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The Metal Chip Core (メタルチップコア, Metaru Chippu Koa) is an accessory able to attach to the Superking Chips of the Superking Layer System.


As the name implies, the Metal Chip Core is a Chip Core featuring metal in the center. A Metal Chip Core can replace the existing plastic Chip Cores of all Superking Chips, except Diabolos, Diabolos, Lucifer 1, Lucifer 2, and Spriggan, all of which feature their own non-removable metal Chip Cores.

When attached to a Superking Chip, it adds about half a gram of weight. The slight addition of weight increases the Layer's inertia, and thus for Attack Type combinations, it helps them hold a Banking Pattern longer than usual. The added weight also reduces the risk of Bursts and increases Stamina.

The Metal Chip Core were originally released exclusively as wbba. event freebies. It was later a standard inclusion with the Helios 2 and Hyperion 2 Superking Chips.


The Metal Chip Core finds use in Attack Type combinations that use Superking Layers such as Rage. However, Attack Type Superking Layers are outclassed by Dynamite Battle Layers, although they are still somewhat competitive.

As such, Metal Chip Cores are not a must-have but a welcome addition for the WBO's Burst format.

Metal Chip Cores are not legal in the WBO's Burst GT format.

Metal Chip Cores are not legal in the WBO's Burst Limited format.

Metal Chip Cores are not legal in the WBO's Burst Classic format.


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  • The Metal Chip Core originally came from a Superking Campaign in Japan. By participating in G4 tournaments and/or battling motorized Beys, you could get points and redeem them for it.