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The Mobile Beystadium was a Beyblade: Metal Fusion Beystadium created by Hasbro and was released on August 2010. It was later re-released under Beyblade: Metal Masters, in 2011 with an updated design while keeping the same features as well as a Rock Zurafa re-color.


Metal Fusion

The Mobile Beystadium as its name implies, is a Beystadium designed for mobile use. It is square-like in shape and features a handle to carry it. When opened, the latch reveals the Stadium floor which features a slope and a tornado ridge; as well as a bump. Beside it are two latches that are supposedly used to stop the Beyblades from getting knocked out of the Beystadium.

Other features of the Mobile Beystadium include no penalty pockets so "the battle can keep on going" and the ability to store over 50 Beyblade tops in it.

The Mobile Beystadium is made of a hard plastic, and has a bump in the center. Due to these factors, this makes it a bad Stadium to use, as it provides little to no traction, and does not allow any grip for Performance Tips such as R2F, and makes Beys jump out of the Stadium due to the bump in the center. Because of this, Beystadiums like the Attack Type Stadium outclass it and are more recommended.

Metal Masters

The Metal Masters version, now has grey colouring replacing all the red parts, there is still red colouring though which has replaced the orange colour of the Stadium floor. The latches are also now red and the handle is black as opposed to brown.

The case features all new designs which include the following. It now depicts Meteo L-Drago, Galaxy Pegasus, Gravity Destroyer, and Ray Striker who replace the motifs of Storm Pegasus, Dark Wolf, Dark Bull, and Rock Leone respectively. They still appear on the four corners of the case but are smaller with circular designs on a new yellow background.

The Storm Pegasus and Dark Wolf designs have also been replaced with thunder and fire-like designs and the Metal Fusion logo was replaced with the Metal Masters logo to accommodate the new season.

An additional variant is included with a Rock Zurafa R145WB recolor in a "Special Value" pack. This recolor of Rock Zurafa features a translucent black Zurafa Face Bolt with an orange motif, a yellow translucent Zurafa Ring with black highlights, a silver Rock Wheel will black highlights, and a black R145 and WB.