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I am the #1 blader in the world!

—Masamune numerous times in Beyblade Metal Masters

Masamune Kadoya (角谷 正宗, Kadoya Masamune) is a major character in the Metal Saga, debuting as the deuteragonist of Beyblade: Metal Masters.

He is a proud former member of Team Gan Gan Galaxy during his time in Japan for the Beyblade World Championships. He remains as Gingka's third greatest rival and is the self-proclaimed #1 Blader in the World. He is a talkative, very persistent and impulsive Blader who fights hard with his Blitz Striker 100RSF, while his previous Beyblade was Ray Striker D125CS during Beyblade: Metal Masters. He is currently a member of Team Dungeon.

He is currently living in America in the Dungeon Gym with his friends, Toby, Zeo Abyss, and presently, King.

Physical Appearance

Masamune 9

Masamune has black hair with white highlights as well as a strand of red dyed hair sticking out in between his eyebrows; brown eyes and light skin.

He wears a green sweatshirt with trim of sky whitish blue and has a trim of dark blue for pockets and a line on his jacket sleeves, an orange shirt that has two parts sticking out of his jacket, khaki shorts with navy blue lightning shaped lines going down the seams as a reference to Ray Striker's Special Move, Lightning Sword Flash, and brown fingerless gloves. He also wears green shoes with yellow trim and white socks.


Masamune is a brave, impulsive, persistent, arrogant and proud beyblader. Masamune is very talkative and his mouth normally gets him into trouble, but it also makes him very unforgettable. Masamune wanted to be the number one. Masamune will do anything for a challenge and Tsubasa has remarked this trait as Masamune having "no manners". Masamune's more notable trait is his arrogance, he self-proclaims himself as the number one beyblader even though he has been defeated on several occasions.


Masamune's mouth combined with his arrogance has boosted his ego to the point where he thinks he can almost do anything, but this was devastated by Nile, who put Masamune in his place by defeating him, this snapped Masamune back into reality and made him realize to deflate his ego.

He is very persistent proven by his actions, he would follow Gingka around and carry on battling him even after losing several times. Masamune has little self-restraint, if he disagrees with something, he will really not hesitate to say so, and he will be overly visual about it, shaking his arms around to illustrate his anger. He can also be seen as somewhat as a parallel of Gingka, as they share many of the same personalities.

Another one of Masamune's more notable traits is his knack for silliness, overreacting to situations by falling out of chairs for overly flailing himself when he's angry.

Despite all his flaws, Masamune is a proud blader that will never give up and keep working harder. His number one goal was to defeat Gingka, and he has never stopped challenging him until he beat him. Afterwards, Gingka became better at controlling Galaxy Pegasus but Masamune still considered himself the better of the two.


Masamune Kadoya was born in Japan and grew up with a love for Beyblade. Before Japan's Battle Bladers tournament, he left for America to train. This is where Masamune met his best friends; Toby and Zeo Abyss whom he was much stronger then but bonded with at the Dungeon GYM. They even formed Team Dungeon and won a regional tournament against their bully, Vince and his team.

Young Team Dungeon

Masamune grows up with Toby and Zeo, as apart of Team Dungeon

Toby came down with a very bad illness and could no longer play Beyblade. While worrying about Toby, Masamune vowed to become the number one beyblader in the world so he could help pay for Toby's recovery.

After hearing about Gingka Hagane winning Battle Bladers and becoming the No.1 Beyblader, Masamune returns to Japan to confront him and gain the title for himself.


Beyblade: Metal Masters

The Persistant Challenger

Once in Japan, Masamune seeked out the Battle Bladers champion at a local tournament, only to find runner-ups, Yu Tendo and Tsubasa Otori. Masamune decides to crash the tournament and the match hoping to have some fun, Tsubasa withdraws after referring to Masamune as rude. Masamune battles Yu, only to find out that Gingka is not at the tournament, Masamune then decides to instead pursue Gingka rather than waste time with Yu.

Masamune successfully catches Gingka's trail, just after the number one blader had obtained a new beyblade, not to Masamune's concern. Masamune tells Gingka of his lineage and that because he missed Battle Bladers, he was not able to prove himself as number one. Gingka accepts his challenge and easily defeats him due to his bey's strength, but Masamune refuses to stop there. Masamune continues to follow Gingka around and continuously battle him over and over, ending with Masamune's defeat every time.

Masamune Defeat

One of Masamune's countless defeats at the hands of Gingka

After rethinking his strategies, Masamune figures out that Gingka's uncontrollable bey is the key. In one final match Masamune is able to defeat Gingka after reading his movements, because Gingka is unable to control this.

This defeat inspired Gingka to gain control of his new bey and gave Masamune a reason to stick around. He continued to hang about Gingka, Kenta and Madoka and soon became very friendly with them while maintaining a very annoying persistence.

During their hang time, Gingka and Masamune discover a message from anonymous person that leads them into a trap set by two Chinese bladers named Chiyun Li and Mei-Mei. They challenge the duo to a tag team match in order to test the Battle Bladers Champion. Masamune constantly clashes with Gingka during the battle until they realize they must work together in order to win. They are able to push through and knock Mei-Mei from the stadium, even though they were dominated by Chiyun's Lacerta.

The two then tell Masamune, Gingka, Madoka and Kenta about the World Championships that are approaching, and they rush off to the selection matches after Gingka has a quick fight with Massamune. Though Gingka earns an automatic spot on the Japanese team, Masamune battles several rounds to ensure his spot on the team. Masamune continues to dominate, while his unknown rival Yu Tendo tries to battle but is continuously cutoff even by Kenta. Masamune is able to defeat Kenta, giving him enough to move on to the next round.

