Stanley A. Dickenson (大転寺小五郎 Daitenji Kogoro) is the Chairman of the official Beyblading Committee, the BBA.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Dickenson is an elderly man with a long white mustache and bushy white eyebrows. He wears a dark grey bowler hat with a red stripe, a pair of small eyeglasses, and a white work-shirt with a red bow tie. Over his shirt he wears a dark-grey suit with a golden button. He usually carries a brown cane with him.

In V-Force and G-Revolution, Mr. Dickenson's suit is a darker shade of grey, his facial hair became a grayish-white and his red bow tie is now a periwinkle tie, along with the stripe on his hat.

Personality & Characteristics

While he has an easygoing personality, he is not easily swayed. In order to encourage Tyson's growth, he tricks them into travelling around Europe in order to fight the champions. He does a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

He, along with other important people among the association, decide when and where tournaments will be held. He announces them to the teams and arranges it so that they can have access to them. He was probably the one who suggested to form a team out of the four finalists (Tyson, Kai, Max and Ray) of the Japanese regional tournament: the Bladebreakers.

During championship battles, if he notices that a particular match has gone too far (for instance, if the Bladers are about to collapse), the Blader DJ has to ask for his permission before ending the Beybattle.

He also supports Beyblading to the best of his ability. When Tala was hospitalized after his battle against Garland, he often stayed by his side.


Beyblade: 2000

Mr. Dickenson is first introduced in Take it to the Max as the Chairman of the BBA. He recruits Tyson, Kai, Ray, Max, and Kenny for his BBA Team: the Bladebreakers. He accompanies the boys at the Asian and American Tournaments alongside Tyson's grandfather, Ryu.

By the time the Bladebreakers were traveling to the finals in Russia, their boat docks in Europe, causing Mr. Dickenson (who was in disguise) to convince them to leave the boat in order to learn and explore European blading styles on their own terms while the boat itself sails away.

Once they got to Russia, Mr. Dickenson, Tyson's grandfather, and his father, Tatsuya Granger, arrive to support the team for the finals. They also explained that the team was formed in the first place to take down the BIOVOLT corporation, led by Kai's grandfather, Voltaire Hiwatari and his right-hand man, Boris Balkov, who previously ran into Tyson's father for information on his archaeological studies on bit-beasts.

Beyblade: V-Force

In this season, it was revealed that when he was younger, he was a scientist and his work involved Bit-Beasts. Mr. Dickenson continues his role as BBA Chairman throughout the season and often was around for the Bladebreakers when they needed him.

He eventually came across his old partner: Dr. Zagart, who was secretly aiming for the Bladebreakers' bit-beasts. In the end, Dr. Zagart was defeated and reformed from his goal, presumably making amends with Mr. Dickenson in the process.

Beyblade: G-Revolution

Mr. Dickenson was in charge of the World Championships and revamped the Bladebreakers into the BBA Revolution. This team consisted of Tyson, Kenny, Hilary, Daichi, and Tyson's brother Hiro, who coached a different BBA team before. As the Championships occurred, Boris secretly used the opportunity to take down the BBA, which would happen after the finals.

Ryu Granger and Mr. Dickenson

Ryu Granger and Mr. Dickenson

As BEGA arose, the BBA was forced to shut down and leave their place to the new association. All the employees, including Mr. Dickenson, were fired. He then spent all his time in parks, feeding the few birds that came. However, when Tyson, Ray, Max, Daichi, Hilary and Kenny (even Kai who joined later) all met in Tala's hospital room, he was the one to officially reform the old team, which now goes by the "G Revolutions".

After BEGA's defeat, Mr. Dickenson reopens the BBA.


Dr. Zagart

His colleague and friend was Dr. Zagart. They drifted apart for unknown reasons and eventually became rivals when Dr. Zagart intended to steal the Bladebreakers' bit-beasts to turn his android son into a real boy. However, Dr. Zagart learned to love his son for who he really is and gave up this goal, making amends with Dickenson along the way.