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  • For a odd reason I love making parts considered "weak" or "outdated" seem strong by making awesome combos with them. One of my faves is M145 and Q, I have read some of your comments in the "What Bey do you Use" thread in the forums, you seem to be excellent with combos so I was wondering if you knew a good combo with these? I find that M145 pairs well with low friction tips like MB, and M145Q seems good with Poison and other lighter balance type wheels. But that is all I can figure out. Thanks.

    -Team Dungeon

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    • I often times can't respond immediately anyways, so don't worry about taking a while to respond since I'll likely wind up doing the same inadvertently.

      I do believe that Basalt Virgo would work fairly well, although I usually prefer WD with Basalt since it helps reduce the effect of it's lopsided weight distribution.  I guess it really depends on the state of the tips in question though.  If your WD tip is in really bad shape, D or SD might be the better call.

      I'm less excited by the suggestion of using MF with Variares.  MF usually works a lot better with wheels that have a fair amount of Stamina and Attack together, like Screw or Thermal.  Variares has plenty of Attack, but doesn't really have the stamina potential required to make good use of the MF tip.  WF or RF is just generally going to work better, since Variares just doesn't care about how long it will spin for anyways.  Maximize that attack, and you'll have a winner in Variares.

      I don't really believe the Upper Attack claim, unless you're comstantly fighting something with a sloped bottom like Flame.  That's about what it takes to get Upper attack from Variares.  Just look at it's 6 main contacts.  They're flat.  Even the 3 minor contacts are flat. There's just no way to get any kind of upwards force off of Variares unless you send something off the wall or a ramp of some sort.  This is just not believable otherwise.

      I can get a reasonable amount of control on XF in my sled, but GF remains untameable even there unless I lighten up on my launcher.  That control is why I like RF and R2F so much, since they're about as fast as XF without as much recoil and yet remain so much easier to handle.  The things turn on a dime, just about.  They don't last long though, but all it takes is one or two solid strikes before your opponent flies out or collapses.

      Since we're playing with Basalt, I might as well make a suggestion of my own in the form of MF-H Basalt Bull H145 WB.  It's got an aggressive start, possibly earning an early knockout, and then settles down to defend.  It can get some pretty nice counter attacks too, and it's surprised me with a few knockouts I never saw coming.

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    • I plan to get a set of Lightning Ldrago, Meteo Ldrago, and the "Crystal Ldrago" (a Storm Wolf WD145 with a Ldrago facebolt) I think I saw you talking well about Meteo Ldrago's spin steal? About the upper-attack, I meant against tall beys. (145+) I've even gotten upper from a Basult, when pairing it with a track just under the fusion wheel of the opponent, when that happens almost any contact is going to be upper, at least for me, as I am using a small stadium, with a large slope, and you a large (almost flat?) stadium. I have been able to control GF once, with a Ldrago Guardian GB145GF, but with a very weak launch, however it was only for spin steal, so launch speed is not very important. (In my opinion.) Sadly, I never started seriously buying beys until metal masters, even though my first season was metal fusion. (weekday morning reruns before school mostly.) so I don't have many parts that were only released in metal fusion... That includes the Bull energy ring, and H145 spin track. The metal core of my MF2 is broken, however the metal ring isn't, so I can't go very heavy. As far as counter attacking goes, have you tried a FB?

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