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  • I was looking around and noticed a bunch of photos gone. Why did you get rid of the fan art photos? I thought they were okay to add since the were all drawn and made by people who worked in the animation of Beyblade. Apologies for asking, I was just a little intrigued.

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  • Sparkling's Japanese website character profile for Free, states that Lane was originally part of the team

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  • Who is Llame?

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  • Chapter 1

    "Taiki! Taiki! Taiki!" the roaring crowd had called, as he had landed a Burst Finish against Valt Aoi's Cho-Z Valkyrie. He smiled, walking away from the stadium. As an interviewer approached him, all Taiki heard was the faint noise of someone yelling at him, with a large thud. 
    "What?" he questioned, as the news reporter began talking. He asked again, before opening an eye.

    "TAIKI!" His mother screamed at him. "I've been calling you for twenty minutes!" Much to Taiki's confusion, he was on the cold, wooden floor. 
    "Hmm. That must've been the large thud." He yawned, before scanning the room. "Where's my championship belt?" He began to panic, rummaging his room, tossing away clothes and piles of comics. Before tiring himself out, Taiki realized it was a dream.

    "You've had your fun, now get downstairs, your breakfast is getting cold!" She scolded, before walking away with an annoyed expression on her face. He followed her shortly afterward, arriving downstairs. His father was sipping his coffee, staring at his newspaper whilst his younger sister, Nori, played with her Beyblade.

    For some reason, he was feeling inspired - Taiki, who was pumped, snatched a piece of toast from the kitchen before running off. He turned around, jogging on the spot. 
    "See 'ya! I'm gonna head down to the Beypark!" 
    "Okay! Be back before 10pm!" 
    He nodded, before walking out the door, where his Beyblade journey would begin.

    "Hmm, where to first?" He said, wondering as he looked at the multiple choices. He felt a little tug at his jacket, as Nori, his younger sister, said. "Mum and Dad just don't trust you. Haha, so I'm your babysitter!" She boasted, sticking her tongue out. Taiki rolled his eyes and continued walking toward the Beypark, and then ran.
    "Hey! Wait up!" Nori called, before they both stopped in the middle of two people battling.

    They were just two kids in his class from school and also a part of the Wild Bey Gang - Benimaru and Tobisuke, however he hadn't really gotten to know them well. As one of them won with a Burst Finish, Taiki stepped in and turned to Benimaru, the winner.
    "You're pretty good! Wanna take me on?" 
    The two began laughing, before Taiki thought it was an inside joke. "Pfft. I don't battle the weak."
    "Well you must be glad I'm here!" He said, revealing his beyblade. It was a generic Beat Kukulcan with the parts 3 and Xtreme.
    "Fine. Make it worth my time." Benimaru snorted, whilst Tobisuke was the referee.

    "Ready, set!"
    "Let it rip!"
    Benimaru's beyblade, Shelter Regulus 2 Bump Needle immediately took the centre, with Taiki's bey swooping in, doing a great amount of attacks. "Keep it up!" Taiki said, whilst Benimaru growled.
    "Enough! Crush him, Regulus!" he said, as Taiki's Beat Kukulcan eventually lost stamina, allowing itself to be flung by Regulus.

    "No way!" 
    "Hah! You're weak, Taiki. Your math test agrees too." Tobisuke laughed along, pointing to his pal.
    "One point to Benimaru for a Ring Out Finish! That makes the score 1-0!" 
    Taiki shook his head, snapping out of it. "You may have won this time, but I'll win!"
    "Keep dreaming."

    "Ready, set!"
    "One!" As it started raining, Taiki tripped, launching his Kukulcan in the centre of the stadium at an odd angle.
    "Let it rip!"

    Kukulcan, being launched in the centre of the stadium, deflected the small chain of attacks from Regulus, as it circled around like a Flash Shoot. After a heavy attack, Regulus flew into the wall and burst, much to Benimaru's disbelief.
    Tobisuke shook his hands and pointed to Taiki. "T-two points for an Over Finish! That makes the score 2-1!"

    Taiki laughed, and gave them a thumbs-up. "Good job guys! Thanks for battling me." He said, walking off. Meanwhile, Theodore Glass, sitting in the back of his limousine glanced over at Taiki bursting Benimaru.
    "Are you sure? What makes him so special? He only won one battle." One of Theodore's assistants asked.
    "Stop the car. We'll see about that." He grinned, tapping a button on his phone.

