Masamune Kadoya vs. Yu Tendo is a match that took place during the Japaneese Selection Tournament.


Eagle and Libra Interrupted

Match is interrupted by Ray Striker

Masamune first entered during the match between Tsubasa and Yu. Masamune interrupted it in order to participate in a good battle. Tsubasa immediately backs out due to his disinterest in the battle. Yu decides to stay and battle Masamune.


Yu Attacks

Yu makes the first move

Yu starts off strong as he attacks as soon as Tsubasa steps out of the battle but Masamune decides to dodge much to Yu's disappointment. Yu continues to attack while Masamune dodges annoying him enough to point out that Masamune wanted the battle, Masamune gets cocky and Yu tricks him into being attacked where Yu gains the upper hand. Masamune brags about his strength and counter by displaying Ray Striker's speed by barraging Libra with ease, Masamune becomes comfortable with his lead until Yu reveals that a barrage attack isn't going to effect Libra at all, Yu then reveals Libra's true power by activating his special move, Inferno Blast.
Striker Interrupts

Striker interrupts Libra's special move

Yu prepares to end it but Striker interrupts Libra before it can release the attack telling him that it was too slow. Masamune then tells Yu that he's done "warming up" and openly challenges Gingka to a match. After the others tell Masamune that Gingka isn't present Masamune loses interest and leaves in search for Gingka.

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