The Forbidden Bey: L-Drago!! (禁断のベイ・エルドラゴ!! Kindan no Bei: Eru Dorago!!) is the third chapter of the Metal Fight Beyblade manga series and the first chapter of the third Metal Fight Beyblade arc.


As Ginga, Kenta, and Kyouya are falling to their deaths by Daidoji, Ginga quickly gets out Pegasis 105F to use "Pegasis Tornado Wing" to land them safely on the ground. As Kenta and Kyoya rejoice they see Ginga has fainted from the attack. Suddenly, a mysterious person in a robe named, Hokuto, an old friend of Ginga's tells them to come into his hut because it's raining. There Hokuto tells them why they are being chased. They are being chased by the "Dark Nebula", an evil organization who want to use the "Hidden Power." He tells them that only a select group of Beybladers have powers to control their Blade instead of it being just a game. He tells that Dark Nebula wants to use the power of the "Forbidden Bey", L Drago to rule the world. However they are chasing the gang because Pegasis, Ginga's Beyblade is the only one that can defeat L Drago. Meanwhile, in the helicopter Daidoji talks to Sir Ryuuga, a member of Dark Nebula if he defeated the Ginga. He tells that Ginga is still alive and well. Due to this, they get off and Sir Ryuuga uses his Bey, L Drago to clear the rain so they may search for Ginga. Back at Hokuto's hut Kenta discovers the rain has stopped. They go to get something to eat but are stopped by Busujima, a member of Dark Nebula who was sent to destroy Pegasis. Hokuto takes off his robe and reveals that he is is actually a talking Beyblader dog. Hokuto, quickly launches his Bey, Libra and battles Busujima's Bey Escolpio. As Escolpio takes the lead, Ginga wakes up and launches his Pegasis at Libra. Pegasis defeats Libra easily and wins the battle. They rejoice at Ginga being back but are discovered by Ryuuga.



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