    Meanwhile, Taiki, who practicised at another stadium, launched his bey.
    "LET IT RIP!" he called out numerously, before being approached by fifty masked bladers.
    "Prepare to battle." They all said emotionlessly.
    "If it's a battle you want, you'll get it." Taiki challenged, pulling out his Beat Kukulcan.

    Theodore, who was observing from a distance, turned to his assistant.
    "I admire his attitude. If his strength proves to be more than meets the eye, we shall recruit him." His glasses glowed red for a moment, as did his eyes. "To the Snake Pit!"
    All fifty bladers and Taiki held up their launchers, preparing to battle.
    "LET IT RIP!" They all called out in unison, firing their beyblades.

    Since there were fifty beyblades, the stadium was pretty clogged, despite it being an extra large one. The defense and stamina types stood idle in the middle, whilst the attack and balance types chased after Taiki's bey, who dived into the middle, hoping to destroy some of the defense types. They all blocked the attack, sending it recoiling into the wall.

    "Just keep charging!" Taiki commanded, as his Kukulcan raged through the middle. A blue aura emerged from him, and the only sounds were twelve of the stamina and defense types bursting. Nori, who watched from the steps, said, "Come on! Thirty-eight more to go!"
    He looked at his sister and nodded, before realizing there were attack and balance types right at his tail.

    "Dodge it, Kukulcan!" He shouted again, escaping them, as the remaining defense types clashed with the attack and balance types, making a huge collision. Twenty eight more burst, leaving ten beyblades left. By now, Taiki's bey was almost out of stamina.
    "Keep.. on.. pushing!" Taiki panted, slamming into more of the beys. There was five left, however Kukulcan was almost out of stamina and quite close to bursting.

    The prongs on his Kukulcan's layer popped out as it scraped the stadium floor, giving it a massive boost upward, as it skyrocketed and dived down, landing on two of the beys, bursting them both. His Kukulcan then landed on its prong again, shooting upward, landing on another, as the remaining three beyblades burst one by one. Afterward, as his Kukulcan finally ran out of stamina, it bursted. Taiki fell to the floor, watching the fifty bladers walk away, grunting.

    "I.. did it!" He panted. His cheeks were red and he was exhausted. 
    "Excuse me, Mr. Igarashi." A genuine-sounding voice said, as Theodore glass handed him a business card and shook Taiki's hand. "I was impressed by your performance. Those were fifty of my best bladers." He whispered into Taiki's ear. "Do you want to become stronger?" 

    Taiki nodded. "And who are you?"
    "My name is Theodore Glass." He whispered. "Listen, join our Snake Pit organization. You shall take on the identity of Cobalt Eye and never return, understood? You'll be at the point of destroying beys." 
    That immediately rung a bell in Taiki's ears, so he nodded.
    "What about my parents?"
    "I've already covered that, I gave them a chat and said it was a 'Beyblade' internship. All done." He smiled evilly, escorting Taiki into his limousine.

    "Bye Nori!" He waved at his sister, before the car roared to life, driving them both off.

    Chapter 2

    As the car had roared to life, Taiki glared at Theodore Glass. "So you're going to get me a new Beyblade?" 

    "It's about time. Look at that filthy bey of yours." The man criticized, pointing to the damage dealt to Kukulcan - it was severely chipped, dented and scuffed. "If you truly want to become stronger, dispose of it."

    "Excuse me?"

    "I said dispose of it."

    Taiki sighed, as the window on the car door opened. He channeled his anger and desire to become stronger, before effortlessly tossing away his Kukulcan, watching it scatter across the road and being run over by a monstrous-sized truck.

    "That was a gift from Nori." Taiki somberely folded his arms.
    "And my gift to you is strength. Isn't that you wanted?"

    "I guess so." The boy replied. "So where's this Snake Pit place?"


    "Mexico? Are you kidding me? That's hours away!"

    "Are you forgetting I'm rich?"

    Taiki had stifled a laugh. He was starting to become more comfortable around Theodore.

    After arriving at the Beigoma airport, Taiki looked around to see cameras flashing. They made their way inside, as they were being escorted by Theodore's assistant.

    "This way, sir." 

    "What can I say, kid? I'm famous." Theodore turned to Taiki, the duo following the assistant onto a private plane. The boy's jaw immediately dropped in awe. The spacious area, the sweet scent of BeyBread and.. suddenly, his stomach growled like a rogue bear. 

    "If it's food you need, Norman's got it covered." Theodore said, pointing to a boy with green hair and a deep blue trench coat.

