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Manta Diver is a Balance Type Beyblade released as part of the Engine Gear System. It was released in Japan on July 2003.

Bit Chip: Manta Diver[]

This bit chip depicts Manta Diver.

Attack Ring: Square Edge[]

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Weight Disk: Random[]

Spin Gear: (SG): Neo Right SG (Metal Weight Version)[]

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Blade Base: SG Sharp Base[]

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7 grams

This is often considered the successor of the Sharp Blade Base. The pointed tip allows for very little friction between the Beyblade and the Stadium surface which helps maintain high spin velocity. This offers very little movement and as such offers no Attack potential. This part is also often thrown off balance and can be easily toppled over. This in turn sacrifices all Defense ability. While this can be used as an advantage in some situations, there are far better choices than this part for Stamina types. This SG Sharp is different than other SG Sharp models. It has clips that extend far enough to make the outside of the SG Sharp base a perfect circle.


Manta Diver - Orange Version[]