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Marie Gorgeous is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst Evolution. She is the BeyTrainer for the team AS Gallus.


Marie is a young woman with light blonde hair styled upwards, curved eyebrows, and sea green eyes with mascara. She wears a ruffled yellow and green dress and always carries a light blue fan.


Marie shows pride in her position as an elite bey trainer of AS Gallus, and is not afraid to boast about her abilities. She finds that her greatest masterpiece was when she had remade Daigo's previous Bey into a powerful evolution, Killer Deathscyther 2Vortex Hunter. She also cares about her appearance, and being a proper noble as she fans herself very often.


Daigo Kurogami[]

Marie met Daigo after he was scouted by AS Gallus. As the team's bey trainer, she was responsible for upgrading Daigo's Doomscizor bey, which she considers her greatest work yet. She respects Daigo as much as to tell Valt Aoi and Rantaro Kiyama that he needed his personal space as the new captain of the team. After that, she shows confidence in Daigo's abilities to make plans and his skills as a blader, as she is triumphant to declare that he wins with two burst finishes in a row against the other two, and she is reassured when he tells her that he showed his friends the move Double Strike to distract them.

Valt Aoi[]

Marie was initially hostile towards Valt when she first met him, telling him to give Daigo his space. However, when Daigo explained to her that Valt was an old friend of his, she immediately apologized for her rudeness and befriended both Valt and Rantaro.


  • Marie is the first female Bey Trainer shown in the Burst series.