Marcus is a minor character of Beyblade: Metal Masters. His Beyblade is Cyber Aquario 105RF. He is known to be a cheater and very unliked by most who know him.


Marcus is a Blader who competed for a spot on Team Wild Fang. He is a very large guy, who wears overall's with a yellow T-shirt. He also usually appears with only one tooth, which appears to be very odd. And also wears a belt with a grayish color buckle. He is very rodent like in appearance, and his attitude seems to match.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Marcus is an average powered blader who got selected in Team Africa (but he cheated by not allowing Demure to get a strong launch.) but didn't get a chance to compete for Africa; he cheated with Kyoya and Nile and took their bracelets to get his friends, Louie and Tony, a chance to compete in the tournament as well. However, due to Demure's keen observation, he was caught, challenged to a battle and was defeated, thus, losing his chance to compete for the African Team. He is not in the manga and is just an added character for the anime.


  • His beyblade is the second one to have the 105RF combination.
  • He is the only minor character in Beyblade: Metal Masters to have a RF.
  • It is possible that he was referring to Julian, Sophie, Wales and Klaus as 'The Super Strong Bladers' since he is clearly from Rome because of his name.


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