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Nepstrius N2 Quarter Needle, known as Nova Neptune Quarter Needle (ノヴァネプチューン・クオーター・ニードル, Noba Nepuchūn Kuōtā Nīdoru) in Japan, is a Defense Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It was released in Japan on December 28th, 2016 for 972円 as one of eight possible Beyblades in Random Booster Vol. 5 Gigant Gaia.Q.F.

Energy Layer - Nepstrius N2

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Nepstrius N2, like its predecessor Nepstrius, is a Balance Type Energy Layer that has an overall round shape. Its design consists of six sloped wave-like blades; three of which are large and are made of clear plastic, and the other three are smaller and are made of colored plastic. Unlike Nepstrius; in which two sideways heads on either side are featured in the center, the center of Nepstrius N2 features two downward profile faces on either side; with one of them wearing a crown, representing the Layer's Takara Tomy namesake; Neptune, the god of the sea in Roman Mythology.

Unlike its Takara Tomy predecessor Neptune, Nepstrius N2 has some recoil due to the shape of its sloped blades. As such, it does not have as much Defense capabilities as Neptune. While it is decent in terms of Stamina, other Layer such as Jormuntor J2/Silver-X Jormuntor J4 and Dark Deathscyther are better options. Furthermore, Nepstrius N2 also has sub-par Attack, making it outclassed and ill-suited for Attack Combinations as well.

For the Takara Tomy release of Nova Neptune, its four teeth further aggravate this issue; three of which are short in length, and only the second-to-last tooth is medium in length. This creates a high Burst risk that can be greatly reduced through the use of Performance Tips with a strong spring such as Zephyr' or Destroy'. Despite the release of these Performance Tips, due to Nova Neptune's weak performance, it is rendered outclassed by its predecessor Neptune.

Forge Disc - Quarter

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Performance Tip - Needle

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Needle features a ball shaped tip at standard height covered with small studs and has four small tabs surrounding the center of the tip like Defense. The studded design is meant to increase friction with the stadium floor and the small tabs are meant to act as brakes by striking against the stadium floor, both to prevent KOs.

When in mint condition and launched with significant power, Needle moves around the stadium akin to an Attack Type for a short period of time before it moves and settles to the center of the stadium, like the Jog Ball Performance Tip from Metal Fight Beyblade. When the tip settles in the center of the stadium it will spin on very few of the studs and conserve Stamina, acting similarly to the stud of Fusion. When struck by an opposing Beyblade, more studs and the four tabs will come into contact with the curvature of the stadium floor, increasing friction and KO Defense at the cost of Stamina loss.

When worn however, the studs of the tip flatten down and create a smooth surface, creating a performance akin to Defense with greater Stamina and less initial roaming.

Depending on the launch strength, the initial movement can be used to avoid attacks from Beyblades in a banking pattern or it can bring the Beyblade too close to the edge and be vulnerable to KOs.



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