McSneeze (ジョージスミス Jōji Sumisu) is a minor character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000. He is the leader of the Celebrity Team.

Personality & Characteristics

He is the President of the United States (Mayor of Heartland in the English Version). He is seen in the American Tournament saga, where he, J-Heart and T-Storm beybattle against Max of the Bladebreakers, Emily of the All Starz and Mario of Spin-tensity. In the end, McSneeze and Max congratulated each other with McSneeze promising to leave Beyblading to the Experts if Max promises NOT to run the Mayor‘s office in his town. And, Max told him if McSneeze really wants to join the Bladebreakers, he told him to Let him Know. McSneeze is seen again in the Russian World Championships saga, where he is allying himself and supporting Tyson and watching the battle of Tyson Kinomiya VS. Tala on his Laptop.


Star Stripe

McSneeze uses a Spin Gear System Beyblade called Star Stripe. It is first seen in Blading With the Stars.