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Minoboros M2 Quarter Quake, known as Mad Minoboros Quarter Quake (マッドミノボロス・クオーター・クエイク, Maddo Minoborosu Kuōtā Kueiku) in Japan, is an Attack Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It was released in Japan on August 11th, 2017 for 2700円 as part of the 3on3 Battle Booster Set.

Energy Layer - Minoboros M2

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Minoboros M2 is an Attack Type Layer, based on the Greek legend of the Minotaur. It has a shape similar to the original Minoboros, but it is more aggressive in design, with the blades being more curved and flared out. It still retains a similar imbalance, however, unlike Minoboros, this Layer has less Stamina due to its more aggressive design traits. Despite the design however, this Layer does not have as many major attack points as its predecessor and therefore is not as good at Burst Attack as the original. While the Takara Tomy release of Mad Minoboros features strong teeth to the point of "sticking", it does little to compensate for the poor performance.

Forge Disc - Quarter

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Performance Tip - Quake

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Quake features an elliptical shaped flat tip that is off center of the Performance Tip, meant to make the Beyblade that it is connected to jump around the stadium akin to Quake in Metal Fight Beyblade. However, due to how shallow the tip's angle is as well as how little it is off center, the effect is not consistent and must rely on a lightweight and off balance Combination as well as a heavily angled launch. The hopping gimmick is meant to create Layer to Disc contact and Burst the opponent, however the aforementioned lack of consistency in the effect makes such an attack method not recommended for competitive play. Furthermore, the offset and slanted tip means that Quake is incapable of maintaining a Banking Pattern and will grind against the Tornado Ridge, making Quake ill-suited for Mobile Attack and Tornado Staller Combinations in general.



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