The Metal System is the first Beyblade system for the Metal Fight Beyblade series, and the fifth Beyblade system overall. It was succeeded by the Hybrid Wheel System.



Metal System Beyblades consist of four parts:

Face Bolts (FB)

Also known as Faces. Playing a much larger role than the Bit Chip from previous systems, the Face Bolt is the screw that holds all parts together.

Metal Wheels (MW)

Also known as Wheels. They make a place for the Spin Tracks and Face Bolts to attach onto and is the place where most of the contact with the opposing Beyblade is.

Spin Tracks (ST)

Also known as Tracks. These determine the height of the Beyblade. Some are just heights (230, 145, 100, etc.), but some also have special features, such as metal balls (GB145/Gravity Ball 145), down-force (DF145/Down Force 145, DF105 Down Force 105, T125/Tornado 125), claws (C145/Claw 145), horns (H145/Horn 145, ED145/Eternal Defense 145) and height switch Tracks (Change Height 120/CH120 and TH170/Triple Height 170).

Performance Tips (PT)

Also known as Bottoms. They have distinct classes; Attack Tips are flat for aggressive movement and high friction (F, HF, RF, R2F, MF, etc.), Defense Tips are wide/round (RS, WB, WD, etc.), while Stamina Tips are low-friction sharp tips and sometimes free-spinning tips (S, MS, ES, EDS, EWD, etc.).


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