Masamune's Counterattack

Masamune unlocks Striker's power against Yu Tendo

In the finals, Masamune is set up against Yu who finally gets his wish. Masamune finds that Yu is far stronger than he had anticipated and nearly loses the battle. But in the mist of Yu's Libra's incredible abilities, Masamune unlocks Striker's true potential and breaks through Yu's defense with his new special move; Lightning Sword Flash!

With that attack Libra is defeated and Masamune's spot on the team is assured alongside Gingka. Kyoya Tategami is the next to win but resigns from the team, leaving the two open spots to Tsubasa and Yu. It doesn't take long for Masamune to become acquainted with both of them, sharing a special friendship with Yu before the Team moves on to China to face Team Wang Hu Zhong.

A Single Flash of Lightning

Gingka & Masamune Train

Gingka and Masamune train at Beylin Temple

Team GanGan Galaxy arrives at the Beylin Temple in China, met by Chi-yun who introduces them to Wang Hu Zhong's leader, Dashan Wang. Dashan decides to show Gingka how Beylin Temple training goes and Masamune follows along. During training both Masamune and Gingka show exceptional progress, but Dashan only seems to notice Gingka, to Masamune's displeasure.

At the end of training Dashan decides to challenge Gingka to a battle, once again ignoring Masamune. Masamune watches as Gingka is nearly defeated and decides to save Gingka and get back at Dashan at the same time by crashing their battle. Masamune doesn't stick around for much longer as he searches for more competition in China.

He travels near the great wall where he challenges and defeats several Native beybladers but is interrupted by a cocky beyblader named Chao Xin. Masamune finds out from Dashan that Chao Xin is the third member of Wang Hu Zhong and thanks to Dashan, Masamune battles Chao Xin on the Great Wall.

Their battle begins as Chao Xin is only in it to impress the ladies, plus the fact that Dashan is forcing him to battle. Angered by Chao Xin's attitude, Masamune is blinded during battle by his pride. Chao Xin continues to taunt Masamune in battle, calling him on every mistake and beating him at every turn. Even so, Masamune knows Chao Xin is not half the blader he says he is and that Masamune can win. Even when Masamune brings out Striker's potential, Chao Xin still comes out on top, but Dashan comments on this as a fluke.

Infuriated by his defeat Masamune heads into the forest to train, there he meets an older man who helps Masamune train. Masamune has not yet mastered Strikers potential, the potential to become a spear and strike at a single point. Masamune trains in this art until the very minute of his battle, the rematch he would obtain would be at the world championship against Chao Xin in the first round.

Masamune Pic 1

The fruits of Masamune's labor rise to the surface in his rematch with Chao Xin

Masamune arrives late and battered, unappealing to Chao Xin's taste for social appeasement. This only inspires Masamune to want to face Chao Xin more. The battle begins as Masamune hopes to easily break through Chao Xin's Virgo, but to no avail as Chao Xin was prepared, making preparations to his beyblade before the match.

Even so Masamune proclaims that Beyblade is about the spirit, and you have to take it seriously to win, with his spirit burning, Masamune successfully unlocks Striker's power and strikes Virgo strong, forcing Chao Xin to open his eyes. The two battle ferociously and in the final clash, Masamune is able to defeat Chao Xin and get the first win for his team.

Tsubasa faces Chiyun Li in the next round, and Masamune is surprised to see that Tsubasa falls under the pressure and unleashes a mysterious power upon Chi-yun which would cause him to lose control and self-destruct, costing him and his team the match. In the final round Gingka would battle Dashan and Masamune would not be able to intervene this time.

As Gingka is dominated by Dashan, under the pressure of battling 4000 years of tradition, Masamune supports Gingka in telling him that his team are more than enough to combat Beylin and Dashan. Gingka fights on and is able to defeat Dashan after a ferocious battle that even showed up Masamune's battle. With that, Team GanGan Galaxy says goodbye to their new friends Wang Hu Zhong in China and move onto Russia for their second match up.

Missing Masamune

Team GanGan Galaxy now heads to the middle east where they search for the members of the Arabian team.

They find that the three members are named Gasur, Karte, and Zidane and are apart of the Arabian Team, Team Desert Blaze. GanGan quickly befriends the Team and cheers them on in their match against the Euro Team, Team Excalibur. Surprisingly only one member of Excalibur shows his face, Julian Konzern and he is able to defeat Desert Blaze alone, shocking GanGan Galaxy as Excalibur may become their future opponent.

Once in Russia, Masamune and Team GanGan Galaxy meet a group of Beybladers on a train. They reveal themselves to be Team Lovushka of Russia and challenge GanGan Galaxy to a friendly match aboard the train. Secretly, Anton their leader was analyzing each of GanGan's Beys but during Masamune's battle with Lera he didn't have one clear weakness as compared to Gingka's confinement to the train, unable to take flight with his Pegasus.

Masamune easily defeats Lera right before Lovushka moves off the train, but during the night Masamune is fooled by his stomach, following a trail of hamburgers onto a separate train which would head away from the tournament stadium. Once Masamune realized this, it was too late, he is now trapped in some strange Russian village. Luckily Masamune's social skills lead him to an air force base who agrees to take him to the stadium, even though it is to Masamune's displeasure to fly at high speeds.

