Masamune Kadoya vs. Kenta Yumiya is a practice battle to prepare Masamune for his battle with Nile.


Masamune challenges Nile

Masamune challenges Nile

During the press conference between Team GanGan Galaxy and Team Wild Fang, Masamune openly challenges Nile to a match that will outshine Gingka and Kyoya's. Afterwards Masamune decides to have a practice battle with Kenta to prepare.


Masamune vs Kenta 1

Masamune battles Kenta

The battle begins with Striker pushing Sagittario back until it uses the claws on its spin track to kick Striker away. Kenta begins a counter attack and is able to push Striker back. Kenta tells Masamune that he's been practicing since the selection matches to become stronger. As Masamune gloats about defeating Nile, Striker sends Sagittario flying into a sleep out leaving Masamune as the victor.
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