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Meteo L-Drago is a Hasbro-Only, IR Spin Control Beyblade and a variation of Meteo L-Drago LW105LF. It uses the Extreme Top System and was released Fall 2011 in the United States.


Meteo L-Drago is an IR Spin Control Beyblade which means, it uses an IR Controller/Launcher to control the movement of Meteo L-Drago for 15 seconds. The controller has various buttons to use these actions. The buttons are as follows, Channel Selector Switch, Reset Button, Power Boost Button which increases the spin speed, Spirit Button which has Meteo L-Drago make battle call and metal-clashing sounds, and left and right arrows to change the movement of Meteo L-Drago. The controller also shows these small lights which tell the IR power supply for each attack.