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Mercury Anubis 85XF
Also known as: Anubius
Basic Information
Number: None
Owner: Yuki Mizusawa
Face Bolt: Anubis
Energy Ring: Anubis
Fusion Wheel: Mercury
Spin Track: 85
Performance Tip: XF
Type: Attack
First appearance: (Anime) N/A
First appearance: (Manga) Ultimate Bladers, Chapter 1

Mercury Anubis 85XF (Japanese: 水銀アヌビス 85XF, known as Anubius in the anime) is an Attack-Type Beyblade that appears in the anime and manga series, Beyblade: Metal Fury. It could be obtained by winning the Bey Ta 1 machine or through a tournament from the WBBA in Japan. It is owned by Yuki Mizusawa, however, as of Awakening! Anubius!, Yuki owns a variant with a black and blue Fusion Wheel.

Face Bolt: Anubis

The Face Bolt depicts "Anubis". In Ancient Egyptian civilization, Anubis was the jackal-headed God of Mummification, Embalming and the Afterlife. The design features the head of Anubis, looking to the left with his jackal-headed face. It is coloured in purple, but highlighted in yellow whilst printed onto a translucent blue face bolt

Energy Ring: Anubis

  • Weight: 2.86 grams

Anubis is a translucent blue that is primarily two-sided. It features rounded sides but with a triangular-like spike between them. The rounded sides also appear to have a very small gap as well.Is very similar to the Pegasus energy ring

Fusion Wheel: Mercury

  • Weight: 28.94 grams

Mercury has a resemblance to Vulcan, with it's two rounded sides and a medium-sized spike with a gap between each rounded side. With this one may think that Mercury would hold powerful Smash Attack but contrary to this, Mercury has absolutely no Attack-Type potential whatsoever. This is due to Mercury's light weight, 28.94 grams, which is even lighter than Poison, another terrible Attack-Wheel by one gram. This does not give Mercury enough weight to pack any powerful hits, or hold it's ground against others. Therefore, making it useless in Attack, Defense, and Stamina; Variares, Blitz, and Beat fare much, more better for Attack

Mercury is coloured a metallic blue with eight silver highlights on it's two sides, while it's inner part is a light blue. But overall, despite the the uselessness of Mercury to the current metagame, it is indeed quite a collectible part; for it is made up for it's monetary value, rarity, and overall "cool" factor

Template:Spin Track: 85

Performance Tip: Extreme Flat (XF)

  • Weight: 0.70 grams

Extreme Flat is the widest Flat Performance Tip, currently available (second being WF). Extreme Flat has fast and aggressive movement, equal to that of Right Rubber Flat. Although having more Stamina than Right Rubber Flat due to being plastic, it is not as fast as Right Rubber Flat, which is made of rubber, which gives it more friction with the Stadium floor. Nevertheless, Extreme Flat is a great Performance Tip for Attack Type Beyblades, and is top-tier at that

Attack: 6 - Defense: 1 - Stamina: 0

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Japanese N/A
English Translation N/A
English Dub Name N/A
First Appearance (Anime) N/A
First Appearance (Manga) N/A
The Beast inside of Anubius is the jackal-headed Egyptian God of Mummification and the Afterlife, Anubis.

Special Moves

  • Brave Impact

Other versions

  • Mercury Anubis 85XF - Original (Blue and Silver Metal Wheel).
  • Mercury Anubis 85XF - Brave Version (Red and Yellow Metal Wheel).
  • Mercury Anubis 85XF - Legend Version (Blue and Black Metal Wheel).



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