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Net (ネット, Netto) is a minor antagonist in Beyblade: V-Force.

Physical Appearance

Net is a boy with an average build, pale skin, and red spiky hair. He is only shown wearing the Team Zagart uniform.


Phantom Spider was a rock Bit-Beast taken from the rock and sealed into Net's beyblade. The blade itself has the ability to shoot webs and ensnare the opponent's beyblade and Bit-Beast.


Beyblade: V-Force

Net was chosen by Dr. K to wield the rock Bit-Beast, Phantom Spider. He was sent to steal Tyson's Dragoon but was defeated, although during this battle he easily defeated Zeo Zagart.

During the fight, Zeo shows up trying to help Tyson. But Zeo's attempt to help his friend fails miserably and is hurted. Eventually, Tyson becomes so angry that he defeats Net, who desperately fled.



  • Net's Bit-Beast, Crimson Spider, follows the convention of the Harassment Team, in that his Bit-Beast is based on a Japanese myth, or Yokai; his is based on Tsuchigumo.