Masamune suprizes Anton

Masamune arrives late to the Russian match, finding Anton cheating for his team

Masamune is dropped off at the tournament stadium, while Yu is battling Aleksei in the second round, Masamune gets lost once again and finds his way to Anton who he surprises. It doesn't take Masamune long to figure out that Anton's been cheating for Lovushka so Masamune defeats him in a beybattle, destroying the machine he's been using to cheat.

Yu defeats Aleksei afterwards, winning the match for Team GanGan Galaxy who decides to watch the other matches in Big Bang Bladers. Even though Masamune is disappointed for missing the matches, he is excited to leave Russia with his teammates.

The Trials of Teamwork

In order to find out more about the European Team, GanGan Galaxy heads to Spain for the Annual festival of Warriors. While in Spain they unknowingly encounter Sophie and Wales who are a part of Excalibur, though this is not known until they reveal themselves as such in the Festival.

Sophie and Wales are then able to call out GanGan Galaxy who trespassed in the Festival, since they are not European natives. Several bladers challenge GanGan Galaxy and are easily defeated, but next Julian would step up to challenge GanGan Galaxy to a three vs three Beybattle. Masamune, Gingka and Yu gracefully accept to face Julian, Sophie and Wales.

Destroyer attacks

Julian humiliates Masamune, Gingka and Yu

Like with Chi-yun and Mei-Mei, Masamune would now have to work together with Gingka and now Yu to face Excalibur. Even though they work well together, they are no match for the might of Julian's twin jewels, Sophie and Wales who block every move and even eliminate Yu from the match.

Masamune and Gingka combine their strengths to finally break through the Cetus blockade but are quickly and easily defeated by Julian in the blink of an eye.

Stand at the Top

"Watch us battle, We will stand at the top of the World!"

Humiliated, GanGan Galaxy leaves the festival in shame, looking to train in team arts. Madoka coaches the team to work together in tag team battles, they struggle with this as they decide to have a 2 on 2 match with Gingka & Yu vs. Masamune and Tsubasa which quickly turns into a four way battle which spirals out of control. The team constantly conflicts with one another and are unable to work together, angered Madoka gives up on them and leaves them to train on their own.

When it seems that any hope of working together is lost, old friends from Team Wang Hu Zhong appear to announce their entry in the consolation tournament. While with GanGan Galaxy, Chao Xin helps Madoka re-accept the team while Dashan trains the team in working together.

With his help the team gets in sync and as one final test, Masamune and Gingka are paired to face Dashan and Chao Xin while Yu and Tsubasa face Chi-yun and Mei-Mei. Masamune and Gingka work together well but are no match for Dashan and Chao Xin, until the entire team remembers their unity. With the spark of friendship in their hearts, Masamune and Gingka are able to bring the match to a draw, showing the success of their hard work.

Tides of Nile

Once again, GanGan Galaxy says goodbye to their good friends in Wang Hu Zhong. But now GanGan Galaxy could return home to face a new threat of an old face. The face of the man who resigned from the Team, Kyoya Tategami and his Team Wild Fang would await them in the next match. Gingka and the others arrive back in Japan to view the results of one of the most popular matches in Japan between Kyoya's Team Wild Fang and India's Team Chandora. While awaiting the matches start Gingka and his team talk with Hikaru and Gingka's father Ryo who tells them that if they defeat whichever team comes out the winner of this match that they can move on to the A-Block Finals.

The opponent for that match will either be the infamous Team Excalibur or the winner of the conciliation round that could very well be Team Wang Hu Zhong. Gingka and the others watch as Kyoya's team dominates the Indian representatives with Kyoya's new found powers. After Kyoya is victorious he openly challenges Gingka to an almost immediate acceptance.

Masamune challenges Nile

Masamune challenges Nile in order to gain the spotlight

Apon returning home, GanGan Galaxy are praised by their hometown fans and friends. It doesn't take long before drama surfaces, when Team Wild Fang's homage blader Kyoya returns.

The WBBA decides to hold a press conference, Masamune expecting to have a focus is dumbfounded when everyone is focused on Gingka's rematch with Kyoya. Though Masamune tries to take the spotlight, Gingka absolutely refuses to let Masamune battle Kyoya saying that Kyoya is his rival.

In a fit of jealousy, Masamune challenges Nile in order to make sure that he stands out. Immediately a rivalry begins as Nile does not take well to Masamune's attitude. The match is set as Masamune successfully starts controversy and news over the starting match, rather then just the rematch between Gingka and Kyoya. Masamune trains hard as he knows that Nile is an impressive beyblader, battling Kenta and beating during the night. The next day, the matchup begins, Team GanGan Galaxy versus Team Wild Fang.

Right on schedule, Masamune faces Nile in the first match. Masamune goes in confident while Nile stands up to Masamune's ego with his timidness, the battle begins as they both display great skill. Masamune quickly becomes overconfident as Nile simply overviews Strikers abilities. Hoping to get the upper hand Masamune tries to go head to head with Nile, but Nile's unique bey; Vulcan Horuseus shows its true power.

Masamune Pressured

After all his talk, Masamune is dominated by Nile, crushing Masamune's inflated ego

With this Masamune is pushed further and further into a corner as Nile overpowers Striker and slowly crushes Masamune's ego, which has become too big for Masamune to contain. Masamune nearly breaks down from the humiliation but is encouraged by Gingka to finish the match, refueled Masamune unleashes Striker's special move, which is completely overpowered by Nile, dealing Masamune a crushing defeat.

