Shoot the Dragon of Destruction!! (Japanese: 破壊のドラゴンを撃つ!, Shoot the Dragon of Destruction!!) is the second chapter of the manga arc, Ultimate Bladers, which is based on Beyblade: Metal Fury, and the 32nd chapter of the Metal Fight Beyblade manga overall. It was first released in the May issue of CoroCoro, and was re-released in Metal Fight Beyblade Vol. 8 on April 27, 2011. It is preceded by A Story Fierce Battle!!.

The plot revolves around Gingka's next encounter with Ryuga whom with his new Bey, L-Drago Destructor F:S, challenges Gingka to a battle, to see who is stronger after all the time that has passed, in the second match of Ultimate Bladers.


The next match of the “Ultimate Bladers” tournament kicks off with a bang as Ryuga goes on-the-attack with his new L-Drago Destructor F:S, putting Gingka & his Cosmic Pegasus F:D on the defensive. Broadcasting live from the WBBA new chopper, Blader DJ televises the match taking place atop the Uluru plateau, in the southern part of the Northern Territory, central Australia.

Elsewhere, Kenta, Sora and Benkei are watching the match on the television and Kenta can't help but worry for Gingka, as he remembers how Ryuga defeated Gingka in every battle up to this point. Yuki, also aboard the WBBA chopper, is also concerned after comparing the two Blader's BBP, with Gingka valued at 15,000BBP and is outclassed by Ryuga who is calculated at 30,000BBP! Gingka remains confident nonetheless, even as Ryuga presses his attack. But suddenly, Ryuga breaks away and unleashes his newest Ultimate Dark Spin Move, the "Ryūō Meikaiha” (竜皇命壊破; りゅうおうめいかいは). The attack strikes with earth-shattering force and spikes Gingka’s Cosmic Pegasus deep into the ground. But much to Ryuga’s surprise, the match continues as Pegasus roars back to the surface, still full of life and his opponent as confident as ever.

After exchanging blows with their Beys, Gingka and Ryuga unleash their full strength, pushing their respective BBP values up to 58,000! Yuki is astounded by this turn of events, but no more than his discovery that Ryuga is in fact a Legend Blader! With their powers primed, Ryuga makes the first move by powering-up his L-Drago into a golden-armored form and launches the Ryūō Meikaiha once again! Anticipating this, Gingka activates Cosmic Pegasus's special ability and switches the Cosmic Wheel to "Upper Attack Mode", the same ability Kenta and the others recognized as the same ability Kyoya’s Fang Leone 130W²D used in the last match. Gingka unleashes his newly invented "Pegasus Rising Upper" (天馬昇天擊, ペガシスライジングアッパー) Special Move and both Beys collide with tremendous force.

As the dust settles, both Pegasus and L-Drago continue spinning, albeit weakly. As for the competitors, both Bladers stand exhausted, but in a show great willpower, continue battling. But Gingka surprises all with his determination, despite the battle's intensity, Ryuga's constant taunts, and fatigue. At battle's end, Pegasus is the last Bey spinning, much Gingka to excitement!

Ryuga picks up his Bey and reflects upon the battle. Satisfied with his defeat, Ryuga leaves knowing he'd done his best.



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