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Masamune Kadoya vs. Yu Tendo is a match that took place during The Japanese Team Selection Tournament, it is the second time the two battled.


Striker vs Libra

Striker vs. Libra

Masamune and Yu start off by launching perfectly as they trade blows. Masamune quickly thinks he gains the upperhand but is ineffective due to Libra's eternal sharp. Yu then activates his special move, Sonic Wave to gain the upperhand but Striker continues to evade and tries to get close to Libra but is quickly pushed back by the rain of sonic waves. Masamune continues to evade and brag about Striker's speed but is caught once Yu focus' and figures out Striker's movements.

Yu reads Striker

Yu reads Striker's movements

Yu continues to read Strikers every move and counter with his Sonic waves to attack. After several attacks Striker is trapped in the sand created by Libra's attacks. While Masamune's Striker is trapped Yu moves to finish the job with his Inferno Blast special move. Striker is slowly sucked in by Yu's attack while Yu reveals that any bey that is sucked in will sleep out due to the super sonic vibrations being released by Libra.

Masamune's Counterattack

Masamune Counterattacks

Right before Striker is sucked in Gingka reveals that Masamune hasn't lost hope, then Masamune expresses his courage through a speech telling Yu that he refuses to give up and will win their match. Yu tells Masamune that it's over, but Masamune refuses to lose and embraces Libra's force and uses it to create a one point breakthrough that creates Masamune's special move, Lightning Sword Flash which pierces Libra's Inferno Blast and defeats Libra much to Yu's surprise.


Masamune and Yu

Masamune and Yu become friends

Masamune takes the victory and earns the first spot on Japan's Representational Team. Yu is surprisingly not upset by his loss, Masamune tells him it was a great battle and Yu congratulates him, igniting their friendship.