Masamune is absolutely devastated by his lost to Nile, having put so much pressure on himself and then to lose so easily. In the next match, the spotlight shines on Gingka who battles a powerful Kyoya, the two go back in forth until they are completely drained of power, ending their match in a draw. With Gingka passed out, Yu and Tsubasa decide to tag team against the Masked Bull (Benkei) and Demure. Masamune watches as Nile's plan unfolds, pushing Tsubasa into a corner much like what happened to Masamune. Tsubasa once again releases his mysterious Dark abilities to win the match, leaving GanGan Galaxy and Wild Fang tied.

In the final match, Masamune decides to get his rematch with Nile in a tag team match alongside Gingka. The two would face Kyoya and Nile. As the match begins, the two teams divide to conquer their rivals and even though Masamune has learned not to be overconfident, he is simply not strong enough to defeat Nile. Finally Masamune swallows his pride enough to ask Gingka for help, and with the this the real tag team match begins.

Masamune steps in

Masamune swallows his pride to due what is needed to win, to work as a team

Having undergone serious tag team training, GanGan Galaxy holds the advantage until Nile prepares to take the match. While working as a Team, too much pressure is put on Kyoya leaving Nile wide open for Masamune to counterattack.

In one final clash, the match is decided, Masamune's striker remains the only bey in the stadium, winning the match for his team. GanGan Galaxy hangs on by a thread as they move on to the semi-finals.

Axe vs. Spear

Masamaune and Team GanGan Galaxy return to Europe to view Wang Hu Zhong's match with Team Excalibur. They watch in anticipation of who their next opponents will be in the A-Block Finals. It turns out that Team Wang Hu Zhong was indeed defeated by Excalibur without the help of Dashan himself. Now GanGan Galaxy must face Team Excalibur in the A-Block Finals. Gingka and the others worry about Tsubasa's condition as he is almost removed from the team but Gingka decide to move along with Big Bang Bladers with Tsubasa intact.

Team GanGan Galaxy heads to Europe for the first round of the Semi-Finals against Team Excalibur. Expecting to meet some serious competition, GanGan Galaxy mentally and physically prepare themselves. But right before the matches begin, Gingka disappears to fight his rival Ryuga, leaving Masamune to take a stand as the team leader.

Masamune accepts defeat

Masamune gracefully accepts defeat, marking the most dramatic change in Masamune's blader spirit.

Masamune starts off by battles Team Excalibur's muscle; Klaus who defeated Chi-yun of Wang Hu Zhong with ease. Masamune has learned from his battles with Nile not to underestimate his opponent and from his battles with Chao Xin, how to combat with intellect.

Masamune battles his hardest again Klaus who seems to overpower Masmaune at every turn, but Masamune refuses to give in as he begins to push back Klaus with his newfound blader spirit. Even so, the match ends in Masamune's defeat after he forces Klaus beyond his limits, and in the greatest lesson learned Masamune accepts defeat gracefully.

Masamune plans with his teammates to face Sophie and Wales, having experience battling them. Tsubasa and Yu work together to overcome Tsubasa's darkness and finally defeat the twin Jewel's giving GanGan Galaxy a fighting chance. Now Julian awaits a final opponent and in the nick of time Masamune is grateful to see that Gingka has returned to the stadium, revealing he had been facing Ryuga in battle. Coming off a near defeat, Gingka truly masters his Pegasus and defeats Julian Konzern, sending GanGan Galaxy to the second round of the semifinals in Brazil.

Bashful Brazilians

Team GanGan Galaxy travels to Brazil on schedule for their match against Team Garcias. While relaxing and watching Team Garcias previous match on TV with the United States Team; Team Starbreakers, Masamune recognizes his childhood friend Zeo on the US Team. Masamune states that he was a very weak blader back when he trained with him and is surprised to see that he helped to defeat the Garcias.

Masamune battles for Yu

Masamune's Beyspirit enraged, as Masamune battles for Yu

During this time, Yu is ambushed by Team Garcias while exploring and they severely damage his bey. Infuriated, Team GanGan Galaxy heads into their match knowing something is very wrong with the way the Garcias play.

The Garcias suggest a 4 on 4 elimination style match and GanGan Galaxy accepts. Yu goes first but due to his beys injuries, he is easily defeated.

Masamune then steps in to face the main assailant, Enso Garcia. Masamune easily defeats Enso using his newfound blader spirit and moves on to face Selen Garcia. Selen tricks Masamune countless times with underhanded distractions which costs Masamune the match, leaving most of it up to Gingka who defeats Selen and Ian but is defeated by Argo when he wasn't paying attention. The final match would be up to Tsubasa who would rise to the ranks and defeat Argo fair and square.

Battle on the Homefront

Zeo and Masamune 2

Masamune rejoins with his longtime friend; Zeo Abyss

After almost a year, Masamune returns to the United States of Amercia to face see who GanGan Galaxy will battle in the finals, Team Excalibur again or Team Starbreaker. Before the match, Masamune meets up with an old friend, Zeo Abyss. They share many words, Zeo explaining that he trained at HD Academy to broaden his skills with a new beyblade; Flame Byxis 230WD.

Zeo challenges Masamune to a friendly match that ends in a no contest , as they want to preserve there fight for the championship. Masamune sees Zeo off, shows the group the training gym, and heads to the tournament ring to view the Semi-final match.