    Taiki immediately helped himself to food, before the television turned on. It showed a cheerful face with spiky-blue hair and a blue jacket. Suddenly, Theodore clenched his fists, tossing the remote like a boomerang into the television.

    "What's wrong?" He asked, ignoring the shattered glass sprinkling onto the floor.

    "N-nothing." Theodore, wiping the blood from the crude-looking shard. "Now, Norman, meet Taiki." He introduced the boy.

    Norman, having a hatred for new bladers, rolled his eyes and walked away. Much to Theodore's amusement, he began chuckling. 

    "It reminds him of a boy who used to be in the Snake Pit, called Shu. He proved to be stronger and took a higher rank." 

    Taiki, being young and childish, shrugged it off. "Well, I don't really care."

    "I suggest you rest up, Igarashi. You have quite a day ahead of you."

    He nodded and walked away, collapsing onto a fluffy white bed, the Hotel kind. Taiki immediately dozed off, marking the end of a day.


    Taiki, immediately woke up. Rubbing his eyes, he found himself inside a different location. He was on a stone-cold bed, reminding him of a prison cell. "This isn't the plane." He observed, walking around the room impatiently. Tapping on the bars lightly, Norman Tarver noticed him. 

    "Good. You're awake."

    "You're like my mum."

    Ignoring the funny remark, Norman coldly said, "Ashtem wants you. As much as you will, don't disappoint."

    Taiki, feeling a cold shiver, walked out of the cell, entering a dark room. He had mixed feelings of fear, excitement and confusion. It was mostly fear, though. The only sound was the sound of a droplet spilling into a puddle. The lights had turned on, however they were dimmed.

    "Welcome, Taiki." A familiar voice said, coming from a masked figure. "So glad you decided to take this opportunity."

    "Y-you're Theodore." He said, shivering as he pointed toward him. The masked figure brushed himself off, before standing up.

    "I prefer the name, Ashtem. Just like how I prefer you to take on the identity of Cobalt Eye."

    Ashtem, pointing to a mask resting upon a cushion, instructed, "Wear it. Become Cobalt Eye."

    Taiki, nodding, placed the mask gently over his head. Surprisingly, it fit perfectly. 

    "From this day, you are Cobalt Eye. You will never return." Ashtem instructed once again.

    "Yes, sir." It was almost as if the boy was mind controlled, or rather, possessed.

    Ashtem turned to one of his assistants as the lights flickered on and off.

    "How's the bey?"

    "Good sir. It is complete." She said, pulling out four parts - a layer, a disc, a frame and a driver. Forged in darkness, Ashtem added,

    "This is your new partner, Adamantine Theseus."

    The layer, Adamantine Theseus, featured two symmetrical blades and a hexagonal-like design. It was mostly black and purple, with occasional patches of blue. The disc, was a part Cobalt Eye recognized - 50. It presented twenty-five spikes on each side, and carrying it was like lifting a dumbbell. The frame, Crown, was a new part to the boy's eyes. It had a rough, and thick design and was almost like a dark, terrifying upgrade to Lift. It had a gap which was perfect for trapping shorter beys. The driver, Ultimate Reboot' was an upgrade to Ultimate Reboot with a tighter spring.

    Carefully assembling the bey, Ashtem turned to Cobalt Eye. 

    "Well then, I suppose you must be ready to battle?"

    Cobalt Eye silently nodded and glanced at his Bey. Suddenly feeling a connection, he was locked into a vision of his unmasked form meeting Adamantine Theseus' avatar.

    "You aren't worthy to wield me. That, I can fix."

    Suddenly, Taiki felt an electrocution to him, and as he exited the vision, he still felt a dark pain but wiped his hair to the other side of his face like Suoh.

    "BRING IT ON!" Cobalt Eye challenged.

    "That's the spirit." Ashtem clapped two times, and a projector forming a hologram of the strongest bladers created Lui Shirasagi and his Bloody Longinus.

    Ashtem, turning to his assistant said, "He seems to be different. Perhaps a confident boost?"

    "Sir, I think he's possessed by Theseus, like what happened to Shu Kurenai, and Aiga Akaba."

    The man chuckled. "Yes... this is going according to plan." He sensed a dark, terrifying aura from Taiki.




    "Let it rip!"

    Thanks to Longinus' Jolt driver, it glided across the stadium in a flower pattern, bankshotting Adamantine Theseus. The same electrifying pain he felt earlier returned, as he placed a hand over his chest.

