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This article is about the Takara Tomy release. For the Hasbro release, see Luinor L3 Destroy.

Nightmare Longinus Destroy (ナイトメアロンギヌス・デストロイ, Naitomea Ronginusu Desutoroi) is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the God Layer System. It was released as a Starter in Japan on November 11th, 2017 for 1512円. It is the evolution of Lost Longinus Nine Spiral and later evolves into Bloody Longinus 13 Jolt.

Energy Layer - Nightmare Longinus

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A left-spin Attack Type God Layer that has a special dragon-shaped disc built into the layer and can give a heavy and thick attack to the opponent.
— Official Description

Takara Tomy's Nightmare Longinus is an wide and heavy Energy Layer designed for Left-Spin Attack. The Layer features four dragon heads, akin to its predecessor's two, representing the anime's rendition of this Layer's Beast, a dragon; two of which surround the center and two of which follow the perimeter. The snouts of the dragons are molded into the shape of spear heads which are meant to represent this Layer's namesake, the Roman Soldier Longinus of Christian Mythology who stabbed Christ in the side with a lance during the crucifixion. The primary points of contact are two large wings that protrude from either side of the relatively round perimeter, creating high recoil akin to an elliptical design.

As part of the God Layer System, Nightmare Longinus features two gimmicks: the dragon heads are made of metal making the Layer one of the heaviest in the game, and the second is that the Layer has a built-in Forge Disc.

The heavy weight of the metal dragon heads generates high inertia which increases the Layer's Knock-Out and Burst potential, to prevent breaking the opponent's Layer however, contact with the dragon heads is prevented by the wide plastic base. Due to the Left-Spin nature of Nightmare Longinus, it and a Right-Spin opponent's Layer will spin together like gears if they are of similar spin speed which heavily reduces recoil and rate of Bursts. However, the high recoil shape still creates strong Knock-Out potential in Opposite-Spin matches. It also allows for some degree of Spin-Equalization in Opposite-Spin matches, however not to the degree of Drain Fafnir. Nightmare Longinus features only two teeth of average length, while this may imply poor Burst Resistance, the heavy weight of the Layer compensates for this.

Nightmare Longinus' second gimmick is the fact that the Layer has a built in Disc comprised of a plastic base and the perimeter dragon heads that moves independently from the rest of the Layer. This combination makes Nightmare Longinus heavier than most Layer and Disc Combinations. Because of the built in Disc, Nightmare Longinus is incompatible with Discs as a whole, however the plastic base features notches that allows Disc Frames to be attached. The perimeter dragon heads function as the prongs of normal Discs so they move behind the wings as the combination grows closer to Bursting, creating an effect akin to the Xcalibur line of Layers with their stock Discs; the closer to Bursting, the more weight is added to the points of contact creating stronger attacks.

Performance Tip - Destroy

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Destroy features an eight-pointed star tip, akin to Jaggy, under a free-spinning plate that sits at a standard height.

Due to the tip's shape and diameter, Destroy will create an aggressive movement pattern equivalent to Jaggy with the same moderately controllable movement pattern and speed.

What sets Destroy apart from Jaggy is the free-spinning plate that is meant to stabilize a Beyblade if it is knocked off balance by creating a second point of contact with only minimal Stamina loss due to its free spinning nature. Unlike other Tips with similar gimmicks such as Cycle and Guard, the low placement of Destroy's plate ensures that lock up does not occur, meaning that Destroy's gimmick works as intended.

While Destroy has poor Stamina from the star shaped tip, the smooth perimeter and free-spinning nature of the plate also grants Destroy high Life-After-Death which can allow Combinations to potentially Out-Spin their opponent if a Burst or Knock-Out has not been achieved.



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  • Like its predecessor, Lost Luinor Nine Spiral, Nightmare Longinus Destroy is based off of St. Longinus, the Roman soldier who pierced Jesus' side during his Crucifixion in Christian mythology.
    • This is enforced by its dragon-based avatar.
      • It is also a play-on word for "long" which is dragon in Chinese.
  • Nightmare Longinus' avatar is an upgrade of Lost Longinus with alterations:
    • The wings' patagia is replaced with feather-like structure.
    • The antlers are ram-style and lowered to each side of the head as a gold crown is placed on the forehead.
    • The flames have been replaced with jagged spines.
    • The arms and legs have azure sections.
    • The underside is segmented, divided in two, the upper portion is colored violet and indigo, and the under is azure.
    • The eye count is increased to four and colored magenta.
    • The white claws and talons are now black.
    • And the tail's spear tip is azure with a gold frame.
  • Nightmare Longinus is the first Layer featuring a built-in disc.
  • The password to access Nightmare Longinus Destroy's Crimson Dragon version in the Beyblade Burst God 3DS game is Nikiekosunate, which must be written in hiragana characters.
  • Nightmare Longinus is the second Beyblade to have nightmare in its name, the first bey being Nightmare Rex SW145SD.