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Nico is one of the main characters of the anime series, BeyWarriors: Cyborg. He travels through Teslandia with his friends Al and Sola and his grandfather Dr. Prost to collect the most Tokens for the city of Lightning. His Cyborg Warrior is Spark Dragoon.


Different from his other fellow protagonists from different series, Nico is composed and soft-spoken. However Nico is still a very compassionate and earnest individual who is keen on Warrior battles. Nico is also quite tactful and insightful despite his age since he not only sees as Warrior battles as just a method to compete with other nations but he eager to know the true meaning to them and why the BeyWarriors chose their respective Beyfighters.


BeyWarriors: Cyborg[]

Cyborg Warriors[]

Spark Dragoon
Spark Dragoon 2

Spark Dragoon: Spark Dragoon is a Warrior that specialises in speed and sword attacks. In addition, Dragoon's wings not only for it's Beyfighter's homeland namesake but for excellent aerial attacks as well. Spark Dragoon doesn't have the greatest raw power out of the other Warriors but with the help of Nico it's able to summon high levels of attack power from its sword to the point where the sword itself extends capable of defeating warriors such as Flame Kerbecs with a single blow due to complete synchronization from Nico.