Masamune Kadoya vs. Kenta Yumiya is one of several battles to take place during The Japan Team Selection Matches.


The Japan Team Selection Matches begin and each participant must score a certain amount of points in order to qualify to become a member of Japan's Team. Everyone starts off strong scoring two points at a time, Yu is eager to find and battle Masamune and continuously tries to battle him but is interrupted by several bladers. On one of his attempts he is cut off by Kenta Yumiya who decides to battle Masamune.


Striker vs Flame Claw

Striker evades Sagittario's flame claw

As the clock counts down to zero with only 1 minute left, Kenta and Masamune battle fiercely for their spot. Kenta aims to finish the match with his special move, Flame Claw but Striker evades it several times with its mastery of balance and speed, creating Masamune's teleportation attack. Masamune uses Striker's speed and slams into the back of Sagittario and propelled it out of the stadium and into the ceiling.
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