number of Beyblades with magnetic cores, designed to imitate the Magtram's effects. In the United Kingdom, these were marketed as Mag-core, a fusion of the Magtram and MG Core.