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Metal Fight Beyblade The Movie: VS The Sun - Sol Blaze, the Scorching Hot Invader (劇場版 メタルファイト ベイブレードVS太陽 灼熱の侵略者ソルブレイズ, Gekijō-Ban Metaru Faito Beiburēdo VS Taiyō Shakunetsu no Shinryakusha Soru Bureizu) is a Beyblade film based on the Beyblade: Metal Masters anime and is the second Beyblade film overall, following Beyblade: The Movie - Fierce Battle. The film was released theatrically in Japan on August 18th, 2010, and later saw a limited theatrical release in the rest of Asia.


The film follows Gingka and Co. during summer vacation where upon playing in recent tournament, are visited by the mysterious Helios. Along with his grandfather, Helios plans to use his Bey, the Sol Blaze V145AS as he battles Gingka Hagane which in consequence, causes extreme weather to develop world-wide in a heated battle.


An asteroid from space is seen passing through the solar system and prepares to pass by Earth. Extreme weather starts to develop all around the world from harsh winds to volcanos erupting as the population become terrified and cower in fear. Meanwhile, men on a ship are sailing on the ocean to their destination. When they arrive, ancient ruins rise from the water and as they explore the ruins, one man uses his Bey, Dark Posiedon, to unlock a mysterious Beyblade. The Bey, Sol Blaze V145AS, is then given to the man's grandson, Helios. Helios uses Sol Blaze's power to create disatorous weather outside. It's summer time for Gingka and his friends as they play at the beach. Benkei wants food and starts to choke and drinks a beverage from Kenta but spits it out. Gingka, Masamune, and Benkei swim while Tsubasa just sits peacefully on the beach. Kenta and Yu make sandcastles, Hyoma and Hokuto sit on the beach while Madoka just sits on her bench relaxing on the beach in delight. Gingka and his friends have now exited the beach and are in a Beyblade tournament. Gingka and Kenta battle with Gingka winning. Then, Masamune and Tsubasa battle with Tsubasa winning. Gingka and Tsubasa go head-to-head while Madoka watches with Kenta cheering Gingka on. The battle is fierce but in the end it is Gingka who emerges victorious. Just then, a shield starts to cover the top of the stadium and smoke appears. People cough when Yu and other Bladers are found lying on the floor as it's covered in scorch scorch marks. Gingka and the others rush to his rescue when Helios emerges from the smoke and revels himself to them. Helios states that he caused this and wants to battle Gingka. Gingka accepts, swearing to defeat him for what he's done. Gingka's Galaxy Pegasus battles Helios' Sol Blaze. Sol Blaze hits Pegasus repeately getting Gingka in jeopardy. Madoka uses her computer and finds out that Sol Blaze is an Attack-Type that can change its Spin Track to become a Defense-Type Bey. This is bad news for Gingka as it seems Gingka will lose this battle. Helios uses a Special Move called 'Blaze Execution', that defeats Pegasus by breaking it; Helios is the winner. Gingka is shocked at how he lost while his friends come to support him and launch their Beys at Sol Blaze. None of them are able to deliver a direct hit at Sol Blaze and lose. Helios takes his Bey with him and leaves. At the B-Pit, Gingka and Madoka talk about Gingka's loss. Gingka sees Sol Blaze as a very powerful Bey and needs to be able to defeat Helios once and for all. Masamune, Kenta, and Benkei barge in to talk to Gingka. Benkei gets ontop of Masamune and Masamune bites him, hurting Benkei's arm. Gingka gets angry at Masamune for doing that and they start arguing. Madoka yells at them both to stop fighting. Masamune gets angry and runs away from the B-Pit. Helios and his grandfather talk about Gingka. Helios sees him as a strong opponent but not strong enough. Tetsuya and Tobio look at the Helios' clan and they see it as an opportunity to become the strongest Bladers in the world. Tobio then fires Storm Capricorn at a camera in the clan's headquarters.

