The Mountain Sage's White Tiger Strike is a legendary secret technique that has been passed down in the Fang Tribe since ancient times!!

Tao, Chapter 3, Volume 12

The Mountain Sage's White Tiger Strike (牙族奥義(きばぞくおうぎ)神仙白虎拳(しんせんびゃっこけん), Fang Tribe Secret: Immortal White Tiger Fist) is a Special Move used by Ray Kon with his Beyblade Driger MS. This move debuted in chapter 3 of the 12th volume of the Beyblade manga during the second match of the third stage of the G・B・C against Tyson Granger.


The White Tiger Strike is the legendary, secret technique of the Fang Tribe which unifies the user with the white tiger spirit, Driger, enabling them to channel their bodily energy onto a single point, resulting in a drastic increase in power. Tao taught Ray the technique at his request, under the stipulation that he would retire from Beyblades if he failed in defeating his opponent after using the technique. During his match against Tyson and his Dragoon MS in the G・B・C, Ray resorted to utilizing the technique, but ultimately loses the match.

Master Tao, moved by the camaraderie between Ray and his friends, offered him a caveat to their agreement stating that because his skill with the technique "had the power equivalent to only one-hundredth of a true White Tiger Strike" his use of the technique during his match did not qualify as actually using the technique; avoiding penalty, regardless of his lose.

Ray would be allowed to continue his Beyblade training under Tao's instruction to improve his technique.


The Blader channels their bodily energy into their Beyblade, placing it in a highly-energized, electrified state. In this state, the Beyblade inflicts colossal damage with each strike.


The Japanese terms used to create the name of this Special Move are explained as follows:

Kanji 奥義
Hiragana きば ぞく おうぎ
Transliteration Kiba Zoku Ōgi
Literal translation tusk, fang clan; family clan; tribe the heart or depth of something; the inner secrets of something
Contextual Translation Fang Tribe Secret

The next section explains the reading and meaning of the second portion of the name:

Kanji 神仙 白虎
Hiragana しんせん びゃっこ けん
Transliteration Shinsen Byakko Ken
Literal translation immortal; supernatural entity; celestial being; transcendent being White Tiger (god of the West in Chinese mythology) fist
Contextual Translation Immortal White Tiger Fist



  • This special move exists in synchronicity with another move: The Thunder Slash:
    • Both special moves are the signature move for Driger MS in their respective canon.
    • Both special moves were only used during a tournament match.
    • Both special moves function essentially in the same manner.


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