Masamune and GanGan Galaxy arrive to the stadium early to find Zeo and several other HD beybladers trying to capture Ryuga. Automatically taking Zeo's side, Masamune confronts Ryuga until Gingka halts him and has him notice a dramatic change in personality within Zeo. Zeo then harasses Masamune about leaving Toby and battles both Masamune and Gingka while Ryuga escapes. Confused, Masamune does not fight back and is easily overwhelmed by Zeo, who stops and retreats on orders. Not long after there is an explosion at the Stadium, where Tsubasa and Yu have been knocked unconscious by non-other than Damian Hart, knocking GanGan Galaxy down two members.

Masamune and Ginka decide to watch the semifinal and witness astonish feats at the hands of Team Star Breaker, challenging Excalibur with Zeo absent, only using two members. Jack of Starbreakers, a weirdly artistic beyblader is easily able to defeat Klaus who defeated Masamune and more impressively, Damian Hart was able to defeat Julian, Sophie and Wales all at once. This means in no time, Team Starbreaks will become the opponents of GanGan Galaxy in the Big Bang Bladers final.

Two members down, GanGan Galaxy holds "tryouts" to find two replacement members that is nearly filled by Ryo Hagane, Kenta and Wang Hu Zhong until Hikaru elimates them due to several rules. Behind in members and behind the clock, Team GanGan Galaxy moves on to face head to head against Team Starbreakers.

Masamune defeated by Zeo

Masamune is betrayed and defeated by Zeo

Masamune and Gingka plan to win two matches in a row, as Masamune is prepared to face and defeat his friend Zeo in the first round. The two battle as Masamune realizes that Zeo has been somewhat enhanced and hypnotized by the HD Academy.

With these powers Zeo is more than a match for Masamune, whom he defeats after nearly destroying the stadium and Striker, breaking Masamune's arm in the process.

With most hopes for victory dashed by Masamune's injury, he and Gingka witness a miracle, as Ryuga reappears to be the sub member for GanGan Galaxy. Ryuga is able to defeat Jack in battle, giving Gingka a fighting chance against Starbreakers as he faces Damian. During the battle, Masamune helps to remind Gingka that his team is behind him all the way, and after a long-fought battle, Gingka is victorious over Damian. With this victory, GanGan Galaxy are declared the world champions, Masamune finally realizing his dream of being on top as one of the best.

For a Friend

During GanGan's celebration with Wang Hu Zhong, Dr. Ziggurat and several other previous opponents appear to announce the Beyblade Powered Weapon, the Spiral Force. During the announcement, Masamune deduces that the spiral force is powered by a cured but twisted Toby. Making this personal, Masamune fights with Gingka and other allies to take down the Spiral Force all across New York City.

Masamune teams up with Dashan to combat Argo Garcia and Julian Konzern. They catch Masamune and Dashan off-guard and nearly land a defeating blow until Nile arrives with Wild Fang to combat Hades. It is not long before Hades City is set to launch, a floating city containing the spiral force. Seeking help, Gingka leads everyone to his father who refuses to allow them to pursue the spiral force. But with Hikaru's help they are able to continue their pursuit after making a game plan to storm Hades City, the homebase of Hades Incorporated.

Dashan, Kyoya, Masamune, Sophie and Wales aboard

Masamune and former foes work together to take down Hades City

Masamune tags along with Sophie, Wales and Klaus who hope to save Julian from Ziggurat's grip. With their help he easily gets passed Selen Garcia and her pack of HD bladers in order to board Hades City.

Masamune rejoins with Gingka, Madoka and recovered Tsubasa and Yu to strike directly into Hades City. Once at Hades Inc, they are blocked off by the gatekeeper, Julian Konzern, but Dashan, Sophie and Wales remain behind to face him .

Masamune and Gingka face Faust

Masamune faces his best friend with his greatest rival

Masamune hurries with Gingka, racing past obstacles such as both Jack and Damian whom Tsubasa, Madoka, Yu and Kyoya stay behind to combat. Masamune and Gingka make it to the Spiral Core where Toby is. Under the new name, Faust Toby is hypnotized into battling his best friend Masamune.

Gingka aids Masamune in battle, as Toby's beyblade; Twisted Tempo is the key to spiral force. It is a very powerful Bey that is able to fend off both Pegasus and Striker with just its rotation.

They do not get a chance to fight back until Ryuga strikes Hades City with his bey, causing a disruption long enough for Gingka and Masamune to strike and stop all three beys from spinning. Hades City is not stopped as Gingka must travel deeper into the Spiral Core in order to stop it. Meanwhile, Masamune decides to stay behind to stop Faust and free his friend's mind. This is when Zeo returns, and as top beybladers, they fight to keep their promise to Toby, a promise to save him.

Masamune and Zeo save Toby

Masamune and Zeo keep their promise to Toby after all

Zeo arrives to help Masamune combat Faust, holding him off long enough for Gingka and Ryuga to destroy the Spiral Core. Masamune and Zeo look past their problems to fight for their friend, reinstalling their memories into his heart, to overcome the arrangement.

In the final moments of the battle, the Spiral Core is depleted by Gingka allowing Masamune and Zeo to strike Twisted Tempo and once again stop all three beys from spinning. Within this defeat, Toby regains his mind and personality and opens his eyes to see Masamune and Zeo, his friends right before him.

