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Masamune Kadoya vs. Anton is a battle that is concurrent to Yu's battle with Aleksei.


Masamune suprizes Anton

Masamune surprises Anton

Masamune returns to the world championship stadium after being dropped off by a fighter pilot. He searches for the main stage being unsuccessful until he stumples apon Anton's lab where all the stadiums are held. He finds Anton bantering about how GanGan Galaxy is finished and suprises him by asking what was going on. Anton figures that he has come to investigate the stadium though Masamune has no idea what he's talking about. Anton continues to tell Masamune that Aleksei created the stadium that allows a forcefield to cancel out super sonic waves which is totally against Yu in his current battle with Aleksei. Masamune figures out enough to wear he knows that his team is at a disadvantage and threatens him with his Striker, Anton counters by drawing his own beyblade.


Anton shocked

Anton shorts out the Stadium Generator

The two battle it out during Yu and Aleksei's match, unknown to Anton that his stadium is failing. Anton seems to believe he is in control and uses his special move, until Masamune counters with his Lightning Sword Flash, which clashes and sends Anton flying back into a machine electrocuting him and shorting out the stadium generator.