Meanwhile, Gingka wakes up in a dream, where he meets Pegasus's spirit, who has fully healed from Sol Blaze's Special Move. Gingka apologizes to his partner and tells it that they will win next time, but Pegasus tells Gingka that fighting Helios will not solve anything, rather it will only bring choas. Back in the real world, Madoka finishes repairing Galaxy Pegasus as Gingka wakes up startlingly. Jut then, Gingka's father, Ryo, and Hikaru appear on Madoka's computer with information on Atlantis: Atlantis was an ancient civilization that people have been writing about for years and was kept prospered by Orichalcum. Madoka recognizes it as a strange metal that holds a mysterious power. Hikaru mentions that back then Atlantis used Orichalcum to develop something similar to modern Beyblade Fusion Wheels. Ryo concludes that the Atlantians may have had Beyblades, which surprises Gingka. Later, Tetsuya finds Ryutaro and tells him to follow him. Masamune runs through the city in anger. He finally reaches to the top of a building and rests; lies down crying. He is spotted by Ryutaro and Tetsuya, and joins them after he learns their plan. Masamune follows both Bladers to a bay. Helios appears before them and challenges them to a Beybattle. As expected, Sol Blaze starts strong, but that's when Ryutaro activates Distortion Drive to trap Helios into Pisces's world. Tetsuya pulls Masamune away so that he won't be trapped in Distortion Drive and tells Masamune that their plan is to have Sol Blaze weakened by battling both Striker and Pisces, so Tobio can give the finishing blow by launching Capricorn directly at Sol Blaze. However, Helios breaks through Distortion Drive and knocks Tobio out of his hiding place. Helios tells them that it's their fault Atlantis suffered, as he flashbacks to when he was young and started Beyblading; he was training with his grandfather, Bakim, he wasn't sure of his abilities and was having trouble. But Bakim assures him that he will become stronger if he just put in more effort. Helios asks Bakim why Atlantis was destroyed, Bakim says that the people of other countries feared the power of the Orichalcum Bey and they destroyed Atlantis in response. Helios then ruthlessly attacks Masamune, Tetsuya, Tobio, and Ryutaro claiming that his ancestors deserved a future and with the power of Sol Blaze, he will restore Atlantis. Tsubasa is in the ark where he sees many Earth's animals and was later shocked when he sees a strange looking machine. In Koma Village, Hokuto and Hyoma video contact Gingka and Madoka with more information on Atlantis in Koma Village's archives: In the distant past, there was tribe who controlled a deity that resembled Beyblades that was destroyed by the said deity's rampage. With this information, Ryo concludes that the Orichalcum Bey and the deity are the same thing. Gingka then realizes that the Orichalcum Bey that caused Atlantis's destruction is Sol Blaze.

In B-Pit, as Kenta, Benkei and Yu enters the shop, they found Masamune go back home, suffering an injury while brought a wounded Ryutaro. Masamune tells them that Sol Blaze is stronger than the group thought, and collapses before he can reach Kenta and the others. As the gang is shocked by this, Masamune tells Gingka that it's a warning and Helios is waiting for him by the pier. Enraged by this, Gingka journeys with Benkei, Masamune, Kenta, Madoka and Yu to fight Helios and Sol Blaze. They travel to the enemy's headquarters by helicopter, while Kyoya watches them from afar. When they arrive, Gingka trys to convince Helios to stop the rise of Atlantis, but Helios declines. Gingka tells him all Beyblades have its weakness and the Orichalcum bey is too powerful, and Helios was convinced at first, but Bakim makes him declines once more. Then, Bakim commands Helios to crush them. Gingka was enraged a little, but Masamune says whatever you say, it will be useless. Then Masamune recklessly launches Ray Striker, but Helios defeats him with ease. Even he continues to attack Ray Striker. In order to stop Helios from attacking Ray Striker, Benkei, Kenta and Yu launches their beys. This doesn't help much as Helios uses his special move, Blaze Execution, thus almost burning Dark Bull, Flame Sagittario, Flame Libra and Ray Striker. Kenta begs Helios to stop. Then they were saved by Gingka who challenges Helios to a battle. Madoka tells Gingka that Helios only wants Pegasus's power, but Gingka refuses to back down and battles Helios. As the battle starts, both Pegasus and Sol Blaze clash with enormous energy which makes Gingka and Helios evenly matched. Unaware to both bladers, the energy that their Beys give off is being collected and is charging up the strange machine Tsubasa saw earlier, and only Bakim is aware of this. Helios puts Sol Blaze into Attack mode and creates a fire typhoon, but Gingka retaliates with Storm Bringer hoping to finish off Sol Blaze. After Gingka's attack failed; Helios sees Gingka's full power and what makes him a strong opponent, he claims that he finally understands why the Atlantis legend needs the wings of Pegasus and when defeats Gingka, Helios's Orichalcum Bey will replace Gingka's Bey as the strongest Beyblade in the world which will be his vengeance for Atlantis. Gingka refuses to accept defeat, because he carries everyone's BeySpirit and hope for the future. Madoka notices that the weather is getting worse due to Sol Blaze's awakening. As more natural disasters happen all across the world, Gingka and Helios activate their Special Moves: Galaxy Nova and Blaze Execution. After a massive energy surge; Galaxy Pegasus knocks Sol Blaze out of the stadium, making Gingka the winner.

