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Nepstrius Armed Zephyr, known as Neptune Armed Zephyr (ネプチューン・アームド・ゼファー, Nepuchūn Āmudo Zefā) in Japan, is a Balance Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System. It was released as a Booster in Japan on January 23rd, 2016 for 864円 and was later released in western countries as a part of the Nepstrius & Roktavor Dual Pack for CAD$19.99 in Canada, USD$14.99 in the United States, and AUD$24.99 in Australia.

Energy Layer - Nepstrius

Main article: Energy Layer - Nepstrius
Nepstrius is a six-bladed Energy Layer with six smooth wave like blades. The center of the Energy Layer depicts the Japanese namesake; Neptune, the sea god in Roman mythology. 

The round shape and smooth sided blades create a low recoil design which deflects attacks, giving this Energy Layer high Defense potential. Furthermore, majority of the weight of Neptune is focused around the perimeter creating high Outward Weight Distribution and Flywheel Effect giving Neptune high Stamina properties. The Takara Tomy release of Neptune features one tall tooth, two medium sized teeth and one short tooth, which combined with its low recoil design makes it very hard to Burst.

Forge Disc - Armed

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Armed is a symmetrical Forge Disc with six round shield-like protrusions and engravings along with two bumps on either side that make room for the Forge Disc's slots. While it has a bulky appearance implying a heavy weight, in reality it is actually very light due to how hollow it is. Armed’s lightness gave it the greatest Burst resistance of any Forge Disc at the time while the relatively smooth surface reduced recoil when struck if paired with a Performance Tip with poor stability. However, this same lightness severely reduced KO Defense and Stamina as a trade-off.

Performance Tip - Zephyr

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Zephyr features a hollow plastic flat tip with a small diameter, akin to Hole Flat from Metal Fight Beyblade, and sits at the standard height. Compared to Accel, the diameter of Zephyr is slightly larger. The center of the Driver also contains an embossed logo featuring a stylized letter "Z" for easy differentiation from other Drivers. Due to the surface area, Zephyr will create an aggressive, and if launched at an angle, somewhat easily controllable movement pattern. In terms of speed, Zephyr is comparable to Accel, capable of reaching and stalling on the Tornado Ridge. Due to the plastic construction, Zephyr is an excellent choice for both Mobile Stamina and Attack/Stamina Balance Combinations.

However, Zephyr's plastic construction is also a weakness as Attack Combinations using Zephyr can lose their Banking Pattern somewhat easily, especially if the Combinations are unbalanced. Furthermore, the low friction means that Zephyr is liable to self-Knock-Outs. Finally, due to Zephyr's hollow construction, the Driver is liable to denting in the case of Disk to Driver contact after a Burst.



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