Masamune bids a final goodbye to his great new friends he gained from his long experience with GanGan Galaxy. Remaining behind in the USA to be with his friends, Toby and Zeo Abyss. Masamune then says his farewell to Gingka, Yu, Tsubasa, and Madoka, another group of bonds that he's started — another group of friends. Masamune says that he will be part of Team Dungeon now. Gingka gets thrilled as he knows having more rivals means more battling.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

Legendary Blader Training

Masamune remains in America at the Dungeon Gym as a member of Team Dungeon with Zeo and Toby. Masamune receives a video call from his old friend Gingka, asking him if his Striker has undergone any changes. Gingka explains that if Striker evolves then that means Masamune has become a legendary beyblader.

After hearing of the Legendary Bladers from Gingka, Masamune is eager to become one. Excited by the call. Masamune runs to Coach Gym and asks him to upgrade his Ray Striker so that he can become a Legendary Blader. Totally misunderstanding the process of truly becoming one, Masamune waits while his Striker is being upgraded. The upcoming tournament: Destroyer Dome is announced by Team Dungeon who decides to enter, while they are confronted by an old friend; Tsubasa Otori.

Tsubasa tells them that he plans to enter the tournament as well and decides to test Zeo and Toby's new beyblades Spiral Fox and Lyra. Masamune is pumped by their battle which is interrupted by Coach Gym who was trying to upgrade Masamune's striker in peace. The next couple of days the tournament begins and Masamune watches as Tsubasa, Toby and Zeo work together in the Block A match to obtain their spots in the final match.

New Striker, New Rival


Masamune receives his new beyblade; Blitz Striker!

Masamune finally receives his new beyblade; Blitz Striker and showcases to Gingka who is visiting the tournament . Masamune is told that he cannot be a legendary blader if a star fragment isn't inside his beyblade but this does not distraught him. What does is a beyblader who continuously taunts Masamune, Masamune asks his named and he simply refers to himself as "King" reflecting his ego.

Masamune and King argue until they are confronted by another; Jigsaw who claims that he will silence them both by beating them. Team Lovushka shows up and are decided to be participants as well as the Gym Trainees. Even so Masamune only focuses on King who he has sparked a rivalry with.


Masamune sparks a new rivalry with King

The Destroyer Dome Block B match begins as Masamune is only focused on going blow for blow with King. Blitz Striker proves to have formidable speed and power as well as great mode changes to boot. Even so, King's Variares DD is equally as powerful able to trade blow for blow and take the full force of Masamune's barrage attacks.

Meanwhile, Jigsaw takes out the rest of the competition including Jack, the Trainee's and Team Lovushka. Leaving the three alone they prepare to battle but cannot because they must move onto the final match. In the final match, Toby, Tsubasa and Zeo join in to battle in the final six.

Masamune focus' on battling King but is distracted by the defeat of Toby and Zeo at the hands of Jigsaw. Masamune moves in to battle him but is confused by his Eonis' abilities, Tsubasa aids Masamune and leaves Jigsaw open. But before Masamune can make a move, King becomes overjoyed by the epic battle and takes Jigsaw alone, revealing his reverse rotation. King showcases his strength and defeats Jigsaw, leaving the three to battle.

Masamune and King celebrate

Masamune accepts defeat at the hands of his new friend; King

Tsubasa takes on King and is pushed back, leaving Masamune to try. They are both surprised when King unlocks his Legend Aura and attacks with his special move; strong enough to defeat Tsubasa's Eagle. With now just the two of them, they clash fiercly over and over until the Dome itself is blow off its hinges and sent spiraling towards the river. Masamune continues to battle King who reveals his lineage as a lone blader shunned for his strength and love for battle.

They spark friendship through their beyblades and decide to finish the match. Masamune activates his new special move; Flash of Lightning to take on King of Thunder Sword. In the end Masamune is defeated and King is announced as the winner, but Masamune congratulates King and seal's their newfound frienship. Masamune asks King's real name as a token of their frienship but King simply responds by revealing that it is his real name after all.

The Battle at Beystar Island

Masamune joins Gingka and the gang along with King, Toby, and Zeo after learning that another tournament called the Beystar Island Championships was announced and they all decided to enter. He and the others pass through smoothly as he and King faced off against the Beylin Fist's Best Bladers, Bao and Aguma. The two fought with all their might as their Special Moves, Flash of Lightning and King of Thunder Sword defeats them both and advance to the next round.


Masamune defeated by Chris.

Through other multiple battles on his own, Masamune manages to defeat them all with his Striker's power as he enters through the next rounds. However, he finds out that his two best friends, Toby and Zeo were defeated by a mysterious blader who doesn't show off his face, which makes him determined to defeat him in order to avenge his friends. In the final stage, he faces off against the mysterious blader who goes by the name Chris who wields the beyblade Phantom Orion B:D. Masamune fights with all his strength and spirit as his Striker hits Orion into the air with his Special Move, Flash of Lightning, but is unable to do so. He is then defeated by the Legend Power of Chris as his Orion uses its Special Move, Barnard's Loop, which knocks him out as he is defeated by a Legendary Blader.

The Revival of Nemesis

When Gingka and the others leave for the Mayan ruins where Nemesis' revival is underway, Masamune joins them along with Zeo, Toby and King. There he and King engage the two Nemesis bladers, Keyser and Herschel in a beybattle. Initially the battle is quite evenly matched until Yu arrives to their aid and together they claim victory and head on ahead to help Gingka and the others. There he witnesses Proto Nemesis and afterwards Zeus' barrier and the evolution into Diablo Nemesis. He battles Nemisis along with the legendary Bladers (except Aguma) and Yu but get no where. Rago makes the temple colipase and they barley escape.