    "Attack now, Theseus!" He commanded, as the avatar, a Knight armored with black and armed with a Minotaur's battle axe, appeared.

    "ULTIMATE ADAMANTINE REBOOT!" The prongs on the Ultimate Reboot' driver retracted, giving it a massive power boost, as it charged into Bloody Longinus, immediately bursting it.

    "Who's next?" Cobalt Eye said cockily.

    "Gotta hand it to you, I'm quite fond of this new attitude. Show me more."

    The projector displayed Free de La Hoya. Once again, after an Ultimate Adamantine Reboot, Geist Fafnir exploded into three parts. The same went with Shu Kurenai, Phi, Hearts and last but not least, Valt Aoi.

    "I'm the strongest blader!" Cobalt Eye roared, pointing his Beyblade to them. "And nobody can stop me!"

    Suddenly, a dark silhouette emerged from the shadows. The lights placed on the roof, placed neatly in rows, flickered, before bursting one by one. 

    "Who's there?" Cobalt Eye said, alerting himself of his surroundings. The next thing was a chuckle. "But I can!" The shadow suddenly revealed himself to be Norman Tarver, the same boy from before. Similar to Cobalt Eye, he also had a fixed attitude. Reaching through the pockets of his trench coat, he pulled out his Beyblade.

    "Meet your worst nightmare. Disaster Nemesis." 

    Chapter 3

    "Ready, set!"




    "Let it rip!"

    Cobalt Eye glanced over at Ashtem's assistant's tablet. It showed all the parts to Disaster Nemesis. The layer featured the same hammer-like design to Twin Nemesis, however the hammers had a new addition with metal. They were also noticeably larger in size. Placed throughout the layer were springs, which Cobalt Eye assumed were part of its gimmick. The disc was another new part, Tempo. It had two protrusions on each side like Dagger and Hit, however one side was smaller and lighter in weight, making it imbalanced which would benefit its speed. And finally, the driver, Soar. It was almost an upgraded version of Tower, however, like Beat Lynx's Spin Track, TH170, it was extremely heavy and would lower its height when closer to bursting.

    Geist Fafnir immediately claimed the centre. 

    "Hah! Everyone knows Geist Fafnir can Spin Steal!" Cobalt Eye arrogantly remarked.

    "Which is why I can do THIS!" Norman replied, as Geist Fafnir's rubber glowed as it was about to absorb. Disaster Nemesis became taller in height, dodging Fafnir's attack.

    Then, one of Bloody Longinus' wings attempted to pierce through Nemesis, however Norman quickly pulled out a card from his sleeve.

    "Disastrous Hammer Smash!" 

    As one of the wings on Longinus attempted to slash through Disaster Nemesis' driver and damage it, Nemesis immediately lowered the height on its driver and layer, grabbing hold onto Bloody Longinus, bursting it immediately.

    "Whatever, I could do that-" Cobalt Eye was interrupted by the sound of a second burst. Dead Hades, this time, using Dead Gravity, was proved to be useless against Nemesis' speed and weight. Disaster Nemesis, chomping down on Geist Fafnir, swung it around like nun-chucks, slamming it into Revive Phoenix as they both burst.

    Now, the remaining two - Shu Kurenai and Valt Aoi. Norman, planning to get sweet revenge, decided to eliminate Valt first. He realized that the burst stoppers were out, and grit his teeth. "Think you're so smart, Valt? DISASTROUS HAMMER UPPERCUT!" Suddenly, Norman's second special move came into action. Nemesis' avatar, the same dragon now armored and with more heads, emerged from the darkness.

    Of course, Norman wasn't going to win that easily - Cho-Z Valkyrie used its Super Valkyrie Slash, as one of its wings glowed, glistening under the flickering lights. Once again, Norman counterattacked, dealing a barrage of attacks before firing Valkyrie into the roof, the hologram fading away.

    "So nice to battle you again, Shu." The green-haired psychopath cloaked in a trench coat widened his eyes. "YOU'RE DONE FOR!" Somehow, Disaster Nemesis endlessly sent a chain of attacks toward Cho-Z Spriggan, pushing in a burst stopper. Whilst in the middle of the battle, Cobalt Eye noticed a crack in Cho-Z Spriggan's layer, with a fragment on the stadium. Nemesis' avatar grabbed its hammer and hacked away at Cho-Z Spriggan, bursting it in impact and cracking it.

    Although it was just a hologram, Norman felt satisfied avenging Twin Nemesis. Cho-Z Spriggan's hologram faded away, dissolving.

