Metal Fight Beyblade Chapter 002: Leone's Roar is the second chapter of the manga, Metal Fight Beyblade. It is followed by Metal Fight Beyblade Chapter 003: The Forbidden Bey: L Drago!! The last one before this chapter is Descending Pegasus




After Ginga beats all the Face Hunters with the Blader's Spirit he has to beat Kyouya at a Beybattle and win in order to free Kenta. Kyouya tells Ginga to follow him to the top of the building. They go to Kyouya's own private arena to battle. Ginga lets out his Pegasis 105F to fight against Kyouya's Leone. Despite Ginga telling Kyouya about the Blader's Spirit, Kyouya ignores him and battles. Pegasis is having trouble fighting Leone due to Ginga discovering that the arena, was specifically designed so that the wind would not knock Leone away making, Kyouya win any battle. Pegasis is about to be knocked out by Leone's "Lion Gale Wall" but, Pegasis is sent flying up into the sky. While Kenta feels sad that Ginga lost and Kyouya knowing he won, Ginga tells him that his Pegasis isn't finished. Just then, Pegasis comes flying down into Leone and beats Leone using "Pegasis Shooting Star Attack." Ginga gets and frees Kenta with Kenta thanking Ginga for saving him. Ginga then gives Kyouya, his Leone stating that they (Kyouya and Leone) both have a good freindship; Ginga and Kyouya become friends. However, a helicopter comes revealing a man named, Daidoji who was searching for Ginga. He pulls out his Beyblade, Wolf and launches it at the building, slicing through the metal making the building fall apart. Due to this, Ginga and Kenta fall off the building.



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