At the headquarters the team discusses their next plan of attack and then begins to train with King. He and King battle Dynamis together to get them ready for Nemsis. All of a sudden an earthquake happens.


  • Ray Striker D125CS RayUnicorno-1-: Masamune's Beyblade in Metal Masters. It is a powerful attack type with incredible power and speed. The combination of the energy ring and fusion wheel allow for incredible attack power on contact that can channel itself into several attacks like a barrage. It's D125 spin track allows it to control itself at high speeds and the Coated Sharp allows it to manoeuvre itself and perform incredible dodges and halts. It's greatest ability is its power to focus itself into a single strike of lightning, focusing all its power into one point.
  • Blitz Striker 100RSF BlitzUnicornoAssaultAttackMode: Masamune's Beyblade in Metal Fury. It is a powerful attack type that was upgraded from Ray Striker. It is a lower track vartiant that optimizes much greater speed and attack control then its predecessor. Bltiz Striker is able to channel its strength through mode changes that include it's barrage mode that unleashes powerful attacks in a barrage formation, wearing down the opponent quickly. Its attack mode allows for slower but more powerful offense that can even defend against powerful special moves.

Special Moves

Ray Striker

  • Lightning Sword Flash: Striker focuses all its raw attack power into one point and is unleashed through this attack. It focus' the energy into a single strike of lightning that breaks through the opponents defenses and delivers a devestating blow.

Blitz Striker

  • Flash of Lightning: Striker focuses its raw attack power into several strikes of lightning that condense inside itself and explode on contact to immerse the opponent in its power in order to defeat them.


Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Result
Unknown Bladers Offscreen Win
Yu Tendo MM001 No Outcome
Gingka Hagane MM002 Lose (x6)
Gingka Hagane MM002 Win
Chiyun Li and Mei-Mei (Tag w/ Gingka) MM003 Win
Gingka Hagane MM004 No outcome
Selection Bladers MM004 Win
Kenta Yumiya MM004 Win
Japanese Selection match MM004 Win (3rd Place)
Yu Tendo MM004 Win
Anonymous Bladers MM008 Win (x7)
Chao Xin MM008 No outcome
Chao Xin MM008 Lose
Chao Xin MM009 Win
Gingka Hagane, Yu Tendo, Tsubasa Otori MM013 No Outcome (Tsubasa was Eliminated)
Lera MM013 Win (opponent lost on purpose)
Anton MM015 Win
Festival of warriors Bladers (Tag w/ Gingka and Yu) MM016 Win
Julian Konzern, Wales and Sophie (Tag w/ Gingka and Yu) MM016 Lose
Gingka Hagane and Yu Tendo (Tag w/ Tsubasa) MM017 No outcome
Dashan Wang and Chao Xin (Tag w/ Gingka) MM017 Draw
Kenta Yumiya MM020 Win
Nile MM020 Lose
Nile and Kyoya Tategami (Tag w/ Gingka) MM023 Win
Klaus MM027 Lose
Enso Garcia MM031 Win
Selen Garcia MM031 Lose
Zeo Abyss MM034 No Outcome (opponent ended the battle)
Zeo Abyss MM035 Win (flashback)
Team Goldbank (Tag w/ Zeo) MM035 No outcome (flashback)
Unknown Team (Tag w/ Zeo and Toby) MM035 Win (Flashback)
Team Blackbird (Tag w/ Zeo and Toby) MM035 Win
Vince MM035 Win
Brad, Bruce and Owen (Tag w/ Gingka and Kenta) MM036 No outcome
Zeo Abyss (Tag w/ Gingka) MM037 No Outcome (Zeo fled)
Kenta Yumiya, Dashan Wang, Chiyun Li Mei-Mei Chao Xin Gingka Hagane MM040 No outcome (interrupted by Phoenix)
Phoenix (Tag w/ Kenta, Dashan, Chi Yun, Mei-Mei, Cho Xin and Gingka) MM040 Lose
Zeo Abyss MM041 Lose
Julian Konzern and Argo Garcia (Tag w/ Nile and Dashan) MM045 No outcome
Selen Garcia and HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Sophie, Wales and Klaus) MM046 Win
HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Team GanGan Galaxy and Kyoya) MM047 Win
HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Gingka and Kyoya) MM048 Win
HD Bladers (Tag w/ Gingka) MM049 Win
Faust (Tag w/ Gingka) MM050 Win
Faust (Tag w/ Zeo) MM051 Draw
Metal Fight Beyblade vs Sun: Sol Blaze
Opponent Result
Benkei Hanawa Win
Helios (Tag w/ Yu, Benkei and Tournament bladers) Lose
Helios (Tag w/ Teru, Yu, Benkei and Tournament bladers) Lose
Helios (Tag w/ Ryutaro, Tetsuya and Tobio) Lose
Helios Lose
Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Brad, Bruce, Owen, King, Jigsaw, Jack, Team Lovushka 4D016 Win (along with King and Jigsaw)
Jigsaw, Tsubasa Otori, King, Toby, Zeo Abyss 4D017 Lose (Runner-up)
Bao 4D023 Win
Beystar Island blader 4D024 Win
Beystar Island Bladers 4D025 Win
Beystar Island Bladers 4D025 Win
Chris 4D025 Lose
King 4D026 No outcome (flashback)
Johannes, Bao, and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ Yuki, King, and Gingka) 4D033 No Outcome (Interrupted by Zeo, Toby and Beneki)
Keyser and Herschel (Tag w/ King and Yu) 4D034-4D037 Win
Rago (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers( except Aguma) and Yu) 4D039 No Outcome (Ruins Collapsed)
Dynamis (Tag w/ King) 4D041 No outcome (earthquake)
Rago and Pluto (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Yu and Tubassa) 4D045-4D048 eliminated
Nemesis (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Yu and Tubassa) 4D049 eliminated


