aka Troy Thornton Jr

  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is Writer
  • I am Troy Junior Thornton
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  • how are you

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  • Yo, I already made a page for the MFB Burst Set. The reason I didn't make pages yet for the other MFB Burst remakes is because I was waiting for individual images for the other Layers and the correct katakana from the official TT site.

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  • I am making my own beyblade series with the Defenders of Solar System, Here the rest of it said, " The Epic Beyblade adventure of the kids before they were Elemental Warriors. The Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series is a spin off series of the Elemental Warriors as young kids in the second grade in Centennial Elementary School in Plano, TX. This is the begin when they start to play in the Beyblade World Championship in 2000.

    Young TJ ThorntonEthan LeeKatie SchererDrew MyersShelby Scott, & Steve Lekas first met Raven Storm Mack and Angel Armstrong in the regional tournament of North America to form The Elemental Bladers team that will competition in the World Championship.

    This team will be battle against teams in Europe, Russia, Africa, Japan, Hollywood,CA, Brazil, and China

    The Bit Beasts of the Elemental Bladers obtain two different elements in them for crazy & powerful move & attack.

    The tournaments in this special series are:

    American regional Tournament in Austin, TX.

    European Tournament in London and little Greece battle tour competition.

    Little Battle Tournament in Hollywood, CA back in North America.

    Brazilian Tournament in Brazil, South America.

    African Tournament in somewhere in Africa.

    Japanese Tournament in Tokyo, Japan.

    An extra chapter with be made when, I finish the chapters for this series.

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  • Hello! Welcome to Beyblade Wiki, ab! As of March 26, 2018, I am here to greet new users with a non-automatic greeting! I hope you enjoy your stay here, no matter how long :)

    Feel free to edit any page here, no matter how old it has been. You can start by keeping up with the recent Beyblade Burst series and its pages; or check out the wiki activity ( to see anything that people have recently edited! You can also edit your own user page, or even join our Chat or Discord when we’re online! We would like to know you. Best of all, have fun here. :)

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