    "Listen here, you don't deserve to be in the Snake Pit. So if I win, you leave." Norman said, pointing at Cobalt Eye.

    "And if I win?"

    "Then same rules apply to me."

    "Very well. Prepare to lose."

    Ashtem, intrigued by the sudden civil war, stood in the centre. 

    "Well then, the first to three points wins. The loser, leaves."

    Norman gulped, remembering that the entire floor was built around a system of trap-doors.

    "Ready, set!"



    "Let it rip!"

    Disaster Nemesis, jolting around the outer rim of the stadium, was in perfect sync with its blader.

    "Go on, attack me if you dare."

    Cobalt Eye shook his head mockingly. "I don't take orders from anyone other than Ashtem!" He said at the perfect moment, as Adamantine Theseus, claiming the center, spun slowly.

    Norman, scowling, extended its height to the maximum.

    "This is not the battle you were expecting."

    The prongs on the Ultimate Reboot' driver retracted. "GO HARD THESEUS! ULTIMATE ADAMANTINE REBOOT!"

    As Adamantine Theseus exited the center and chased after Nemesis, it lashed into the Soar driver, which had a small fragment of its driver chip.


    "That's the only thing you'll tell me to do!" Cobalt Eye screamed, as Adamantine Theseus, who was sent flying from the attack, rebounded off the wall and flew on top of Disaster Nemesis, who lowered its height out of pressure. As the attack grew stronger and stronger, beneath Cobalt Eye's mask, his eyes became fully purple, similar to Aiga's possession.

    "GIVE ME MORE THESEUS! MORE, MORE! MORE POWER!" He bellowed, much to Ashtem's surprise. He had seen Shu become consumed by Spriggan, however nothing had become worse than this.

    "SHUT UP! I'LL DESTROY YOUR BEYBLADE! YOU'RE A PATHETIC BLADER!" He pointed to Cobalt Eye, who growled out of those words. After endless clashing, he called out, "NOW THESEUS!"

    Adamantine Theseus had drilled into Disaster Nemesis' layer, flinging it out of the stadium, earning him a point.

    "One point to Cobalt Eye for an Over Finish. That makes one point." Ashtem announced.

    "Mark my words, Taiki." Norman's golden eyes glowed.

    "Ready, set!"




    "Let it rip!"

    Disaster Nemesis had decided to lower its driver height and layer, as he decided to end the battle as soon as possible. Norman's bey had entered hiding underneath Theseus, and began attacking it from all directions rapidly.

    "Disastrous Hammer Uppercut!" Norman commanded, as Nemesis' avatar awakened. Disaster Nemesis tilted and whipped at Adamantine Theseus, uppercutting it into the air.

    As Cobalt Eye's bey had been drained of stamina, it had returned to the stadium's surface, where Nemesis had made the mistake of hiding once again. As Theseus had been drained of stamina, it continually scraped the stadium floor, attacking Disaster Nemesis.

    "Enough!" Norman thundered.

    "Now's your chance Nemesis! Disastrous Hammer Smash!"

    Nemesis' driver and layer height had increased, shooting both beys up. They had made one final contact, as Nemesis had ran out of stamina and glided back to the stadium floor, whilst Adamantine Theseus had been flung out of the stadium.

    "One point to Disaster Nemesis for an Over Finish! That makes the score 1-1." Ashtem announced again. 

    "Ready, set!"




    "Let it rip!"

    Both beys, with an aura, continually attacked each other. With each hit, they both became closer to bursting. 

    "Ultimate Adamantine Reboot!" Cobalt Eye commanded, as the driver had gained an impressive amount of speed. Adamantine Theseus, who was dealing a flower-pattern attack to Disaster Nemesis, had regained more and more stamina. "Keep it up, Theseus!"

    Nemesis, changing its height on the driver, was only two clicks away from bursting. This time, in its extended height, it had become wobbly, as Theseus wouldn't give up its menacing attacks. "Now, crush him!" Cobalt Eye said once again. As Norman observed the battle, he noticed that Nemesis was the closest to bursting. 

    "Not so fast! Disastrous Hammer Smash!" Norman said, as it lowered its height, drilling into Adamantine Theseus' layer. Theseus had made a chain of barrage attacks, almost like a Rush-Launch.

    "You really do remind me of Valt," Norman added.

    "Why's that?" Cobalt Eye questioned.

    "Because you both keep letting your guard down! Now, Nemesis! End him with Disastrous Hammer Uppercut!"

