Stand up, Ginga! (立ち上がれ銀河!! Tachiagare Ginga!!) is the twentieth chapter of the Metal Fight Beyblade manga series and the first chapter of the Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion arc.


In an airplane, a young boy is eating a multitude of junk food, i.e. chips, lolliepops etc. He arrives at his destination with a grin all while holding his Bey, Ray Unicorno. Meanwhile, Ginga and Kenta chat in a restauraunt. Kenta tells Ginga of a new world tournament called Big Bang Bladers. Bladers from all across the world will be competing in order to be crowned the title of the "Best Blader in the World." There is a qualifying tournament starting and the two Bladers that win will be representing Japan in Big Bang Bladers. Ginga does not feel he should but after Kenta convincing him, Ginga finally agrees. The duo find many Bladers waiting in order to participate in the tournament. Gingka also has a small talk with his father about Galaxy Pegasis' power. They also find old faces, Kyouya, Benkei, Hokuto, and even Sora. Sora aks if he could be Ginga's partner to win the the qualifying tournament so they may enter Big Bang Bladers. Ginga agrees and they take off. As they battle, they win every battle, leading up to the semi-finals. Kyouya also battles but loses. Ginga wins however, Sora loses from an unknown Bey. The owner of the Bey reveals himself to be Masamune Kadoya. Masamune states he wants to defeat Ginga. He states that he traveled here by plane because back home, he heard how Ginga won the Battle Bladers tournament. So now, he wants to be able to beat Ginga. The Bladers start their battle. Ginga's Galaxy Pegasis against Masamune's Ray Unicorno. Masamune proves to be a tough opponent as Ray Unicorno launches Galaxy Pegasis into the air. The Beys fight and it seems Masamune will win. However, Ginga is determined to win as Galaxy Pegasus strikes Ray Unicorno from being launched into the air. With that, Ginga has defeated Masamune. Masamune likes Gingka's skills and shakes his hand. He asks if he would be his partner to represent Japan in Big Bang Bladers. Ginga agrees and with that, Ginga and Masamune become Japan's representatives to compete in Big Bang Bladers!



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