Gingka Hagane

Sine his debut appearance, Masamune is always striving to be the No. 1 Blader in the world, but he cannot do so with Gingka holding the title. Therefore, Masamune proclaims himself as Gingka's ultimate rival, and even as they become friends, they argue on issues like who's going to battle first and while the selection of who will face who. Even so, in Tag-Team battles, the two shows their skills while battling as they put their differences aside, give it their all and combine their strength to fight hard. Their relationship is very similar to Tyson and Daichi during the original season of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


During Masamune's training in America, he saw a small group of children playing beyblade. He met Toby who helped him get accepted into Team Dungeon. From then on Masamune became Toby's best friend until Toby's sickness. He was so determined to get Toby to get well soon that he set out on a journey to become Number 1 for him. Masamune displayed great affection for Toby as he was visibly distraught that Toby was reborn as the villainous Faust, and he then went through Hades City and back to save him from Dr. Ziggurat.

Zeo Abyss

Zeo became Masamune's friend along with Toby when he came to Dungeon Gym. Later when he left on his journey, Toby's condition worsened, and this is when their friendship was strained as he blamed Masamune for this development. This stage lasts until Gingka and the others defeat Dr. Ziggurat. Zeo also realizes that Masamune never betrayed their friendship and now knows why he did what he did, and so they once again become good friends.

Tsubasa Otori

Tsubasa was first met by Masamune when he was appointed a member of Team Gan Gan Galaxy. Later on in Beyblade: Metal Fury, Tsubasa appeared at the new Team Dungeon telling Masamune that he was in America to participate in a nearby tournament. Masamune and his friends insisted that Tsubasa had a friendly match with Toby and Zeo. When the battle was interrupted, Masamune and Tsubasa promised to be at the top of each of their blocks so that they would fight each other in the finals.


Masamune met King at the Destroyer Dome tournament where they immediately start a rivalry over who would win the tournament. This is further emphasized in their battle in Block B although they are very similar such as their dislike for Jigsaw. In the final battle they fight hard and finally understand one another and become good friends to the point that King stays with Masamune when Gingka and the others go to Mist Mountain. Their close friendship is further evident by the fact that when Masamune lost the Beyster Island tournament and was insulted by Chris, King battled him to avenge Masamune and in the aftermath of the battle, King goes and cheers up Masamune.


  • "WHAT!!!!!!!??????"
  • "Here Pandas!"
  • "I am the #1 blader in the world!"
  • "Go, go Striker!"
  • "I'm the #1 blader."
  • "Where are the pandas?!?!"
  • "I'm the world's strongest blader!"
  • "I can't be number 1 doing that, no way!"
  • "I'm the world's best blader, yeah!"
  • "The whole world will acknowledge me when I become number 1!"
  • "What!? Oh I'm not number 1???"
  • "I'm #1!"


For a full gallery of images of Masamune, see Masamune Kadoya/Gallery.


  • Masamune is Japanese for "sword." The name relates to his Ray Striker's special move, Lightning Sword Flash.
  • Like Benkei, his name is also based from Japanese historical figure with same name, Goro Masamune.
  • His appearance and personality are equal to that of Daichi Sumeragi. They argue with the main protagonist of their respective series whom they considered as their rivals; Masamune with Gingka and Daichi with Tyson Granger, both are rather impulsive and reckless bladers, they were often viewed as annoying and persistent by others, the two possess a big appetite as they were constantly looking for and eating different kinds of food, they are rather egotistical people especially by calling themselves "the Number One Blader", both were called "monkey-boy" by at least one person who found them insufferable such as Tyson and Chris, also the two possess Beys similar to the main protagonists; Masamune's beast is a Unicorn which is in the same horse family as Gingka's Pegasus and Tyson and Daichi both had Dragoons.
  • He enjoys a certain food shaped as a orange sticks that are extremely spicy. Anybody who eats one regrets it once their mouth burns, but he seems to be used to the taste.
  • Him and Nile's rivlary is very similar to Gingka and Kyoya's rivalry.
  • He has a liking for Pandas and Koalas, but mostly a liking for Pandas, as shown in several episodes. He talked about the total lack of pandas in China.
  • He has the same launcher as Gingka in Metal Masters (the 3-Segment Launcher Grip with a String Launcher), except his is green.
  • Both of his Beys contain top-tier defense and attack parts, Coat Sharp and Rubber Semi Flat, Blitz, 100 this is odd for the defense parts because his Beyblades are Attack-Types.
  • It seems that Masamune is better friends with Toby than Zeo.
  • He's the only member of Team GanGan Galaxy that did not appear in Beyblade: Metal Fusion.
  • In the Greek Dub version, Masamune is called Masamuke.
  • He insists that he is a Legendary Blader in 4D because his Ray Striker "evolved" into Blitz Striker even though it is not true that he is a legendary blader.
  • In the ending to Zero-G, Masamune is the only member of Team Dungeon who is shown to have a drastic hairstyle change, as he was seen sporting a buzzcut, while Zeo and Toby's haircuts have been restored to their former glories (before Toby's illness took over). Toby could've dyed his haired though.