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Mawashi (マワシ, Mawashi) is a character that only appears in the Metal Fight Beyblade manga. He is the god of Beyblade.

Physical Appearance

Mawashi is an average looking monkey while in disguise. He has dark fur with a large snout and small eyes. When he reveals himself he wears his diety uniform which is comprised of his long hat and traditional robe. His hat says "god" in Kanji.


Mawashi is a strict but friendly spirit that only helps those who he believes are worthy. He has been watching over the human world's beyblades Pegasus and L-Drago and was deeply worried when Pegasus was destroyed due to L-Drago's evil abilities.


Mawashi is a beyblader that traveled to the human world as a deity to watch over the Pegasis and L-Drago Beyblades. Pegasus was given to a young boy named Gingka while L-Drago was used for evil by a young boy named Ryuga.

The balance between the two was tipped when L-Drago destroyed Pegasus. Ginga and his friends traveled into the Beyblade forest to find Mawashi in order to ask for his help. Before meeting them directly, Mawashi disguised himself as a Beyblading monkey and tested Gingka and his friends. Mawashi's Beyblade was completely made of stone. Due to the material used, it was much heavier than regular Beyblades.[1]

First was Kyoya who took Mawashi as a joke and was easily defeated, shocking Kyoya and Gingka. Gingka battles him next with a wooden make Pegasus that was enough to defeat Mawashi and prove Gingka was worthy of a new Pegasus. Mawashi led Gingka to the birthplace of both beys where he would use the facebolt of Pegasus within his Wooden Beyblade to be reborn into a new.

The birthplace is a frozen mountain that nearly deep sixes Ginga until his burning beyspirit leads him to complete the ordeal and unlock his new beyblade, Storm Pegasus 105RF.


Metal Fight Beyblade
Opponent Chapter Result
Kyoya Tategami Win
Gingka Hagane Loss




  • Mawashi is one of two animals who are Bladers, the other is Hokuto.


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