As Gingka's friends congratulate him for winnig, Helios, who is frustrated at his loss, apologizes to his grandfather for losing the battle. However, Bakim isn't mad at all and says that the door to the new world will open at last. The strange machine starts using the collected energy from the battle to fire a massive energy pulse into space. The pulse comes into contact with the asteroid from the beginning of the movie and changes its course towards Earth. As the worldwide disasters get more severe and worse, everyone is confused that the phenomenon hasn't changed. Bakim explains that it didn't matter who won the battle, because he needed Pegasus's power to power-up the Orichalcum and Sol Blaze to amplify the Orichalcum's power to draw an asteroid closer to Earth, as he wants it to hit the planet. As everyone is shocked by what he said, Kenta shouts at Bakim why he's doing this; Bakim says he'll rebuid Atlantis on the surface after the 'fake' world is destroyed, his ship will become an ark for his 'new' society, and plans to watch the impact from space via a shuttle. Bakim offers his grandson to join him, but Helios refuses and asks his grandfather why the world has to be destroyed in order for Atlantis to revive and is it what Atlantis's sun god wanted. Bakim replys by saying everything he told Helios about Atlantis's destruction was a lie and tells him the truth about Atlantis's downfall. Helios is shocked to find out everything he learned were lies and wonders what was the purpose of his desire to revive Atlantis. Bakim departs to the shuttle and leaves his forces to deal with Gingka and co. Just when Bakim's forces launch their Beys, Earth Eagle swoops in and takes them out, Tsubasa tells Gingka that he can stop Adonis if he destroys it before it hits the Earth. Gingka agrees with Tsubasa and everyone else stays behind to deal with Bakim's forces. Before they can launch their Beys, Helios launches Sol Blaze and clears a path for Gingka, telling him that he'll help him. Both bladers catch up to Bakim, who has had enough of them launches his Beyblade, Dark Poseidon, to attack. Before Dark Poseidon can finish them, Rock Leone counterattacks and at that moment, Kyoya shows up. Kyoya announces that he's Bakim's opponent now and tells Gingka to go on. Bakim then unleases his full power on Kyoya, but he retaliates with King Lion Furious Blast Shot and thus defeating Dark Poseidon. Gingka and Helios have reached the shuttle's cockpit and, with Madoka acting as ground control, launch into outer space. Now in space suits, both Bladers exit the shuttle and launch their Beys at the asteroid. Both Pegasus and Sol Blaze crash into the asteroid and obliterate it, saving Earth. As both Bladers return home, Helios asks Gingka if they can have another battle.



Special Moves Used


The movie was primarily released in Japan on August 18th, 2010. It's duration is over 76 minutes[3] and the movie has been dubbed in different languages such as French, German, Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu.[4] The English dub is unconfirmed since it was most likely cancelled.

The DVD format with both posters as its covers were published by Toho and Shogakukan on August 21st, 2010 for ¥2,940 which is equivalent to $17.87.   


Prior to its release and to promote the film, anyone who pre-ordered a ticket would receive a copy of Sol Blaze V145AS. In addition to the bey, Japanese convenience store Lawson sold limited edition stickers and a bonus A4 folder to promote the movie in regards to its merchandising. Coro Coro published a magazine special titled The Super Scorching Guide Book which was only sold in Lawson stores.[5] It was also featured in a Mani Ltd Metal Masters mini catalogue. Due to its scarce rarity, there are no current existing listings of the magazine for sale.

Box office

In its opening week, the film was billed with Duel Masters The Movie 2010 and both stayed at #5 at the box office for two consecutive weeks. However, it soon dropped to #9 while still managing to obtain an amount equal to $959,943.

The film was released in over 216 cinemas and obtained a total amount equal to $3,843,455.

The global gross of the movie was $5,737,369 and remained according to the BoxOffice Mojo chart.[6]


Since the movie and Bey are rare and hard to find, the entire movie can be viewed here on (except for the European Portuguese dub that is available on YouTube).



Beyblade the Movie English Logo

Unused English logo.

  • On the ADK Emotions website, the film is given the English title "Metal Fight Beyblade: The Movie", and an unused English logo utilizing the Beyblade: Metal Masters logo style.[7] The logo however, simply reads "Beyblade: The Movie".
  • The Japanese DVD release of the film included the Rainbow Ver. of Ray Unicorno D125CS. However, this was simply a re-release of the Aurora Ver. with a new sticker sheet.
  • During the scene where Gingka glances at the calendar, the date read August 21, 2010 considered as the easter egg to the DVD release of the movie.

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