    Since Nemesis was closer to bursting, it lowered its height and used one of its hammer-like walls to uppercut Theseus, as suddenly, Adamantine Theseus had instantly lost two clicks. "Keep, fighting Theseus! Go, now!" Cobalt Eye urged Theseus, as it had slammed into Nemesis. 

    "AARGH! ENOUGH!" Norman bellowed in rage. "DESTROY HIM!" Suddenly, Nemesis, who climbed to the top of the stadium, swooped down and crashed into Adamantine Theseus, immediately bursting it.

    "N-no way!" Cobalt Eye gasped, as the frame and disc had detached, the disc excavating into his mask, cracking it clean in half. Adamantine Theseus, was severely battered.

    "Two points to Disaster Nemesis for a Burst Finish. Norman Tarver wins." Ashtem announced excitedly, turning to the unmasked Taiki.

    "I hope you're a man of your word, Taiki." Norman chuckled, as the young kid had cuts on his fingers. 

    "You know what happens to losers, Cobalt Eye. Norman, take his bey." Ashtem ordered.

    Norman nodded, and attempted to snatch Adamantine Theseus from Taiki, however, the trapdoor opened early, as the boy held onto the ledge barely.

    Taiki immediately sweeped Adamantine Theseus into the hole, and somehow the mask fell into the empty void too.

    "You've got heart, kid. But you're just not cut out." Norman said, as Taiki panted heavily. The green-haired boy with the trench coat flicked Taiki's fingers off, as he fell into the empty void.

    On the other side, Taiki opened his eyes. He saw another kid observing his bey.

    "Woah, cool bey!" He heard the boy saying. "Look Carl, he's waking up!"

    The boy ran over to Taiki. "You alright?"

    "Hey, hands off my bey!" Taiki exclaimed angrily.

    "Sorry," the boy stifled a laugh. "The name's Cuza, and hang on a second.." Cuza noticed the mask. "You're from the Snake Pit?"

    As Taiki stood up, brushing himself off, it was safe to say his possession was gone.

    "I was lied to. I really didn't kno-"

    "Hey, don't sweat it," Cuza cut him off. "But you know, black doesn't really look good on your bey. Nothing BC Sol can't fix!"

    "Who's that?" Taiki questioned.
    "I'll explain to you on the way," Cuza replied as the two began walking off. "Seriously though, your bey would look better in blue." 

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  • Since the products for the Superking BeyLauncher of both the Right and Left Spin Launchers came out. The fact that they haven't create the Superking BeyLauncher LR (I predict that's it name). I wonder how would they do it. Will they do it the same way as they did it for the past LR Launchers? I'm pretty sure that they will have it a little bit diffrerent. And also I think when Drum gets a new dragon he will also own a sparking launcher.

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  • Since the products for the Superking BeyLauncher of both the Right and Left Spin Launchers came out. The fact that they haven't create the Superking BeyLauncher LR (I predict that's it name). I wonder how would they do it. Will they do it the same way as they did it for the past LR Launchers? I'm pretty sure that they will have it a little bit diffrerent. And also I think when Drum gets a new dragon he will also own a sparking launcher.

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    • Yeah, it probably will be like the original LR launcher, and it is most certain that Drum will have a Sparking launcher, since almost every character in the show so far has one.

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    • I'm pretty sure that he will own a string launcher. Because they don't have a sparking launcher for the light launchers.

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    • Oh yeah, I forgot he owns a ripcord launcher. He could either change to a string launcher, or he could possibly own a Sparking ripcord launcher, but I honestly doubt that, but we won't know until summer. 

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  • YOU'RE THE BEST TitaniumNinja74!!!!!!!!!

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  • So Beyblade girlfriend 26 year old super mega 1993 she's back.

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    • I know and from what I've heard, she was blocked again.

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    • Hey it's me, I know that this chat has been weeks ago. I'm just letting you know right now that I have been blocked again. Only this time I have done nothing wrong. I know that this chat was about Beyblade girlfriend 26 year super mega 1993. But I just decided to use this chat.

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  • I have already know that Valt's nickname Twinkle-Toes is the simlar to the main character from Avatar The Last Airbender. Zac calls Valt Twinkle-Toes, Toph calls Aang Twinkle-Toes.

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  • Are you sure it's called command dragon? It doesn't seem like Hasbro would change the first letter of the bey's name.

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    • Yes, The Debut Episode for The Bey Aired Today in the Ukraine and It is Confirmed to Be Called Command Dragon.

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