Computer Bug

aka A.J.

  • I live in Massachusetts
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is Duelist/ B-shot/ Blader/ Digimon Hunter/ Chaotic Player/ but mostly, Cartoonist (rookie)
  • I am a bug, of course.
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  • No matter what the edit, never undo or fight with me I know what I'm doing. The show may be Y7 but 90% of the demographic that visits the wiki are not. I'll leave Mei-Mei cuz I don't feel like editing it but this is the final warning.

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    • Why do you have to say it like that? Dude, I just believe that any reference to a girls boob size shouldn't be on a description of a TV-Y7 anime character. I actually thought you would be a nice guy about it and understand my reasoning, not a hard-ass. Plus, how do you even know that's the case? I've been going on wikias since I was 10. I wasn't looking for a edit war, just to clean up content that was inappropriate for this kind of show. You don't see the creators describing their female characters as busty or anything like that. Not to mention all other wikias that I've been to for show such as this, have never used a word like that when they really could. Why? I repeat, because it's inappropriate. Now I don't see me getting into a "edit war" with any of the admins unless I have a good reason, and I did.

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    • First off I didn't ask for your life's story in your responce, or even a responce at all. I told you i'd leave it and I'm only being a "hard ass" because you wanna go against my edits which are far above yours quality from what I've seen, even if you've been editing "since you were ten". I told you this is a final warning and I don't care what the reason is either, I'm not being "mean" it was a clear description and your obviously the only one with a problem. If this was Ed or Mana i'd leave it but there's a lack of respect and understanding between you and us.

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    • I just realized how stupid this argument is. It was a misunderstand, its whatever. Feck the warning, just move on with your life. One word can cause all this, incredible xD

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    • I didn't mean to cause any of this. I'm sorry.

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    • A FANDOM user
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