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Nika Aoi (蒼井日夏, Aoi Nika) is a recurring character appearing in the anime and manga series, Beyblade Burst. Her current bey is King Kerbeus Knuckle Unite. She is the younger sister of Valt Aoi, twin sister of Toko Aoi, and daughter of Chiharu Aoi and Kento Aoi.


Nika is a young schoolgirl with pink hair and orange eyes. She is always seen with pigtails, which are held up with two star-shaped hair bobbles. Nika wears orange overalls with a soft yellow shirt. Around her collar, she wears a red ribbon. Just like Toko, she has a prominent fang on the left side of her mouth.

In Turbo, Nika has grown taller and now wears a violet dress over a long-sleeved orange shirt with violet cuffs and one red ribbon on each sleeve. She still wears a red ribbon around her collar and two star-shaped bobbles on her pigtails. She also lost her prominent fang.


Due to being a child, Nika has an optimistic and playful personality. Alongside her twin brother Toko, they often playfully insult their older brother Valt and the other Beigoma Academy BeyClub members during their training, especially when things aren't going as planned.

Despite this, Nika is shown to be very caring towards others and will openly show concern for them. Following Shu Kurenai's shoulder injury, Nika was very concerned for his well-being and felt guilty as she was the one who caused it. During Beyblade matches, Nika is also very vocal when cheering for a BeyClub member, such as Valt or Shu.

Nika is also shown to be very confident in her abilities as a Blader, but also burst into tears when she conceded a single point against Akio. Nonetheless, she quickly cheered up afterwards.



Beyblade Burst (anime)



Beyblade Burst (anime)
Opponent Episode Result
Akio 10 No outcome (interrupted by Valt Aoi)
Toko Aoi 14 Lose (unseen)
Toko Aoi 25 Win (2-0)


Toko Aoi

As twins, Toko and Nika are never seen apart and are seemingly inseparable in everything they do, whether they're visiting friends, supporting their older brother Valt or even heading to school. The two tend to have shared opinions on everything, and always back each other up in conversations with others.

Valt Aoi

As Valt’s younger sister, she and Toko constantly pokes fun at him along with supporting him in Beybattles. Nika shares an interest in Beyblade just like Valt, and nevertheless supports him on his way to the top.

Chiharu Aoi

As her mother, Chiharu shares a maternal bond with both Toko and Nika. The twins share everything with their mother, and are the main source of information for Chiharu regarding Valt's progress in Beyblade. Both Toko and Nika are eager to help out their mother however they can, including various work around within Aoi Pan, their family bakery.

Shu Kurenai

Nika appears to have a crush on Shu, often swooning over him and being close to him. During his battles, Nika cheers the most for Shu out of the BeyClub members, also shouting about how "amazing" he is. In Beyblade Burst - Episode 16, Nika showed off a heart-shaped cookie that she baked for Shu to help him get better.

Nika was also the cause for Shu's shoulder injury in the final rounds of the regional tournament after. Because of this, Nika felt guilty as it caused noticeable long-term problems for Shu, despite the latter's attempt to cover it up as if it never happened.

Aiger Akabane

Initially, Nika and her twin, Toko, were not very close with Aiger when he first transferred to Beigoma Academy, but soon they got along with him, especially when Aiger gave support to Toko when he lost to Suoh and told him to be his own Blader without being like their brother, Valt Aoi.

When Aiger destroyed Valtryek, Nika and Toko were sad for Valt but did not show any hatred over Aiger while helping him for his next Beybattles.

Nika sometimes showed feeling of worry about Aiger's situation when fighting Ranjiro Kiyama where Naru Tease Nika about it. Nika's feelings of worry about Aiger can be seen when he was upset over his loses to Hyde and when his resonance started to become corrupt.

Nika and Toko continued to show their support for Aiger and cheered for him in all of his battles and congratulated his victory over Valt as WBBA World Champion in the end of the Turbo series.


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  • Nika was the first female character to have participated in a Beybattle in Beyblade Burst; with Shasa Guten being the second, Ichika Kindo being the third and Ilya Mao being the fourth.
  • Nika's name means "day summer" referring to how she is optimistic. It also matches with her twin brother for having names related to the summer.
  • In Turbo, Nika is often seen carrying a tablet.
  • Nika's zodiac is a Leo.
  • Nika shares her birthday with her twin brother, Toko Aoi, making them the first pair of Burst characters to have the same birthday.